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[LOTRO] Notification Sign-Up List (Updated 8/27/18)

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Notification Signup for LOTRO Events and Activities




Hello my fellow LOTROers! To help announce events and keep track of interested members, please respond to this thread to be added to the notification list. As events are planned and the day approaches, we can use this list to remind people (who desire a reminder) so they can make plans to be in Middle Earth!


If at any time life happens or you get busy in your divisional games, you are welcome to reply to this thread again and ask for your name to be removed.


If anyone is looking for help, or planning their own, independent event, feel free to use this list as well to let everybody know about it!


Current Notification List:



Tagging everyone in the club one time here so everyone will know about this list. Events will be using the above tag list once we get enough people to start having events. 


@Jae Onasi @Hrom @Chelly @Elisel @Lagerfueled @Vil @Skywolven @Tyrtaeus @Lyrazel @Vorn @Daizey @Sweetbunny @RhemaTom @Ellenore @Azzareth @Telana @Jinn Galia @Greyman @SvaalaD @Carg @Patman300 @Pinkatron2000

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