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  1. happy birthday!

  2. until

    can rDPS for 16 man if needed!
  3. rDPS please and thank you!
  4. until

    rDPS if there is a spot. Thank you!
  5. until

    Edit: Changing to a yes for rDPS if there is still a slot @Aedi Lanigiro . Thank you!
  6. until

    Yaaay SMOPs! rdps please! pew pew
  7. until

    rDPS please and thankyou
  8. until

    rdps and this time I won't ghost
  9. until

    rDPS please!
  10. until

    Have to drop due to work running over, but everyone have fun!
  11. I don't need this one, but hit me up if you need an extra person to fill out the group on pub side.
  12. until

    rDPS if there is room!
  13. rDPS
  14. until

  15. Caihren

    SWTOR - Flashpoints

    Thanks for setting this up again @Ren'ato - the last one was really helpful!
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