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  1. We're definitely beginner friendly! There will be sessions geared toward all experience levels (and I'm fairly new to 5e myself, so we can learn together ). Discord link for the game is in the "D&D Interest Thread" under "general" in the RoH discord. Hope to see you there!
  2. I'm thinking 9 AM PST/noon EST, but am open to scheduling around what works best! (would start mid April, not this coming weekend)
  3. Hey there @akello (she/her) and @CourdeLionFleur! I'll be starting up a casual game series probably mid-April if you are interested. More info can be found HERE. Hope you both have a great day!
  4. Hello awesome nerds! Now that I've got more availability, we can start hammering out some details. Thanks for all your patience while my schedule cleared up a bit. Hear me out on this big brain concept I've got: I'd like to run sessions where anyone in the guild can have a character in the game and drop in/out as their personal schedule allows. I'll post "jobs" on a "message board" each week detailing difficulty level, overall tone, common content warnings (feel free to PM me with content concerns, there's no judgement here!) and folks can sign their characters up. I run campaigns in my homebrew setting of "Vilestead". Low-effort map of the desert region (where this will begin) is attached. My hope is that the decisions each group makes during their missions will alter the world around them, preserving the "collaborative storytelling" aspect of D&D. Let me know if you have any questions! This will likely start up mid April for those interested, perhaps a little sooner.
  5. @Dexstar (she/they) I would generally do a group of 6-8 so that there's an average of 4 people per session (real life things can make scheduling hard). I've had some more IRL responsibilities come up recently so won't be able to run a group for a while, but if there's enough interest I can definitely do a couple one offs now and then! I know @greatgrains would join in as well.
  6. Awesome! I'll add you to the list @Hamfast58! Stay tuned for more info, would like to get a few more interested before hammering out details.
  7. Hooray! Happy to have you @NorthHorizon. Let's see if we can get a little crew going and then we can talk over details!
  8. Game Title: Welcome to Vilestead System: DnD 5e Software: Fantasy Grounds (free for players, needs download) Schedule: somewhat flexible, likely Sunday AM EST Hello there! I am a long-time Hackmaster DM who has also created her own TTRPGs for in-person groups over the past decade. I am fairly new to online DMing and 5e, so we can go slow together! I have always loved helping people get started in the world of TTRPGs, so this "campaign" will be a series of hands-on tutorials and one offs to get you familiar with the mechanics, all while having fun! Once players have a handle on 5e, I am open to running a more traditional story campaign. My games are always goofy, and very "sandbox" in nature. I encourage people to explore and get up to shenanigans. I don't shy away from dark themes, but rarely make use of potentially disturbing content unless the group is wanting a full evil experience. Feel free to contact me if you have any concerns about the content that might appear. Let me know if you have any questions! UPDATE See my post below (the one with the map) for an update on this game. Some details on style and format have been changed. Thank you!
  9. Hey there fellow storyteller! So glad you're going to join our team of community DMs. Please make a topic about your game so that future players can communicate with you directly. Title should start with COMMUNITY GAME, and also be tagged as such. Include the name of your game (if it has one), the system you are running, the software you are using, and the timing of your sessions. Other helpful details include your personal DM style, potentially difficult themes your story incorporates, and the overall difficulty level of the game. We are hoping to have slower, more beginner-friendly games alongside campaigns designed for all the try-hards out there. If you are a DM looking to build a game based on player request, you can list your availability and the systems/software you are familiar with. Check back soon for more detailed guidance, this should get us started!
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