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  1. Its nice that SE is doing this, thou ill will still be remaining on Balmung. Not interested in fighting that housing EX primal. Ill stay cozy at my beach front house in the Mists UwU~ But with cross world visiting coming finally i can at lest visit.
  2. Mateus only closes for a few hrs during prime time. This is an automatic thing on all servers to help prevent overload.
  3. Fran was like this in FF XII, Actully its pretty much the exict same outfit tbh. I think the only peice missing is the head piece that Fran wears but that maybe more to them wanting to show the hair styles too. However i do wish they showed them in at lest a different outfit, Fran's is just far too skimpy for me and just thows it as being too fan service. I may still go to Bunnys even with out the male but.... its going to be based in how other armor looks on them. I really want to be a male bunny u_u So im still hoping at tokyo fanfest they say it dose have a male version.
  4. I added a [Spoiler Warning] tag on the topic title just in case for anyone that prefers no spoilers.
  5. "Yoshi was asked about male Viera, and he replied with "Wait till Tokyo FanFest."." ufffmm.... not really a yes or no. but maybe..... Could they look that different to grant there own reveal.... or something on that line... Im not sure ill change to veira with out a male one... If only female ill have to wait for the benchmark to see them and a lest a few different clothing sets. To 100% decide....
  6. Mehhhh.............. Were are the male bunnys!? >n< I really really REALLY HOPE this is not a gender locked race......... I really dont like that there so.... skimpy.... there pretty just far too skimpy for me.....
  7. Julius


  8. SO who here dose the Disney Pin collecting!~ Because i do~ I got a bunch of new ones this past September when we went. Ill have to get a pic of my pin board.
  9. I realize theres been feedback but none iv liked and yet to see a name i feel fits my character. Im not going to setlle untill i find one i like. I know Julius is hard thats why im looking for help to find name that end with the syllable "us" lol I dont want to change my first name because I like my first name.
  10. What dose this have to do with anything? Im only looking for help to think of a suitable last name, that dosnt sound silly, that ends with the syllabe "us". I really dont see how this quot has to do with anything im asking.
  11. Problem is i dont need a full new name just a last name that will fit with my first and keep to the naming conventions.
  12. Ends as a "tus" owo; Also not a big fan of the name Justus.... I just dont like it.
  13. How so? I actully dont know of the Garlean nameing conventions. If i could get Regulus to work that be great as i actully really like how they sound together.

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