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  • Application to Join Remnants of Hope
    • Preferred Name:
    • Age: (Legally you must be at least 13 years old to join our guild, but our guild ranges from age 13 to 60+!)
    • Gender Identity:
    • Time Zone:
    • Character Class
    • Game you will be playing with Remnants of Hope:
    • Official username for that game (account name, not character name):
    • 1. Have you read the Code of Conduct and do you agree to follow it? (type Yes)
    • 2. How did you hear about The Remnants of Hope? If a member invited you please let us know who.
    • 3. If you could travel to any time or place where would it be?
    • 4. Upon joining Remnants of Hope you are expected to maintain a mature and friendly demeanor to everyone in game. What does maturity mean to you and do you feel that you can remain civil even with the nastiest players in the game?
    • 5. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?
    • 6. Have you been in other guilds before; on this game or any others? If so,what was your favorite and least favorite things about them?
    • 7. What five adjectives, and 5 only, would you use to describe yourself?
    • 8. Have you ever held a leadership position in a gaming community? Would this be something you are interested in in the future?
    • 9. What are your favorite and least favorite sounds?
    • 10. What are your personal strengths and weaknesses as a person (not in game)?
    • 11. Remnants of Hope houses players that enjoy all aspects of the game, Crafting, PVE, PVP, and RP/Social. Which do you enjoy the most, and why?
    • 12. The servers are closing down in 24 hours permanently. How would you like to spend the last bit of time in game?
    • 13. What other games have you played and what did you like about them? Any games you are excitedly waiting for?
    • 14. If you could be any animal (fantasy ones included) which would you be and why?
    • 15. We use Teamspeak as our voice chat. Have you used this before and what do you currently use to voice chat with other gamers?
    • 16. Are you on the servers we currently play on and are you planning on transferring to join us?
    • WAIT - Did you save your answers to notepad or your email? Type YES to confirm

Congratulations to Achilles, Owinn , Jason and Michael EX, on being the chosen Members of the Month for January 2018 for their primary divisions!

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