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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there Guardians! I decided to start writing some forum posts on topics in Destiny that some of you may ask for help on. While I would be happy explain most of it, I think that we can all agree, many will say that the same question would be asked a lot! So.. thats why I may as well try my best to help out! With that being said.. let us start. First, lets do some General advice... Gearing Up The soft cap for Light levels is 900. The Max light is 950, but there is a Pinnacle level that is 960. This basically means the following that to get to 900, just play the game normally! Do Story content (Mostly), strikes, pvp, and etc. You will get to 900 soon and thats where the grind begins! Which, once u hit 900, you will be able to do Weekly activities, from doing Flashpoints, Raids, and PVP, and more. Now, to talk about...Pinnacle level! That basically means you are at 950, and you are going to be grinding mostly paths that will give you Pinnacle engrams. IDK much, because I have not been able to check all sources, but Raids and Iron Banner (PVP) are some ways u can do such Pinnacle activities! WARNING: If you are at this stage, try sticking to one set of Weapon set and Gear! From what I heard, the only way to reach 960, is actually getting every slot matched to gain just one power level. Armor 2.0 Advice At the moment of writing this, I do not have much to write due to not doing research on it yet! I do suggest, to try do all activities to get Armor mods and so on. The highest I seen for how much One gear piece can give was from an Exotic glove i got that, it holds up to 70! Also, I hear Nightfalls tend to give pretty good mods (Ashes to Asset, Super gains mods ,etc) So try doing your NF! Advice on certain seasonal activities First one will be the Black Armory I wasnt able to unlock it normally like most players did...but I think if you have this than you are free to do any of their forges and craft their guns! The Reckoning I sadly must say that idk much of this one due to never been able to have a group or try it... ill come back if I can and update! The Menagerie This event is simple! There is two type of Menagerie runs. One is normal, and the other is Heroic. They both are practically the same, besides one small detail: Normal has no death penalty, but on Heroic, if you and your whole squad wipes, you are kicked out to Orbit.. That being said, there is a good reason to try your hand here! But, you will need to first start by building/fixing a Chalice. Once its done, you should be able to put runes and such to make certain armor and guns.. which I know some will ask, "What do I put?" How about I give you a calculator that helps you do it?? Menagerie Calculator link: Good hunting! Other Useful Links that I personally use...*List will grow...* Destiny Reddit for me is sometimes my fastest way to get info. From TWAB report, (This Week At Bungie) into other things like that menagerie calculator i found! It has a lot of things.. There is even a Destiny reddit for PVP! I shall link both Destiny Reddit: Destiny PVP Reddit: I hope this sparks some ideas on what everyone wants to be chatted about or even discussed! I know I did not cover much in here, but I hope you guys, can read this and maybe ask away for more! Please, let me know!
  2. Hey guildies! Linked below are a few guides on how to survive the first month, what you should craft, and what you should focus on first. I recommend everyone do a quick read through before playing! Surviving the first month: Base/Camp Guide: Night Time Guide:
  3. Hard Mode Primal and Extreme Primal Unlock Guide So it was mentioned that in order to complete the EX Primal fights, that we should have a guide to unlock them. Honestly, I have totally forgotten that in order for the Ex Primal Event to happen, we need to have players complete the Hard Mode versions of the fights as well. So below is a quick guide on unlocking the Primals. First you need to complete this MSQ quest which is the end of the original 2.0 Quest line. After this quest is completed, you can then start unlocking the hard mode Primal Fights. Thornmarch, Leviathan, Shiva and Ramuh hard modes are included in the MSQ for patch 2.1-2.4. It is recommended to have completed all the MSQ up to Heavensward. This will ensure you have completed the required quests to unlock these battles. Prerequisite Quests The Hard Mode Unlocks The Extreme Primal Quests The Howling Eye (Extreme) » Garuda « More Information The Navel (Extreme) » Titan « More Information The Bowl of Embers (Extreme) » Ifrit « More Information This does NOT drop a pony but we can do it for fun and to see it Thronmarch (Extreme) » Good King Moogle Mog XII « More Information The Whorleater (Extreme) » Leviathan « More Information The Striking Tree (Extreme) » Ramuh « More Information Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme) » Shiva « More Information
  4. Here is some General Information pulled out of the FFXIV Proposal for general game information. Maybe useful for those new to the game or those wishing to learn more about it to see if they want to play it. Enjoy! Information on Final Fantasy XIV All the information about the game is found below, which is a massive amount of info and this is the reason to place it behind spoiler tags for easier viewing.