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  1. until
    Hi all, My son's wrestling season has started so I am moving our weekly Th 7-9pm EST to Sunday's 3-5pm EST. I hope you all can still join me in the lvl 75 PVP fun! Remember, come one, come all...no experience/gear required. Just show up and smash buttons while supporting your team to victory!
  2. until

    Thursday is Thanksgiving so I'll be out for PVP that night. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  3. until

    rDPS for me please.
  4. until

    All good, we'll see you there. No worries about leaving early, just stay for what you can. As for your class, run whatever you have the most fun with!
  5. until
    We tried it and people liked it, so I'm putting it on the calendar for more to join us... PVP, PUB side, lvl 75's. No experience or gear required, just show up, smash buttons, and learn how to kill your enemies faster (or heal/tank for your team too) amongst your fellow teammates.
  6. until
    I was curious to see if we had any PUB side pvp'rs....so let the PVP fun begin on the PUB side. Level 75, no gear rating requirements, no experience required, all classes welcome. Just have fun helping your team win.
  7. until

    rDPS for me please.
  8. until

    rDPS for me please.
  9. until

    rDPS for me please.
  10. until

    Awesome, we look forward to having you join us. We'll see you tonight at 7pm EST.
  11. until

    rDPS for me please.
  12. until

    Please count me in for rDPS.
  13. until

    rDPS preferred but since it is story mode I can really bring whatever we need.
  14. until

    Awesome! We look forward to having you!
  15. until

    Please count me in for rDPS.

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