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  1. Julius

    Naming Convention Help

    Ends as a "tus" owo; Also not a big fan of the name Justus.... I just dont like it.
  2. Julius

    Naming Convention Help

    How so? I actully dont know of the Garlean nameing conventions. If i could get Regulus to work that be great as i actully really like how they sound together.
  3. Julius

    Naming Convention Help

    Id rather not tbh, Regulus would be the only other i like. But would still prefer to keep my character name as Julius.
  4. Julius

    Naming Convention Help

    I know nothing about WoW races naming conventions to make them be lore friendly based on the race you have them as. Example is kinda lost on me since i cant determan what race that be based the name ;w; ...Not even sure if it actully orks that way in WoW thou. XIV you can determan race, clan and/or gender based on just the name alone.
  5. Julius

    Naming Convention Help

    Most of thous arnt relly useful as a realistic last names, there words that rhyme with Julius. Plansfolk male have a sudo rhyming name but there never true rhymes. ....Naming conventions are kinda hard.
  6. Julius

    Naming Convention Help

    Thats "tus" for the last syllable. Its cute but too silly sounding. Need one that the last syllable is "us" as the last one
  7. So im looking to change the last name of my Main on Balmung. To better have it Lore friendly. Curently my characters name is Julius Maximus. Maximus is the part i want to change as i still want my first name to be Julius. My charter is a plansfolf Lala that will use the male naming conventions. (only useing the female modle for glamor purpuses =__= ....Why must there be gender limitations for hats...). Male Planesfolk use an AB CB set up for the name. B is the same being the last sylible of the first name. A and C can be 1-3 syllables and can be different from each other, only B must be the same for both first and last name and is 1 Syllable. Julius -> Ju-li-us The last sylable is "us" so i need to find a last name that has the same last syllable as "us" I just cant think of one >_< The last name is the part im having a hard time with xP I Want something that Looks/sounds good with Julius. I had thought of Regulus last night but its las syllable is "Lus" and not "us" =__= .....
  8. Julius

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    You could always disable Sleep mode.
  9. Julius

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    Most of them are fine and fun synced............. Just Not Titan 8C Never agian...... Cant bring myself to do that agian.. Nope. Levi, and Shiva are the best ones imo. Levi only for the fight thou..... The weapons are kinda meh sadly.... u_u Shiva however has BOTH great fight And awesome skins... Still need the Shiva RDM weapon.............. 100+ runs never saw the the thing back when RDM first droped. RNG wasnt with me lol
  10. Julius

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    If you end up having to pug any open spots that cant be filled by FC you may have to run unsynced. Pony farms run(if you adverits it as such) are expected to run fast and most are un willing theses days to run the lvl 50/60 ex synced for a mount farm. This is If you have to pug any spots. BTW I wont run Titan synced................................... its just ....no........ Nooo .... <___< ......... Painful.... Just the thought @ __ @ .....Ehhhhguu
  11. Julius

    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    Ill help on my Balmung Char if im on and you have a spot open. Id be one less to roll agesnts as i alredy have all the ponys Best to run all of these unsynced. Makes the runs faster. NOW if yall do the Bird farm YES Yes I need thouus..... Best final mount for thous *o* Wondering what the final one for the wolfs will be.
  12. Julius

    Reddit asks the real questions

    Webs..... Do you meen Diremite Web? If so you dont need to run toto rak to farm thous up.
  13. Julius

    RP Event: Guild Story Discussion


    Julius Maximus is my Balmung character uwu
  14. Julius

    RP Event: Guild Story Discussion


    My main is on Balmung :3

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