Remnants of Hope

Elder Scrolls Online – Ebonheart Pact NA

Active Community

  • 200+ active members and growing everyday!
  • International Membership
  • Many different play styles represented
  • From 1-50 and all champion levels!
  • 9 pm – midnight  Eastern for most events, but includes events for daytime and Pacific Rim players

Dedicated Leadership

  • Community Leadership (High Elder and Elder Council)
  • ESO Division Commander (In-Game Guild Leader)
  • Specific Game Aspect Leadership (Department Officers)

Social Atmosphere

  • Choose how you want to play!
  • Participate in guild events, or level alone and join us in guild chat & VOIP
  • Built on family atmosphere that exemplifies the greater RoH community!
  • Welcome to all ages, levels and factions
  • Social Play style with scheduled events that all are welcome to attend!

Player vs. Environment (PvE)

  • Four nights a week of coordinated PvE
  • Something for everyone; from group leveling to Veteran trials
  • Accepting of all styles of gameplay. Non-elitist atmosphere and mutual respect are our mission!
  • All guild members invited to participate regardless of gear, level, or experience


  • Dedicated crafting and banking officer
  • Generously stocked guild bank
  • Prize support available for contests and events
  • Assistance for all forms of crafting, including furniture and jewelry
  • Housing with all crafting stations available for member use

 Player vs. Player (PvP)is here?

  • Officer and PvP-team to co-ordinate events and provide advice on builds
  • Weekly events such as Cyrodiil Siege, Cyrodiil Exploration, Imperial City runs and Battlegrounds and Strike Team!
  • Casual environment with players of all skill levels, from first timers to seasoned veterans
  • No gear or level restrictions, all are welcome and encouraged!

Roleplay (RP)is here?

  • Guild-wide respect for roleplaying
  • Collaborative storytelling
  • Roleplay team focused on story-content
  • Detailed roleplaying systems to assist character development
  • D20 styled roleplay interactions
  • Forum-based roleplay
  • Weekly in-game roleplay events offered by our RP team

Housing and Fashion Dedicated Department

  • Learn how to attain and dress yourself in outfits, motifs, dyes and costumes
  • Take lessons on how to decorate your home for any occasion


Active Forums

  • ESO Departments with their own sections
  • Numerous posts every day
  • Open event calendar consisting of guild and member events specific to ESO
  • Dedicated sub-forums organized per department


About Our Guild

Launched in July 2016, the ESO Division of Remnants of Hope has continued to grow and evolve.  The division hosts many PvP, crafting, role-playing, world PvE, dungeon and trial events each week, while maintaining a community-first atmosphere where players of all styles, lifestyles, and skill levels are accepted. Our core philosophy is that if we work together as a caring community, then everything else will fall into place.  Our events, forums, and chat are a safe space for all, regardless of gender identity, nationality, geography, finances, race, or sexual orientation. Our community language is English. We do not provide translation services. However, if English is not your first language, not to worry, we are a patient fun group of people and have members from around the globe.

Mission & Goals

We have built and stand as a place where one can escape their daily struggles and life stresses to enjoy the game and their gaming time. Our motivation is to ensure that everyone has the best experience that we can offer! While this pursuit does require a certain level of strictness and vigilance, our mission is to provide a safe, friendly, and mature atmosphere where our members can enjoy their gaming experience with like-minded individuals and limited drama. We pursue quality members over quantity, which is why our trial and acceptance process works and has sustained Remnants of Hope for many years. We hold our community in high-esteem and see the same from our members.

As one of our member’s favorite phrases, “Light from the few can be a beacon to many.” We endeavor to inspire the greater ESO gaming community through our respect for all players and their respective communities, wishing to work together to improve the quality of experience each person has with Elder Scrolls Online. We lead by example.


Remnants of Hope wants to give you the opportunity to build your own play style, which is why we offer every element of game-play in our activities. Whether you desire to min-max your character for end game content, are more interested in casual world exploration, or simply want a social experience, we have you covered. Ready to leap headlong into a dungeon or trial? We’re the guild for you! Do you desire a PvP adrenaline rush? Go for it! Not really interested in quests or sieges, but want to immerse yourself into the world? Then try some RP! Do you enjoy building and creating more than questing? Go craft all you want! Housing and Fashion your thing? We can support you! You are free to make your own choices that aligns with your interest. Whether you are casual, semi-hardcore, or hardcore, we are right there with you. We have dedicated officers for each focus, committed to providing members an amazing experience.

No Limitations

Being a PvX community, we never limit ourselves to any one aspect of a game. We strive to provide all that a game has to offer. We eagerly follow game updates and make the most out of everything that comes our way! Our diversity makes us stronger, as everyone has different strengths and interests. Our membership is helpful, patient and lots of fun, maximizing everyone’s enjoyment!

Guild Activities in ESO

We offer a full and balanced schedule that includes events every day of the week. These events span every department, including PvE, PvP, RP, and Crafting and Housing and Fashion. All events are led by either the department Officer or one of their appointed assistants to ensure the event runs smoothly and everyone can enjoy themselves! We love being together as a gaming family and we look for every opportunity we can to play together! If no event is scheduled at a certain time, we encourage members to create impromptu events in guild chat as well!

Beyond the game, we also hold cross-community events that extends to members of all divisions within the Remnants of Hope. These events may include activities such as Pictionary, karaoke, and casual gaming nights for some of our more casual games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Lord of the Rings Online, ARK, and many more! We also feature forum activities such as writing contests, “Answer a Question with a Question” threads, “Meme Wars”, and so much more!