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  1. No problem Dalivandrian! Thanks for the heads up! To be fair, @Ellenore and I are a little behind too, so you are not alone! If you need/want some help leveling up just give a shout out when you are ready!
  2. No worries @Amrithir! Hope everyone is safe! I'm a bit late but was hoping on right now to see if anyone is on.
  3. May I suggest that we set our goal for August to 35? If people go a little past that, it is okay. But between division obligations and RL, I also want to be realistic lol. Thoughts? Is anyone waiting/wanting to push higher than that before August is over?
  4. I'll be around/online tomorrow and Tuesday if anyone wants to do those GA quests, or depending on how many of us there are. Any takers? I'd prefer Tuesday if possible. @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore @Martini @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Malerok @Amrithir @Dalivandrian
  5. Glad to hear you've been enjoying yourself! Bummer about ESO though. I'm returning to that game as well. I actually just completed Oatbarton for the first time I think, all the many, many farming tasks you are asked to do there. It was actually quite fun, and a nice change of pace for me! And I too would like to do some of the Evendim group content, but I imagine that would be more of end of August/early September. For now, do we have enough people who want to run something around 30 or 32ish? @Ellenore and I make 2, and @Amrithir you would make 3. @Daizey if you are still interested that would make 4. @Dalivandrian, @RhemaTom, @Kateywumpus, how about you guys?
  6. I'm not 100% sure about this as I haven't seen/heard the interview yet, but according to Druidsfire who interviewed one of the lead devs, the new Stout Axe Dwarves CAN BE FEMALE! https://twitter.com/druidsfire/status/1157719472188399616?s=21
  7. Are you able/interested in joining our fellowship month-to-month plan? We'd love to have you! Would you like or need any help getting your character to 30 this week? The more the merrier!
  8. I did hear about that other game, but I have not seen or heard it was being released this year. I thought it was years away and only just now beginning? I'll have to do some homework on it. That said, it is being done in conjunction with the TV series, and I'm a little nervous it'll just be a cash grab. I'm excited to try it out but I'm not getting my hopes or expectations up just yet. Especially since SSG still has a vision and future for LOTRO, which I didn't realize until the past month or so.
  9. Hello, and Happy August Everybody! “It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” - J.R.R. Tolkien Time goes by so fast, yet here we are again with a new month. June and July kinda got wrapped up together as one with the summer business hitting everyone. But if I am not mistaken, based on the previous threads, we should be all just about level 30 or so. While we are wrapping up our group content for that level, it is also time to take a look at the next stage of our journey: Evendim and the Trollshaws and our push towards level 40! There is some really rich history in Evendim, and as I understand it the zone was revamped from my earlier playing days and has a nice leveling tempo. It was the heart of the Kingdom of Arnor established by Elendil, and the Dunedain have attempted to honor their heritage here since then. It is rich with history and ancient ruins, and has beautiful scenery. Beware though, it can get tedious swimming across the lake (which you have to do a few times while questing). As for the Trollshaws, it is a hilly, forested area full of various animals and enemies, with a few elves scattered about. It was here that Thorin's company (including Bilbo Baggins) encountered the Trolls and were nearly eaten (squashed into jelly haha). But Gandalf and Bilbo managed to stall the trolls until dawn when the emerging sunlight turned the trolls to stone. You can actually visit those stone trolls, as @Elisel, @Skywolven and I did many, many months ago! (Credit @Skywolven for this photo!) These two zones can get us to level 40, though the pace we decide to take is up for debate. With people's schedules and division interests, we may decide to push to 35 this month and 40 by the end of September. Or, if you get in a roll, we can do all 10 levels in one month. It is up to the group as a whole. As for group content, I know that Annuminas (the heart of Evendim) is a largely fellowship-oriented challenge. I believe there is a story/quest here regarding Aragorn that I've never done before, though I'd like to try it out. I am sure @Daizey and @Elisel have more information about it should we decide to pursue it. It is also possible (I can't remember) that one or both of these zones are not available to f2p accounts. However, as you leveled you were earning Lotro points (deeds for killing x amount of a certain type of enemy, etc). These points can be used to unlock zones (called quest packs I think in the store), making it 'possible' to play the whole game without spending money. Be aware of that possibility as we move forward, as we are leaving the 'free' zones behind. Taggin the notification list: @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore @Martini @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Malerok @Amrithir @Dalivandrian So there we have it! Another month of our fellowship's journey! If anyone needs help, please reach out on these forums. Lotro is more fun with friends! "The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And I must follow, if I can, Pursuing it with eager feet, Until it joins some larger way Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say."
  10. Oooooh I am so excited! I woke up this morning and found some awesome news from SSG! I guess they appeared at Indy's GenCon (which I am not too familiar with), but announced 2 things in the works! 1. A NEW RACE! The Stout Axe Dwarves! (yippee for us dwarf lovers!) Complete with new starting area! 2. RACE CHANGES! If I am reading things correctly, you will be able to pay to switch your character's race! Articles here: Massively Overpowered Reddit Lotro Players (A good video with more detail...) I am thrilled to see these, on top of the upcoming expansion (Minas Morgul!!!) I made a different post about that they are working on. I'm curious as to how they will spin the lore of things, since it doesn't quite match up to Tolkein's works on the surface, but I'm still anxious and excited! I can't help but wonder if A) they will finally have female dwarves and B) if it will be a leveled character upon creation (like the death knight of WoW). Oh the possibilities! What do you guys think? Tagging all in the club: @Jae Onasi @Midget Cowboy @tgLEradicate @Hygelak @Malerok @Amrithir @Revanite @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Jance @Xyain @Miniver the Depressed @Galvanic @Martini @midgitary @Skedarking @Vinko @HosPie @Dalivandrian @Kamillus @Pinkatron2000 @Patman300 @Carg @SvaalaD @Greyman @Jinn Galia @Telana @Azzareth @Ellenore @RhemaTom @Sweetbunny @Daizey @Vorn @Lyrazel @Tyrtaeus @Skywolven @Lagerfueled @Elisel @Chelly @Hrom
  11. We'd love to have you @Daizey! And I think summer has had most of us busy as bees lol. But hopefully we can all find a time to meet. May I suggest next weekend to start off ideas? (About a week from now or so). Friday the 9th or Saturday the 10th? @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore @Martini @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Malerok @Amrithir @Dalivandrian
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. @CheekyMonkey66 and @Vorn, I know you both voiced a desire to be a part of this. Do you guys want some help getting caught up to level 30? Or are you already there?
  14. @Ellenore and I have also fallen behind, but plan to play a lot during the next few days to catch up. It looks like @Amrithir is already at 30, is that right Amrithir? And I know @Kateywumpus has been waiting for us at level 30 as well. The lone-lands can go pretty quickly (especially the first few levels), and the North Downs is pretty well done as well. I have just gone through them on my warden and leveled up fairly quickly. And it was a lot of fun too. @RhemaTom, how are you doing?
  15. My apologies for being away the past couple weeks guys. Summertime always gets the better of me, and I've been either traveling, working outside, playing a wide array of games, enjoying some RL fun events, or some mix of them all. Been a great summer, but work begins in a week and its back to a normal 'routine' for me. The joys of being a teacher. Are we still interested in pursing this? (I know I am!) We can shoot for our level 30ish event sometime in the next week or two. Where is everyone at? And does anyone need help with anything? @Koro @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore @Martini @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Malerok @Amrithir @Dalivandrian

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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