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  1. Im not 100% sure on that tbh but im on Balmung, Julius Maxwell (Crystal DC, so can server visit) fell free to message me if you need help on anything ingame thou
  2. Im still actively playing i did however take a more limited play time in the last week due to anxiety over the up coming housing rush i was waiting for this morning (it went very well might i say UwU i got my upgrade in the exact spot i wanted~).
  3. If you ever need someone to run roulettes feel free to throw a tell at me in game. I do almost all of them daily. And would be willing to run them agian even if iv done them(particularly the lvling one atm .... :V need them cluster... things.. for the matira i need for my SMN XD ).
  4. like others have said you really dont need to worry about min maxing your damage. As long as you know (or the general idea of how) your rotation is your damage will be fine for like everything. So you dont have to make your rotation perfect upon perfection on everything your run. Just enjoy the class. Most only try to make sure there doing ther optimal rotation on stuff like savage or current EXs. Expecly thous ones that have a DPS check to clear a phase.
  5. Food is only used at end game for the minor stat boots, and it very specific food at that. Its not required at all to clear stuff but min maxers on Curent EX and Savages use them. healing pots are pretty much neaver used out side of PotD/heaven on high. You shouldnt need them in dungon/EX/Savages your healer should have you covered. In the open world you shouldnt need them ether. Iv never ran into an issue with me staying alive at any part in the queting as DPS/Tank. All have at lest 1 self heal skill. now Damage buffing pots maybe used at end game same resion as food is used at endgame. All food gives the same exp boots, so it dosnt matter what you eat. you shouldnt need to worry about having pots/food. TBH i dont even bother with food for the exp with lvling its not that big of a boots to overly make it any faster. So i just dont bother with keeping up with it. And healing pots for me are just vender trash.
  6. Iv played monk befor. and summoner nether are bad, played most classes actully.... minus lancer..... Sory i cant stand it... it put me to sleep =n= so never got it past 20 something.... Anyway, all classes have a lot of skills you cant get away from that. You just have to learn to play them and get your hotbars set up for them. Mont is going to be harder only because of the positionals. It just means your going to have to pay more attiyion to were your at.
  7. Never had an issue with the amount of skills tbh. Now theres some id prefer them change like the combo skills for RDM for example the sword ones, if they could set it up like they do in PvP were it just one button it be nice. But thats more qol tbh but its only 3 skills in a very not skill heavy class to begine with soo... meh.... GNB is a bit skill heavy i guess but even then iv yet to have an isse with it. I also play with a Naga(that has 19 buttons) and a Orbweaver( has 26 buttons). So most of my buttons arnt spred across a long keybord but compact in a small area were my had is. If your having issuse with buttions id sagest a Naga or a mouse along the lines of a Naga.
  8. ima just slap these here Not really a full blone amine but......... its a comeral with ffxiv in anime style owo
  9. theres some story thats connected to a few side NPCs you meat in the MSQ when going into satsha->Tam-tara then later the side quest story for tam-tara (Hard). It connects to thous. You'll need to clear it later on to unlock heaven on High(basically storm bloods version of PotD). Theres some glamore behind it thou most now are kinda cheep depending. Heaven on high has better stuff to farm out thou. So might be worth clearing at lest once for later on. Other wise decent for EXP from 1-60 (thou far more dull imo to farm for exp over just quing for dungons or other options). TBH i still havnt got around to clearing it....... :V ....It puts me to sleep lol
  10. @Anan Oh dont forget to try the market boards on other servers with the cross visit system OwO! You can shop on other servers to see if there available and or shop for the best price. UwU its quite useful, been doing it recently for housing items. I can possibly make them depending on the mats and lvl o the craft. My alc isnt maxed nor the best geared. I just have crafter to refin sertin mats to make gil owo .......... in depth crafting in this game make my head explode lol
  11. Savage Eden dropped this morning so itll be a bit higher.