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Nov/Dec Book: Kurintor Nyusi 

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Hi everyone! I didn't see an official announcement with notifications so I figured I would post.


The book of the month chosen by poll results is:


Kurintor Nyusi 



I thought up an approximate timeline, keeping Holiday busy-ness in mind. Let me know what you guys think!


Kurintor Nyusi  Weekly Timeline (Resets Saturdays)

11/8-11/16: A week or so to get the book and find out who wants to read it together! (If you have busy plans for the holidays, might want to jump in sooner)

11/17-11/24 First quarter of the book and first discussion post

11/24-12/1 2nd quarter/2nd discussion (halfway)

12/1-12/8  Catch up week - everyone get to halfway through!

12/8-12/15 3rd quarter/3rd discussion

12/15-12/22 final quarter/final discussion, gather new book suggestions

12/22-12/29 Holiday break

12/29-1/5 Discussion and voting for new book


Potential Participants

@RhemaTom@Serenitee@Ezoura@Kell @draiocht89 @Cyth27@Ellenore@Nyx @ZEE @Aelin @squiremarr_ @Admiral Bunny

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The timeline looks great! I'll have to request it from the library, so no guarantees on when I start, but I'll catch up!


Edit: The library does not have it, or anything by that author. Where are y'all getting it from?

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Congratulations to ShogunTaira, Slyfoxmartin, MoistKumquat & TMUMT on being chosen Members of the Month for September for their primary divisions!

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