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    • Jae Onasi  »  Hippy

      Happy birthday!! Hoping there's no double wide surprise.
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    • Ezoura  »  Hippy

      Hippy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you are doing super well! ❤️
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    • Triss

      Though this year had a lot of painful events for me, some moments of wth, and such.  I know everyone here had them as well. I am still grateful for the moments that I had with the people and such. I am grateful that during this time I was able to meet someone who is my first in experiencing what it is like to be in a very mature and loving relationship. Not to mention being grateful that soon I will be able to start working again. Yes, 2020 is one f***** year, but try to remember the joyous parts that did happen even the small moments. That is what I am trying to do to help me get through this year. Love y'all in RoH! 
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    • Vorn  »  Hippy

      Birthday blessings, Hipster!!!  Congrats on completing another trip around the sun!
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    • Jaark  »  Hippy

      Happy Birthday @Hippy ! I hope you have an awesome day.
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