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  1. On Landroval I have a 74 guardian (my highest level) in the Gap of Rohan, doing a lot of the dunlandings vs Rohirrim quests. I can't wait to enter Rohan and experience the horse lords!
  2. I know @Daizey started something on the Legendary server a while back, but not sure how that was going. Been quiet on Landroval, though I will be playing quite a bit this summer (when I'm not in the mountains). I've avoided the Legendary as I was under the impression you have to be a sub in order to access it.
  3. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! Ya'll are way too nice to me.

    1. Elisel


      You are awesome Koro!!

  4. 6c454afddfd3b5b473c3d477dc675a48.gif


    Hope it's a great one my friend!! :)  

  5. Has anyone been to Erebor yet? Or Dale-lands? I'm only 74 and about to start Rohan. Wondering what people think of the later parts of the game, past Mordor's expansion.
  6. Happy birthday @Koro

  7. Happy Birthday @Koro 

    Only the best to you!!!  ❤️ ❤️

  8. Happy Birthday Koro! 

  9. @Koro !!! Happy birthday!!!
    Hope you have a great day! You're da best dude! "É NÓIS!"

  10. Hope you enjoy your day Koro!

  11. Nyx

    Happy birthday! :D


    happy birthday good job GIF

  12. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Now tell me what you want for your birthday so I don't get you something stupid.

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Now tell me what you want for your birthday so I don't get you something stupid.

  14. Happy Happy Birthday to the wonderful Koro!  Hope you have an awesome day. :)


    the hobbit i did a thing GIF


    1. Koro


      Awww, thank you!

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