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  1. The Huntridge makes me sad, but I do still have a small souvenir under my right eye (scar) from a show there So many great concerts, from Sarah McLachlan to Nine Inch Nails. It was tragic to see it crumble. Alas, I did not serve in the military, just an old punk. Glad to have you in the cult Community! I know you'll have a blast in SWTOR, it's a great game! I loved my 8ish years there.
  2. Woot! 1991, you're practically a Vegas native @Silvanmist! Love the Nar Shaddaa reference (or 'Narshy' as @Swiftsure always called it!) Pro Tips from a local are always appreciated! I lived in Vegas around the time you arrived, we were probably at the same concerts at the Huntridge Theater (RIP). I worked at Tower Records on Flamingo and Maryland Pkwy back in the day. Quick question: Are the Omelet House on Charlston and Komol Thai restaurant on Sahara still yummy eats?
  3. +1 for this Grand Canyon day trip. As someone who's lived in Phx for decades I'd only ever seen the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is gorgeous, but seeing the West Rim from the NV side is worth it, different views and for those of you that enjoy beauty and terror combined might I suggest the Grand Canyon Skywalk
  4. I can relate, my inherent laziness has yet to be overwhelmed by the desire to write, even though I know I should be writing (I'm happier when I have something to do lol).
  5. I was just wondering if anyone is planning on participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this year?
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