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Found 36 results

  1. until
    PvE World Boss Train Night! Join for an onslaught of bosses as we race around Tyria to beat them all! World Bosses are large map events that offer experience, fun, and sometimes rare loot. No experience is needed and all bosses are from the core game so no expansions are required!
  2. Dochabi

    Datacron Hunt

    I know a quite a few of us do not have all the datacrons yet!
  3. Dochabi

    Morning SmOps Ravagers

    PvE Operation Event: The Ravagers Date: Friday 27/11/2020 Operation Start Time (Start Time = First Pull): 9:00 AM EST Operation End Time: 11:00 AM EST You must arrive at least 15 minutes before start time, else you will be replaced. Requirements: level 70 Discord will be required, we will be in our own operation channel. Let's just relax and have fun. The only requirement is a level 70 toon. I will lead the ops but I will take a position when everyone else signs up. Operation Group Sign-Up List: Raid Lead: Dochabi Main-Tank: @DrDudis Off-Tank: Healer: @Gagi Healer: mDPS: @Slazersc mDPS: @Ren'ato mDPS: @Walex rDPS: @Roedynn Backup: @Vorn?
  4. Dochabi

    HK-51 Searching Party

    To get Hk-51 as a companion, there are quite a few requirement to fulfill. Because it can take a while to finish the different steps, why not do it with guilds? The time will go by faster and it'll be more fun. Let me know in the comments what missions you still need to accomplish to get HK-51 parts. That way, we can split into team and group the ones that need the same parts together.
  5. Dochabi

    World Bosses

    The conquest this week is about world bosses. The bosses we'll challenge depends on how many we are. Some are harder than others and require more people. The bosses targeted by the conquest are: SD-0 (Coruscant) Trapjaw (Tatooine) R4-GL (Nar Shaddaa) Ulgo Siegebreaker (Alderaan) Gargath (Hoth) Primal Destroyer (Belsavis) DreadTooth (Section X/Belsavis) Dread Pirate Karvoy (Mek-Sha) Lance squadron Command Unit (Yavin 4) R8-X8 (Ossus ) Kil-Cik (Ossus) Nightmare Pilgrim (Voss) Let me know in the comments what role(dps, tank or healer) you'll bring. Since the goal is to hit conquest, you can list more than one toon if you plan on switching when a toon hit conquest. Tank: @vir'rizza Tank: @Dalivandrian Healer: @DrDudis Healer: Dochabi healer: @ScorchGamer12 Healer: dps: @Jru947 dps: @RedVox dps: @Roedynn dps: @Skywalker17 dps: @XJediknight18X dps: @EmiSalgari dps: @Chackez dps: @hunterhead dps: @Soup dps: @Rykyn
  6. Dochabi

    The Gree event

    This week it's the Relics of the Gree event. Let's form a team to do the world bosses and the Xenoanalyst II. Afterwards, we can splits into groups of 4 to do the rest of the events (dailies and the heroic, and maybe the PVP ones for the brave ). For the Xenoanalyst II If the team wants to, if we have the time and if we have the toons, we can do story mode and vet mode one after the other. Let me know in the comments what role you'll bring. For the wb and the Xenoanalyst we need : Tank: Dochabi Tank: @deltastarfighter Healer: @Dalivandrian Healer: @Slyfoxmartin Healer: @DrDudis Healer: Dps: @Getius (r) Dps: @XJediknight18X (m) Dps: @hunterhead (m) Dps: @Chackez(r) Dps: @EmiSalgari(r) Dps: @Roedynn (r) Dps: @Soup Dps: Dps: Dps: (if we don't have enough guild members, we'll just add random people to fill the spots that are left) To do the Xenoanalyst you need to be subscribe. For the rest of the event you don't need anything specific. If you want to know the event better, here's a guide Swtorista made:
  7. Dochabi

    Heroics for levelling pub side

    To help levelling toon before the double event ends, let's do some heroics! You can also decide to tag along with a level 75 to get renown. Let me know in the comments what toon you'll bring and it's level.
  8. Dochabi

    Vet mode Uprisings

    Last week, we did story mode uprisings. This week, we'll continu our exploring of this content by tackling veteran Uprisings. To be eligible to do Uprisings, you need to have a toon level 70 or higher. We'll meet at the uprisings terminal at the fleet. From there, you can pick up the uprisings and the weekly. Uprisings are supposed to be shorter than flashpoints. To participate in the event, let me know in the comments what role (heals, tank,dps) you'll bring.
  9. Dochabi


    The conquest this week is all about flashpoints. To help with that, with gearing and to get XP/renown, let's do some flashpoints. If you want to participate in the event, leave a comment with the role of your toon (healer, dps of tank) and let me if you would like to do vet or master mode. If we have enough people, we can do multiple teams. If we don't, we'll see what toons we have and make a decision accordingly. We'll be in discord(it makes communication easier). We'll do the teams at the beginning of the event.
  10. Dochabi

    Exploring Uprisings

    Uprisings are similar to flashpoint but shorter. They are made to be done in around 20 minutes. They are available on the fleet, from a terminal, to toons level 70 and up. We can decide the difficulty level during the event. We can decide work towards a weekly or test the differences between the difficulty levels. Let me know in the comments if you'll be there
  11. Dochabi

    Heroics for leveling

    This week is the start of the double XP event. One way of levelling faster is to do heroics. Let's form groups to do heroics and help one another level up quickly (and take advantage of the event). Since the goal is to level low-level toons, we'll try to do the heroics from the first planets as fast as possible on as many toons as possible. Let me know in the comments if you'll be there.
  12. ShogunTaira

    GW2 Weekly HP Train

    All Aboard the HP Train! Come join us as we tour Heart of Thorns and/or Path of Fire for +10 Hero Points! Do your characters need the extra HPs for that Elite Specialization you need? You've found the right event.
  13. Dochabi

    Concerning Rakghouls

    This week in-game event is the rakghouls on Alderaan, so let’s gallivant around the rakghoul infested tunnels. Our first stop is the Alderaan world boss of the event ShellShock. This giant monster can only be found when this event is in play. We are also going to meet the Eyeless. The difficulty level (story or hard) will depend on the number of participants and the participants themselves (what we feel like doing). The Eyeless is a boss with a difficulty level similar to an op boss. You can buy an item, THORN Priority Authorization, from the rep vendor that gives you access to the quest. We’ll level our rep with THORN by «spamming» the dailies and heroic. That will allow us to get some pretty cool crystals, weapons, armours, mounts, and many more rakghoul/plague-infested theme goodies. There is an achievement related to the rare spawn (Fungus Elites and The Catalyst). The Tunnel Lurker spawn is quite sought after because of that. Let’s keep a look out for those special monsters. Before the event, don’t forget to pick up the first quest by interacting with a news terminal on the fleet. It will show you how to get to the tunnels, quite practical if it’s your first time participating in the event. N.B. rakghoul vaccines will be needed. Let me know in the comments what toon you'll bring.
  14. Dochabi

    Kaon under Siege

    Kaon Under Siege is a Flashpoint that has a secret boss (Midnight Rakghoul) that is there during the Rakghoul event. This boss drops an exclusive pet. That pet is needed to complete a few achievements. Let’s help each other and kill this boss a few times to allow everyone to get that Midnight Rakling. N.B. To defeat the boss, we will need quite a few vaccines, come prepare. Let me know in the comments who will be there and what toon you'll bring.
  15. Dochabi

    World Bosses

    This week, I propose to go hunting some world bosses. The goal is to do the Weekly: Priority Targets, which consist of killing 3 of the following heroic world bosses: Trapjaw (Tatooine) R4-GL (Nar Shadaa) Ulgo Siegebreaker (Alderaan) Rogue Cartel Warbot (Quesh) Snowblind(Hoth) Primal Destroyer(Belsavis) Nihtmare Pilgrim(Voss) Dreadtooth(Secion X) To target those tougher enemies, we will need tanks, healers and a mix of range and melee dps. Let me know in the comments below what type of toon you will bring (Tank, healer, mdps or rdps). Please take a look at what the others are bringing to try and balance the team. We need 2-3 tanks, 2-3 healers and a lot of dps to burn the bosses. I will pick the bosses depending of the participants (some of them can be soloed and others need a full 16-24 people team). Depending on the number of participants, I might go outside of the list above. Good to know: Killing the heroic world bosses are achievements (that can be found under the different planets in the legacy panel). The weekly can be picked up from the operation terminals. There is also a quest that can be picked up from a terminal near the speeder vendor on the fleet (if I remember correctly) to get mounts when you kill operation bosses and heroic world bosses. The lineup (for now) : Tank: @Yiss Healers: @Rykyn @hunterhead mdps: @wavyblue @Ddorni @Eskimo rdps: @Roedynn dps: Dochabi
  16. hunterhead


    Going to do an easy Story Mode Eternity Vault to start this new VMOPs group off! Date: 07/28/2020 (Tuesday) Operation Start Time (Start time is first pull): 6:00pm EST Operation End Time: 8:00pm You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the operation begins, or you will be replaced. Please read the requirements before signing up Item Rating: 285 on your character sheet StarParse is required To sign up, RSVP and put the roles you plan on doing (Please specify if your doing rDPS or mDPS). This is Required! Discord is required, we'll be in our own operation channel Just enjoy the operation; try new tacticals; and the most important thing, have fun! Raid Leader: @hunterhead Tank: @hunterhead Tank: @MDStacky Heals: @Eskili Heals: @Dalivandrian rDPS: @Mirivor rDPS: @Aedi Lanigiro mDPS: @aj85 mDPS: @Skywalker17 Backups: @Jed SM Eternity Vault @6pm EST
  17. hunterhead


    Going to do an easy Story Mode Eternity Vault to start this new VMOPs group off! Date: 07/21/2020 (Tuesday) Operation Start Time (Start time is first pull): 6:00pm EST Operation End Time: 8:00pm You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the operation begins, or you will be replaced. Please read the requirements before signing up Item Rating: 285 on your character sheet StarParse is required To sign up, RSVP and put the roles you plan on doing (Please specify if your doing rDPS or mDPS). This is Required! Discord is required, we'll be in our own operation channel Just enjoy the operation; try new tacticals; and the most important thing, have fun! Raid leader: @hunterhead Tank: @hunterhead Tank: @MDStacky Heals: @Aedi Lanigiro Heals: @Azilori rDPS: @Mirivor rDPS: @Yiss mDPS: @aj85 mDPS: @Skywalker17 Backups: @Laysa SM Eternity Vault @6pm EST
  18. What is Albion Online? Albion Online is a Sandbox MMORPG that is Classless (your skills are tied to the gear you are wearing) and has lots of PVP and PVE content. Also, nearly every item in the game has been crafted by someone. The game is deep in it's progression systems but at the same time, fairly easy to understand. Does it cost anything to play this game? No, the game is free-to-play with a premium membership model that is very similar to that of the Elder Scrolls Online. The main difference is that with enough in game currency (silver), one can purchase a premium membership. With the game being free-to-play, the next question would be if it is pay-to-win. The short answer is no. The game is pay to accelerate progress but not pay to win. I say this because if you were to spend real money to level one skill to 100, it would cost well over $3000. So, no, the game is not pay to win because grinding it out is much easier than you would think. The internet says bad things about the PVP, what do you say? The game does indeed have lots of things to do with PVP. For example, there are 4 different color types to the zones you can explore (a new update in the first week of May will make this easier to see/understand). The zone types that are generally safe are BLUE (no pvp allowed, minus faction battles), YELLOW (PVP-Lite), RED (Full Loot PVP), and BLACK (Full Loot PVP with a Fog of War). What is Full Loot PVP? It is exactly as it sounds. When you die in a Full Loot zone (RED or BLACK), you will lose everything on your character, your mount as well, and you will be sent back to your main city. You keep your silver, minus a small amount that drops when you die. On the flip side though, if you can make or buy your gear cheaply and score a good kill, you can easily make a large profit. The game is very High Risk, High Reward. What is the PVE like then? The game features quite a large amount of PVE content in the way of Solo and 5 Man Dungeons (these can be Full Loot PVP in the Red/Black Zones). There is also some new raiding content as of the last big patch that require at least 10 players. There are these things called Expeditions that you can participate in from your main city that can be done solo or with groups up to 5. They reward silver and crafting materials. The game also features some unique content in the way of Hellgates. These are PVE/PVP zones in which the players enter in groups of 2-5 (it depends on the rift type) and are set up as a dungeon with mobs and minibosses and loot that spawns in the middle after some time. You can also kill the other players inside (Orange Portals are only PVP-Lite but Red Portals are Full Loot PVP) Do you think this game is for me? Due to the simple/complex nature of the game, it just might be for you. The real challenge lies in if you can take charge of yourself to go out and explore the world. By this, I mean that the game does not hold your hand after the tutorial. There are no quests, minus arena dallies or faction "quests", so you can literally do what you want, when you want to do it. The game has plenty of PVP and PVE content to enjoy. If you enjoy crafting, the game is very deep in that regard as well. Each weapon and armor type have 6 different variations, except off hands and shields. The game provides a very large outlet if you just want to craft items. Only YOU can make it the game you want to play. Find something you love and do it. If you read all this and are interested in joining, I would be more than happy to help you get started. Thanks! MAX
  19. Digibear

    Dreadtooth one stack (IMP SIDE)

    Needing to get a mask(so I don't die) for hateful entity later Friday night* any help would be appreciated! @Kitty Chelle
  20. Event Coordination Poll Greetings everyone! So, we have been hosting some events and it has been kinda hit or miss lately. So we need to try and pin point the days we are all mostly playing FFXIV. Being built up from RoH members from multiple Divisions makes scheduling Events for our "Casual" game a harder task than normal. So I need the entire group to please participate in this polling. We need to see which days we have to work with and times. So we can try and fit in our events here. This goes out to all areas of the game, from RP, PvE, PvP and future raiding. Until we are a Division and/or start to recruit outside of RoH. Please use the poll options attached to this thread and not just post a reply. It is easier to track and see when all data is in one location. !! IMPORTANT !! If you are currently on your Trial for Remnants of Hope, you will not see the poll. Simply add a reply here with days and times you play. Example Monday Evening, Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Daytime, Friday Daytime, etc... Tags
  21. until
    *~Roulette Madness~* Time for us to group together and do any or all our daily Roulette's. To gain exp for your main job, a side job or get your tomestones!~ Come join in-game~ *~This event is open to all Levels~* (The event is open to run longer than 9pm if wanted)
  22. until
  23. DigitalMonk

    Imperial City Mayhem!

  24. DigitalMonk

    Imperial City Mayhem!