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  1. The Wolf mounts are from Stormbloods EX Primals. And definatly can be achieved thou casual play. and will be even easier once you get to lvl 80 in 5.0 as they will all be much easyer to farm out if you want all the diffent wolf mounts and the the final big one once you collect them all. The big final one is more of a fox than a wolf. but still really cool looking. im waiting till 5.0 befor i go to farm the wolfs since im behind on gear xP Fenrir is like an ice wolf for MGP, also defiantly achievable thou casual play. Several weeks of doing just the fashion report and youll be gold if you dont want to sit and straight up farm the mgp out. Meoni dose fashion report guide every friday to get a good amout of MGP every week.
  2. I dont really care what server is picked i wont be moving off of Balmung ether way. But as long as yall reman on crystal i can visit.
  3. if you alredy have a house the timer dosnt affect you ;3 you can chose to move plots befor anyone else that dosnt have a house thats camping it. Since the FC has a house alredy all you need to do is wait and see if one pops up and run to it. But if you transfer you will have to camp it. As you'll lose the house.
  4. It very well may up the chance of one droping, no garntee but theres is the chance. Since people will moving. And house timers are back on now so houses will now drop after the timer runs out agian from not entering the house.
  5. This is what the server visiting if for. its in beta ath thou why theres so many restrictions. this is SEs first step in that direction. Alot of people want it, this will also probly be a step in them finally uping the over all server infrastructure. Theres obvious issues(expecly based on the resent hotfix they had to do to the visting system) with the visting and thou it wont be perfect for a while ther trying. This is the normal flux of every patch and expansion. The expansion however hits it much harder. Can it be irritating, yes, but its happened to every expansion thous far. expect a stupid long ques(or ques that lie to you because of DDoSing) no mater the server your on. DDoS happened with heavensward to login servers, same to Stormblood(login server werent as badly hit but the instant servers were thus the Raubahn's Wall and Pippin's Fence meme) and 99.99% sure it will happen again to 5.0. It'll pass in about 1 to 2 weeks.
  6. If yall transfer off of Crystal data center i will not follow. Ever. I was looking forward to visiting. This is Just my opinion, dont take it badly just im just being blunt. Stick to a server instead of flip flopping around/doubting the server your on. You alredy have a house witch is a major plus to the FC you will not be guaranteed to get that back. And a lot of people want a FC that has a house, not all but a lot do want it. Being on Mateus is not hard to get into. its open in the mornings(and all servers at some point hit this its an auto thing) and with them just adding the cross server visit theres going to be issues on both sides. Its here to be tested. Not sure if this is part of the resion now that this has come up agian, but once you pick a server you should stick with it or the FC will never grow. If you move and come 5.0 the servers hit congestion(and it will) and the question "should we move?" come up agian that will turn off people expecly anyone new that may join the FC. Pick a server and be proud of the server. Agian just my 2 cents, dont take it badly. Mateus is the only other one other than Balmung with a really big RP community. That put all the servers that had a decent RP side to them on Crystal. Balmung is #1 Mateus is #2 the rest that were moved to crysal has a sprinkling of RP.
  7. Its nice that SE is doing this, thou ill will still be remaining on Balmung. Not interested in fighting that housing EX primal. Ill stay cozy at my beach front house in the Mists UwU~ But with cross world visiting coming finally i can at lest visit.
  8. Mateus only closes for a few hrs during prime time. This is an automatic thing on all servers to help prevent overload.
  9. Fran was like this in FF XII, Actully its pretty much the exict same outfit tbh. I think the only peice missing is the head piece that Fran wears but that maybe more to them wanting to show the hair styles too. However i do wish they showed them in at lest a different outfit, Fran's is just far too skimpy for me and just thows it as being too fan service. I may still go to Bunnys even with out the male but.... its going to be based in how other armor looks on them. I really want to be a male bunny u_u So im still hoping at tokyo fanfest they say it dose have a male version.
  10. I added a [Spoiler Warning] tag on the topic title just in case for anyone that prefers no spoilers.
  11. "Yoshi was asked about male Viera, and he replied with "Wait till Tokyo FanFest."." ufffmm.... not really a yes or no. but maybe..... Could they look that different to grant there own reveal.... or something on that line... Im not sure ill change to veira with out a male one... If only female ill have to wait for the benchmark to see them and a lest a few different clothing sets. To 100% decide....
  12. Mehhhh.............. Were are the male bunnys!? >n< I really really REALLY HOPE this is not a gender locked race......... I really dont like that there so.... skimpy.... there pretty just far too skimpy for me.....
  13. Julius


Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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