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  • RoH PC Strategy Gaming's General
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  • RoH PC Strategy Gaming's Chucklefish Games
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  • League of Legends's General
  • Fashion War A-GO-GO!!! (gw2)'s Seamstress Zone (Fashion Help Center)
  • Fashion War A-GO-GO!!! (gw2)'s Fashion Forward~ Month Theme: Winter~!
  • Fashion War A-GO-GO!!! (gw2)'s Lighting and Environment~
  • Ereosa's Gaming Corner.'s BDO
  • Ereosa's Gaming Corner.'s Ark
  • Ereosa's Gaming Corner.'s Dark and Light
  • Ereosa's Gaming Corner.'s Empyrion Galactic Survival
  • Ereosa's Gaming Corner.'s Pix Ark
  • Ereosa's Gaming Corner.'s Server Admin news and updates
  • Heck Yes Videogames's Topics
  • Artist Corner's Topics and intros?
  • Club RoH's Link
  • GW2 Role Play's Current Events!
  • GW2 Role Play's RP Club Thread.
  • GW2 PvE department! 😊's HP Runs!
  • GW2 PvE department! 😊's Other events
  • GW2 PvE department! 😊's Fractals
  • GW2 PvE department! 😊's Jumping Puzzles
  • GW2 PvE department! 😊's Raids
  • GW2 PvE department! 😊's Guild Missions
  • GW2 PvE department! 😊's META Night
  • GW2 PvE department! 😊's Dungeons
  • GW2 sPvP's Builds
  • GW2 sPvP's Strategy and Tactics
  • [HOPE] WvW's Events
  • [HOPE] WvW's Getting Started
  • [HOPE] WvW's Strategy and Tactics
  • [HOPE] WvW's Build Discussion
  • Tabletop Gaming's Club Discussion
  • Tabletop Gaming's Pen and Paper Games
  • Tabletop Gaming's Board Games
  • Tabletop Gaming's Card Games
  • Special Interests Groups 101's Club Talk
  • Destiny 2 - PC's Screenshots
  • Destiny 2 - PC's PVE
  • Destiny 2 - PC's PVP
  • Destiny 2 - PC's Classes/Builds
  • (WoW) The Horde's Lore and stories
  • (WoW) The Horde's Events
  • (WoW) The Horde's Random WoW Horde thoughts
  • Anime Club's Topics
  • ► TV Show Arena ◄'s Topics
  • RoH Singles 21+ xD's Topics
  • GW2 Progression Raiding's Prog Raid Discussion
  • GW2 Progression Raiding's Bastion Of the Penitent
  • GW2 Progression Raiding's Salvation Pass
  • GW2 Progression Raiding's Stronghold of the Faithful
  • GW2 Progression Raiding's Spirit Vale
  • GW2 Progression Raiding's Hall of Chains
  • GW2 Progression Raiding's Welcome Wagon!
  • GW2 Progression Raiding's Weekly Prog Rosters
  • GW2 Progression Raiding's Prog Team Kills!
  • Fractalronies's Fractal Gearing
  • Fractalronies's More Fractal Resources
  • Fractalronies's General Talk and Questions
  • Fractalronies's Low Tier Fractals
  • Fractalronies's Tier 4 Fractals
  • Vestige of Despair Command Center's Holocron of Fate (Guides)
  • Vestige of Despair Command Center's Ascension's Fury
  • Vestige of Despair Command Center's Scions of Destiny
  • Vestige of Despair Command Center's The Slayers
  • RoH Book Club's General Discussion
  • RoH Book Club's Book of the Month
  • Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)'s Forum
  • Guild Wars's Need a guild invite?
  • Guild Wars's Heed Help?
  • Star Trek Online's Topics
  • Bless Online's Topics
  • Bless Online's General discussion
  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's Builds/Guides/Tips
  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's Topics
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2's Topics
  • Burst Mining's Topics
  • Fantasy Sports's Topics
  • ESO Fishing Club's Topics
  • Final Fantasy XIV's Topics
  • Starcraft: Remastered's Topics
  • Blizzard Gaming Club's Topics
  • RoH Fitness's Topics


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  • RoH PC Strategy Gaming's MP Events
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  • GW2 PvE department! 😊's Other Event's Calender
  • Destiny 2 - PC's Events
  • Vestige of Despair Command Center's Tapestry of Destiny (Calendar)
  • Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)'s Events
  • Star Trek Online's Events
  • Bless Online's Events
  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's Events
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2's Events
  • Fantasy Sports's Events
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  • RoH Fitness's Events


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Congratulations to Valareos, Penarddun, beerbutt & T'rissanna'niss, on being chosen Members of the Month for September for their primary divisions!

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