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  1. Hey guys! Need some Armour? I was playing on my warden the other day and I felt like I was really struggling to kill stuff despite everything I have heard about the warden being a great solo class. I hadn't payed much attention as I was just running around doing quests, killing mobs, etc, so I pulled open my inventory and I realized I still had some of the starter armor despite being level 16! I was way under-armored. So I hopped on and crafted some good level 12 armor (highest I can use right now), and it VASTLY improved my warden, raising my health agility (main stat for warden) by a significant amount. So moral of the story, if anyone would like some good armor to make leveling a bit easier/faster, do post on this crafting forum! There are several of us with higher level mains that can craft for you, and the resources are not hard to get. We can also get you some better weapons if need be. We'd be happy to help you out and get it done to make the journey a little more enjoyable.
  2. I hope everyone is enjoying a little Middle Earth time! It is still early in the month, but the days go by fast! FYI, I am taking a Leave of Absence until the 20th. I'll be in Italy and Greece and I doubt I'll have much access to the forums unless I pop on with my phone/wifi during the evenings. If anyone needs an invite to the kinship, contact @Daizey, @Jae Onasi, or @Elisel and they will be able to invite. Until then, happy trails and good hunting!
  3. Happy Birthday!!! :D

  4. I haven't noticed a lot of problems, though I haven't been on as much the past day or so. But I did see that the 64 bit was in 'BETA', which surprised me, but at least it is progressing. Does it make it any worse for you @RhemaTom? Or same as 32 bit?
  5. Update 24 has released, and the patch notes can be found here. The TL:DR of it all: Vales of Anduin is now open. Black Book of Mordor (end game content) has 2 new chapters. Melee range is increased to 3.5m from 2.5m. The Virtue system has been totally reworked it seems. There is now the option of running lotro on a 64-bit client, which may improve performance for you. The virtue system intrigues me, so going to be playing around with that. Also interested to see if the new 64-bit client will make a difference for players. I'm gonna try it out myself and see if I notice anything.
  6. I know not everyone will be into crafting, hence my question about using deco space for crafting stations. I wish the devs made more of them indoor than they did. As it stands, I think it would be helpful to get them. As I understand it, we'd need 4 large yard spaces (including the supplier), and 2 large furniture (which I figured can go in the topmost room). Thoughts? EDIT: I take it back, only 3 in the large yard (which is all the large yard spots we have), the supplier is a small yard. I'd say hold off for now till we get more feedback or more people are interested in crafting.
  7. Welcome my Lords and Ladies! The Fellowship of Remnants continues onward! For those who may not be in "the know" regarding this, we are undergoing a plan discussed and agreed upon here. So far so good, as we attempt to enjoy some casual time in Middle Earth, where much of modern fantasy began! May is over, and the fellowship (Consisting of myself, @Ellenore, @Amrithir, @RhemaTom and @Dalivandrian) successfully navigated much of the Barrow-Downs! We had a lot of fun at it, and we have only just begun! Now it is time to look ahead, and see where the month of June takes us! After a short discussion, it was agreed to shoot for level 30 by the end of June. We can and will do a 'level check' sometime mid-month, and if needed we can alter the goal. But for now, it is on to level 30! Much awaits us in the Lone-Lands and North Downs! Both of these zones are likely to take up much of our attention. Starting in the Forsaken Inn (Lone Lands) and Trestlebridge (North Downs), we'll be able to quest up and find lots of leveling through the major hubs of Ost Guruth (Lone Lands) and Esteldin (North Downs). Esteldin has a vault to boot, so it is a nice place to gather. Also Weathertop will be visited this month, so looking forward to that! As we begin the adventures, we also still have the option of attempting the Barrow-Downs, an instance that we can do at level 20, but will be easier by level 23 or 24. If enough of us (6 preferably) are around and want to do that in the next week or so, please feel free to start a new thread and tag everyone. And lastly, keep in mind that Skirmishes are now also available! There are only a few open to freebies, but they can be a lot of fun. You can do them solo, as a duo, as a trio, as a normal fellowship (6), or even as a raid (12). They give reasonable experience, and also give skirmish marks which you can redeem for rewards (such as new armor/weapons, jewellery, reputation items, single-use recipes, cosmetic items, decorations, etc. Now that we are level 20, you can unlock this option by visiting a skirmish camp (found outside most major hubs like Bree, Thorins Hall, etc) and completing a short tutorial/into to skirmishes. So if anyone wants to group up for some of these, they only last 20 or so minutes per skirmish, and can be very fun with a group! Again I encourage everyone to post on the forums and see what kind of response you will get! I know I'm almost always down for such events as long as I'm available! Doing an unusual 'tagging all members' to ensure everyone knows about what is happening. If you would like to jump in and join, it is not too late to level to 30 by the end of June! Jump into Middle Earth and join us! And to automatically be tagged for major events, please sign up by replying to our Notification Thread. And so we continue, looking forward to many more adventures! "The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say."
  8. Thanks for the fun times today guys! It was so great being in a fellowship and actually enjoying some group play. For those unable to make it, @Ellenore, @Dalivandrian, @Amrithir, @RhemaTom, and myself got together and did some questing in the Northern Barrow Downs, delving into Barrows and all. Was a lot of fun! This wraps up May's adventure, on to June! I will make a post about that tomorrow!
  9. Lets plan on giving this a shot. Those who can, come and lets have some fun. If not, we have next month's activity as well. So how about tomorrow at 7 Eastern time? Is that too late? @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore @Martini @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Malerok @Amrithir @Dalivandrian
  10. So it seems the 2nd (This Sunday) is available to a lot of people. Is everyone level 20? I know @Ellenore and I have a few levels to go but we hope to get those done tomorrow afternoon. How is everyone else's progress if we try to go this Sunday afternoon/evening? @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore @Martini @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Malerok @Amrithir @Dalivandrian
  11. Ugh, found out that I may not be back in time by the 28th, it is kind of up in the air right now if I'll be home that day. If the 28th doesn't work, does the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd work for anyone? I already see that the 2nd possibly works for Amrithir.
  12. What about the 28th? That is a Tuesday. I know there are events in other games going on, but it is that way with any night of the week. But would the 28th work okay for most of us?
  13. Enjoy the beach! We went to the beach during spring break in March and had such a blast. Hope the weather is good, the water cold, sand warm, and all things are going well for you!
  14. Then perhaps it would be best to do it sometime between May 28th-June 2nd or 3rd? I'm just spitballing so I'd love to hear suggestions from everyone as they read this.
  15. Doh! I forgot, isn't that the 10 year meetup?

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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