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  1. @Mahret Oh the poor Huntridge! I saw an MST3K episode there on the bigscreen years ago. My kids go to/went to Las Vegas Acedemy and I could see the Huntridge barely standing after the roof fell. Guessing by your footwear in your avatar I'm guessing Nellis? I remember the Tower Records...big yellow building iirc. I don't get into LV much for eating these days, so I don't know about those restaurants. Nar Shaddaa = Space Las Vegas...... so I decorated my stronghold like a casino resort -- Tulipaa's Hideout.
  2. Nice to see all of you interested in my city. I quickly glanced through some of your posts and I will share a few things about the area off the top of my head: Grand Canyon from the North Rim is my favorite but can be a 5-6 hour drive to get there. Stunning views and the lodge is really nice. I have only seen the West Rim from the river when I was a Ranger. The glass "bridge" is over a side canyon but still looked crazy fun. Private companies give tours there and it is owned by a Native American Tribe so it has no affiliation with the National Park Service or State of Arizona. Helicopter/airplane tours fly out of Boulder City and have runs through the Grand Canyon. I used to be a Ranger at Lake Mead and a Tour Guide/Armed Security at Hoover Dam. The lake is at a terribly low level right now so it does look bad (and sad). I do not know if tours are back on at the Dam Yet, but I could always dig up my script and tell you all about it. However, Lake Mead has some really nice trails you can explore or you could rent a boat or go on the Lake Mead Cruises paddle-wheeler. Lost City Museum in Overton, Nevada, is on the north end of Lake Mead and is a State Museum covering the Native American occupation of the river before settlers arrived. Easy day trip. Mob Museum is amazing, Well worth the visit. Boulder City is a nice town to stop in for lunch or sightseeing if you are on the way to the lake. (This is actually where I am.) Red Rock Canyon is a Federal BLM park to the west of Las Vegas. Great trails and stunning views and within an hour of Las Vegas. Mount Charleston is to the northwest of Las Vegas and takes a few hours to tour. Nice way to beat the heat. Zion National Park is 3 hours away in Utah. Beautiful park and easy day trip. Death Valley National Park is also 3 hours away to the west in California. Stunning desert views and some of the darkest night skies in the USA. ANY Cirque du Soleil show is an amazing experience. My favorites being the Mystere and Beatles Love shows. The High Roller Ferris Wheel is a lot of fun and gives you a nice high perch to see Nar Shad.....er, Las Vegas. The Fremont Street Experience is something worth seeing if you are near Downtown. The Springs Preserve tells the story of the origins of this valley and the history. Very good attraction for the whole family. Stratosphere Tower and the Eiffel Tower, both have simply astounding views. Museum of Natural History is run by some friends of mine. Another top grade family attraction that covers dinosaurs, ancient Egypt (they saved the original displays from the Luxor), sharks and other fish, and natural habitats with a Kids activity room. Next door to that is the .... Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park, one of the original settlements in the valley. Shark Reef..... the world's oceans in the middle of a desert. But one of the best aquariums I have ever seen regardless. Downtown Las Vegas Fremont Street has/was undergoing a revival just before the pandemic hit. MUCH cleaner and family friendly than when I first lived here. Plenty of places to eat. Adventuredome Theme Park simply cannot be beat if you have kids. An all indoors carnival. Others include the Atomic Museum, Pinball Hall of Fame, Nevada State Museum, Neon Museum, Discovery Children's Museum, Nevada State Railroad Museum in Boulder City........ That is all I can think of right now. I know of several more museums and a few attractions. Of course send me any questions and I'll do my best to tell you about it and if it is worth your time and/or money to see it.
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