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    • Pupp

      yall ever eat these
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    • wolfrine

      could not sleep think about WOW & Overwolf
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    • Hellary Ren

      How's my PC building adventure going!

      Basically, I have two builds, that my PC building friends suggested in my budget, one being without Windows 10 (the advise from a second friend is to pirate it).

      I don't know, if there's a big down side for that, so help me out and overall judge these two on how it was presented to me. 


      · 3 replies
    • Elisel  »  K'lon

      Happy Birthday!!  Hope it is amazing 
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    • EternalWhispersoftheWind

      Hey guys! It's been a while I know. I wonder how many of you guys actually remember me.. haha. Anyway I'll be back for just a few days while I'm quarantined. I hope to see you guys around!
      Okay so some of what I've been doing while I was gone. I've gotten really into Kingdom Hearts. I've beat the 3rd game, almost finished the first (ended up watching the cutscenes of what I haven't finished yet), watched through the cutscenes from 358 and CoM, started on KH2 and BBS Fragmentary Passage.  I also pre-ordered Melody of Memory and am currently playing that. I've also been playing a lot of ACNH. I ended up getting my own switch instead of having to share with my sister, and restarted my island because of that. I started focusing a bit more on my yt channel as well, and am almost at 80 subs. I've also been playing a lot of soccer because our coaches decided to have 10 weeks of mandatory offseason practices... yay... 
      Anyway that's basically what I've been doing.
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