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  1. It is only December 6th, so there is time before the holiday. But if people feel inclined, we can always wait till the start of the new year and have a New Year kickoff party to sort of initiate our little interest group in-game. I'm fine either way.
  2. Hello my friends, I apologize for the lack of content in this interest group, and I won't make excuses about it. But I think it'd be a great idea to finally have an in-game roundup/get together. We can have it at our Kinship house, or choose an iconic landmark if we so desire (such as Thorin's Hall, Bag End, Prancing Pony, etc). I don't want to just pick a date without input, so I'd love to have an idea of when people would be able and eager to attend something like this. I know some people are on the legendary server, but just a reminder that this would be on the Landroval server. What do ya'll think? Tagging those signed up for Notification: @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore
  3. It requires an active sub, so I'll be sitting this out. I'll keep the kinship warm on Landroval should anyone ever decide to return there. Enjoy the legendary server!
  4. Koro


    I agree a mobile game isn't a bad idea. And I also agree Blizzcon was the WORST place to announce it, especially after hyping up the Diablo franchise as having big news... this isn't big news to most Diablo fans. Its the exact opposite of what we want to hear, generally speaking of course. But I also think that a mobile game shouldn't be a full installment into the franchise. Make a little spinoff of the game maybe, bring a little bit of the experience to the broader Asian market, but leave the core franchise where it was built and for who it was made for. But then again, if they had said Immortal would also be released on PC (even if it came a year after the mobile version), then all would be well. But ditching the entire fanbase by making a full game on a platform that the fanbase doesn't play.... seems like poor strategy. I get that Blizz 'claims' to have other projects in the works that they want us to assume are for the PC, but A) we don't KNOW they are PC projects, and B) we still miss out on key Diablo lore and stories unless we lower our standards to a cheap mobile player.
  5. It is exciting! But my schedule is so busy during November Tagging the Notification list so they see this. @Koro @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore
  6. Koro


    Thanks Digital! Yeah, I was reading how things at Blizzcon went very badly for the Diablo devs. I obviously haven't played the demo myself, but I feel no desire to play a mobile Diablo at all. Games on my phone are typically little more than distractions/petty little things I can turn on and off as time allows. But when I play Diablo games, I want to be immersed and connected to Sanctuary. So I highly doubt I will look very seriously at this game, simply because my phone is not a gaming console option for me. Also, it makes me EXTREMELY sad they announce this as a main installment in the franchise... but do not make it available to the franchise's primary platform. Diablo is, and always will be, a primarily PC game, even though they have branched it out to xbox/playstation/nintendo. To make a full addition to the franchise in a mobile platform seems.... shallow. If Immortal was more of a side-product I could understand it, but announcing it as an equal partner in the franchise really rubs me the wrong way. I'm going to be glued to all the craziness surrounding this story one way or the other though. I wonder if Blizzard feels any need to do "damage control", or if they'll end Blizzcon and pretend like nothing has happened. Very curious.
  7. Koro


    I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on the new Diablo: Immortal mobile game announced at Blizzcon. @DigitalMonk I know you are/were there, was the reaction there as bad as what I'm reading on the internet? Any of my fellow Remnants have thoughts about this?
  8. Happy Birthday Esong my friend! I hope its a great day!

  9. I've been trying to digest a bit of what it means since I saw that announcement yesterday. I suppose it is basically vanilla server? I may be interested in it too. Maybe we can get a group together for it.
  10. Orthanc sure is a big place! Was great visiting good ol' Saruman. :P
  11. Saruman invited me over (a bit forcefully) for a nice chat! How nice of him!
  12. Cool, thanks @Jae Onasi! Thats awesome information! Also, FYI peeps, the update has hit. May want to at least update your LOTRO client when you have time. It may take a while. lol
  13. Doh! Now I really have to get my leveling mojo going and get myself to Mordor! I'm only level 72 right now lol
  14. I've heard mixed reviews on those Valar tokens. You do get up to level immediately and experience the content, but I don't think you receive traits in the process, so your toon is a little behind. And I've not been there but I hear Mordor is a bit difficult? If you decide to do it, I'd love to hear about your experience with it since I've only been reading various reddit threads about them. Or if @Elisel, @Daizey, or @Darnavian know much about them I'd love to hear their thoughts. I've been slacking as well. Busy month or two. But I'm still logging in once in a while. Going to finish my dwarf's Isengard story this week I hope.
  15. I'm super excited for it! More dwarven lore! Huzzah!!!! Now to get my dwarf leveled up! lol

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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