Remnants of Hope

Final Fantasy XIV (Jenova, Aether)

Active Community

  • Active and engaged membership
  • Many different play-styles represented
  • Active discord, forums and FC chat
  • Open Event Calendar for FFXIV and the community
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere
  • LBGTQ+ friendly and inclusive community

Dedicated Leadership

  • The FFXIV Division is led by an elected position called Division Commander. The Division Commander oversees and supports all areas of interest in the game, fueled by member feedback
  • Officers and their assistants organize and lead events of all kinds for members to enjoy
  • Community Leadership is led by an elected position called High Elder. The High Elder works with other members in Community Leadership as well as the Division Commanders for each game to support an enjoyable experience for all

Social Atmosphere

  • Choose how you want to play!
  • Participate in guild events, or level alone and join us in guild chat & VOIP
  • Social Roleplay for an optional immersive experience
  • Casual Gold Saucer night for mini-game and social experiences

Player vs. Environment (PvE)

  • PvE Officer & Assistants to co-ordinate raids, trials and dungeons
  • Impromptu Palace of the Dead, Heaven on High groups
  • Daily roulette groups formed throughout the day
  • Actively engaged current and legacy PvE content

Roleplay (RP)is here?

  • Guild-wide respect for roleplaying
  • Encouragement and guidance for Story as well as social RP
  • Weekly in-game Roleplay events offered by our RP team


  • Crafting Officer and assistants managing FC chest, funds and medium house
  • ‘Prize Tab’ in vault for any guild member who wants to host a contest or event
  • Well-supported Free Company workshop that returns with shiny items

Active Forums

  • Extremely active forums with members posting in discussions at all hours of the day.
  • Sub-forums dedicated to strategy and theorycrafting game or class mechanics.
  • Sub-forum boards for casual discussions including forum games and unrelated topics like books, movies and television shows, and other games that our members like to play.

About Our Free Company on the Jenova Server, Aether Data Center

  • Established August 6th, 2021
  • Over 100 members, over 40 active within 24 hours
  • Very experienced leadership
  • Medium plot in the goblet
  • Rank 30 Free Company
  • Chocobo Stabling and Training

Mission & Goals

What we stand for is to serve as a place where one can escape from their daily struggles and stress of life, to simply enjoy their time that they have to spare. Our motivation is to simply ensure that everyone has the best experience that we can offer! Remnants of Hope strives to maintain a community-first atmosphere. We are one community that is here for each other and we want to promote a positive, mature, safe, and friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Emphasis on EVERYONE, regardless of what division we may play.

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