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  1. Happy birthday to the best wife in the world. Love ya sweetie! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Lyrazel! Miss you tons around here, hope you find the opportunity to come chat with us sometime soon! *hugs*

  3. Koro

    Happy Birthday Veron!

  4. So far it is 5-0 yes. There are not many of us right now actively look at the game. If we are to recruit a few people into our casual kinship, what would be the best way to start? I am thinking a forum post, possibly try to find people within the game world? What do you guys think?
  5. I've been feeling the call with all the expansion news, and even before... but RL has dragged me away the past couple of months. I am certainly in agreement that it would be nice to have some like-minded people to game with though. Glad to hear you are making progress on such an epic undertaking! Good luck, and I hope it turns out well! I don't blame you for not wanting to get sucked into an MMO. I think I've been feeling the 'obligation' to play, which actually turns me away from it. I just want to enjoy lotro and experience a lot of the content I haven't done, like the more advanced LI systems, Rohan, Gondor, Morder, etc. But I don't want to feel pressured into it, I just want to log in, relax, and enjoy middle earth. I hear ya. But please don't think I intended to ask for any sort of commitments or anything from anyone. This is just a discussion to measure interest. I didn't want to make a recruitment post without talking to everyone else first. If we go through with this attempt at building a small lotro group that includes non Remnants, don't feel pressured to participate a lot. We'd love to have you whenever you feel like it, but if you have other interests, then you should pursue those! I am in the same boat. I would love more group content just for the experience, not necessarily because I want to 'master' it. Heck, I've still never faced the Balrog at level 50! Thanks for the discussion so far guys. I appreciate the input. Maybe its worth seeing if some people in the Lotro world could use a casual home that is styled/feels like a casual RoH. At the worst, it doesn't work and we don't lose anything but a little time from posting/chatting.
  6. I am at level 32 right now with my warden, and @Ellenore and I have characters together at about 26. We can do a 30-35 event if anyone else is interested? I think @Amrithir you are at about 32 as well, right? We can plan for skirmishes sometime this week perhaps? Or just general world exploring/questing would be fun too.
  7. Hello everyone! I know there are a couple of us who want to play Lotro pretty regularly and have been enjoying it when we can. But with only a couple people it has been hard to be motivated to try and organize even a monthly event. For most, Lotro is a fun diversion from the flagship divisional games most of you enjoy. There is nothing wrong with that at all, but it does leave those few who want to dedicate a little more to Lotro feeling kind of alone in a HUGE Middle Earth. With that in mind, I've been toying with the idea of trying to actually start an active kinship on Landroval server. As a casual game we are not bound by the rules/policies of RoH. Or in other words, since RoH has no official presence in Lotro, we are a bit more free in regards to recruitment. We can basically start an independent kinship if we thought we could garner the interest and recruit a few people. Keeping in mind a couple of things: 1) Anyone recruited in Lotro to join our in-game kinship are NOT recruited into RoH proper. They would not become members of our community. Only the in-game kinship. 2) Though RoH has no official presence in the game and is hands-off in this situation, I would strongly fight for and encourage we keep RoH standards of behavior and conduct. I would venture a guess that this is what most of us joined RoH for to begin with anyways. 3) This in no way is a prelude to some kind of potential divisional push. Even if the kinship becomes fairly successful, I'm not convinced Lotro should ever have division status based on the number of divisions we already have, and more importantly the future of the game. Another lotro game is on the horizon with more funding and more modern technology, and I don't know what will happen to Lotro when that happens. There could be other things to discuss here as well, but that is what this thread is for. To begin discussion. I'd love to hear other people's points of view. So please discuss away if you have any connection or feeling about this Lotro interest group. Tagging all members: @Jae Onasi @Midget Cowboy @tgLEradicate @Hygelak @Malerok @Amrithir @Revanite @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Jance @Xyain @Miniver the Depressed @Galvanic @Martini @midgitary @Skedarking @Vinko @HosPie @Dalivandrian @Kamillus @Pinkatron2000 @Patman300 @Carg @SvaalaD @Greyman @Jinn Galia @Telana @Azzareth @Ellenore @RhemaTom @Sweetbunny @Daizey @Vorn @Lyrazel @Tyrtaeus @Skywolven @Lagerfueled @Elisel @Chelly @Hrom
  8. Hello all! I'm sorry I've been quiet lately. I've had a lot going on lately and been dealing with stress and what not. Logging in and feeling the obligation to post and log in to divisional or casual games just seemed overwhelming on top of RL, so I've been laying low. But Minas Morgul is coming, and slowly but surely more information is coming to light. For details on the various packages, you can see the prices HERE. The good news is that even AFTER the expansion releases, much (if not most) of the pre-sale stuff will be available in the lotro store for points! Including the 120 boost! And I believe there will be the option to have 'female' stout axe dwarves, but not cosmetically unfortunately (bummer). They look and have the exact same models/hair/etc as males, the only difference is for in-game text/story purposes. Basically which pronouns to use. Also, it appears much of this will take place at the end of the 2nd age! We will be experiences the 'siege of Mordor' or something like that that happened after the battle that knocked out our high elven toons. There is a Q&A that helps to answer a little about this (and other things) for those interested in it. HERE is the link to that 23 minute session. Looking forward to an exciting expansion!
  9. I apologize for dropping the ball lately. The past couple months have been one thing after another, and I find myself kinda stressed these days, and dreading logging in to any game where there is an expectation to meet. I'm sorry for not being more on top of our month-to-month adventures. I am extremely anxious to get back into LOTRO and adventure. Especially just for fun. I've been eyeballing the expansion news, and am excited for what I am hearing. Tagging the notification list for Amrithir: @Koro @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore @Martini @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Malerok @Amrithir @Dalivandrian
  10. For those of you who are subs, or lifelong subs, SSG is giving a free you a free cosmetic. You need to log in before September 30th though. Here is the link with the announcement and screenshots: https://lotro.com/en/game/articles/special-vip-gift-limited-time @Jae Onasi @Midget Cowboy @tgLEradicate @Hygelak @Malerok @Amrithir @Revanite @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Jance @Xyain @Miniver the Depressed @Galvanic @Martini @midgitary @Skedarking @Vinko @HosPie @Dalivandrian @Kamillus @Pinkatron2000 @Patman300 @Carg @SvaalaD @Greyman @Jinn Galia @Telana @Azzareth @Ellenore @RhemaTom @Sweetbunny @Daizey @Vorn @Lyrazel @Tyrtaeus @Skywolven @Lagerfueled @Elisel @Chelly @Hrom
  11. Indeed, some of us play on occasion. Our fellowship journey is around level 35 right now I think. Right now @Amrithir and I have progressed a bit, and I know @Dalivandrian is also interested. But haven't heard from many of the others yet. What level character(s) do you have right now?
  12. No problem Dalivandrian! Thanks for the heads up! To be fair, @Ellenore and I are a little behind too, so you are not alone! If you need/want some help leveling up just give a shout out when you are ready!
  13. No worries @Amrithir! Hope everyone is safe! I'm a bit late but was hoping on right now to see if anyone is on.
  14. May I suggest that we set our goal for August to 35? If people go a little past that, it is okay. But between division obligations and RL, I also want to be realistic lol. Thoughts? Is anyone waiting/wanting to push higher than that before August is over?
  15. I'll be around/online tomorrow and Tuesday if anyone wants to do those GA quests, or depending on how many of us there are. Any takers? I'd prefer Tuesday if possible. @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore @Martini @CheekyMonkey66 @Kateywumpus @Malerok @Amrithir @Dalivandrian