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    I don't think I have done this one so I'm up for mDPS if there is room!
  2. until

    I would like to join as DPS since I will be focusing on gearing this weekend!
  3. until

    I NEED to finish this! Count me in as a mDPS!
  4. until

    I'll be a backup tank if needed! I can dps too if there's a 16 man going on.
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  6. until

    Hello there! I'm back! I'll be happy to DPS.
  7. until

    Can't make it, sorry! Being forced out of the house against my will
  8. until

    One of my last ops for a month so I'll bring out the big DPS! (unless you need me to tank)
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  10. until

  11. until

    Happy to be a backup mDPS!
  12. until

    DPS or tank
  13. until

    always happy to tank unless there is someone else who wishes to learn! if so I can be dps as well Nevermind! Going to the movies with friends at that time, good luck all!
  14. until

    mDPS! I can tank it as a last resort
  15. until

    Tank or I can pull out a ranged DPS for the first time
  16. until

    Don't think I've tanked this one yet. Count me in as tank!
  17. until

    tank or dps!!
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  19. until

  20. until

    Count me in as mDPS! Although I'll gladly give up my spot to someone who hasn't done it before/wants to experience vet mode!
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    Tank/DPS, i can solo tank as well
  22. until

    tank or dps!
  23. until

    mDPS! I have multiple characters that can run as well
  24. Kahv1k

    VMOPs Scum and Villainy


  25. until

    mDPS but will tank if needed!
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