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  1. Happy Birthday my old friend! I hope it was a great one!

  2. Happy Birthday my friend! I do hope you have some time to enjoy yourself and celebrate!

    1. ShellFlare


      planning on it, and i'll probably be online later on tonight too!

  3. I feel 1000% the same way! Would love to get a few people on more often. So between the two of us that is a start. I know there are others who are interested but times have been difficult to organize with all the different division events going on. But I think it is doable, even with a start of two people. We'll get some activity before long, I'm sure of it!
  4. Hi @Martini! I've been playing Lotro fairly regularly as of late, though to be honest I've been hitting a little more ESO, the past couple weeks and Diablo 3 this weekend (new season opened up). Activity is Lotro is kind of low since many players are committed to one of the division games. I think as a few more become regular Lotro-players we will def. be able to do some events and such! What kind of toons did you roll? Do you have a favorite class?
  5. Koro

    D3 s16

    This new season is really, really fun so far. Loving the RoRG part, but also LOVE that so many sets are viable after they buffed the heck out of most everything. I've always felt that it was a shame that the devs only wanted one or two truely viable builds per class and the rest were left in the dust. Now you can choose from a variety and still go pretty far with it. (There is still a 'best build' of course, but the balance isn't so lopsided anymore. And I love it!)
  6. Sorry guys, got home a little late and found a bunch of snow and ice all over my yard/house. O.o Which never happens in southern, Arizona... So spent a while trying to take care of the animals and get fresh water out to them despite the frozen hoses and such. Didn't make it online in time. Shall we shoot for next week? I think schedules get 'normalized' for the most part for those involved with vacations and school schedules. We can shoot for right after the community meeting on Monday or wait until next Thursday again. Again, 1000 apologies!
  7. I'm flexible on the time, was hoping for some feedback on that. Maybe 7 EST? It is pretty casual so we will work around whatever we need to.
  8. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Crazy to think that we are in 2019! I was wondering if anyone was available to get in-game for a fun evening this Thursday perhaps? If not we can push it to Saturday or next week sometime. Lets get 2019 started off right! Party in the kinship house! Any objections? @Jae Onasi @Hrom @Chelly @Elisel @Lagerfueled @Vil @Skywolven @Tyrtaeus @Lyrazel @Vorn @Daizey @Sweetbunny @RhemaTom @Ellenore @Azzareth @Telana @Jinn Galia @Greyman @SvaalaD @Carg @Patman300 @Pinkatron2000
  9. Koro

    Who Can Take The Reigns?

    Exactly. I don't wish to speculate on how/why Mike stepped down, but I agree with your observation entirely. It puzzles me how a company doing so well would so utterly change direction away from what brought it success. O.o Still, they may pleasantly surprise us. Perhaps Diablo 4 is in the works after all, Warcraft Reforge will live up to its name, and more great content could be on the way. I still plan on playing Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 for hours on end in the foreseeable future, despite my sadness at the company's recent decision making.
  10. Koro

    Who Can Take The Reigns?

    I am very curious about the direction Blizzard is going to take in general. They have had a rough few months, and the future of Blizzard is a mystery to me. Not to say they are shutting down or anything (obviously), but rather I don't know what kind of quality they can/will produce in their games from here on out.
  11. It is only December 6th, so there is time before the holiday. But if people feel inclined, we can always wait till the start of the new year and have a New Year kickoff party to sort of initiate our little interest group in-game. I'm fine either way.
  12. Hello my friends, I apologize for the lack of content in this interest group, and I won't make excuses about it. But I think it'd be a great idea to finally have an in-game roundup/get together. We can have it at our Kinship house, or choose an iconic landmark if we so desire (such as Thorin's Hall, Bag End, Prancing Pony, etc). I don't want to just pick a date without input, so I'd love to have an idea of when people would be able and eager to attend something like this. I know some people are on the legendary server, but just a reminder that this would be on the Landroval server. What do ya'll think? Tagging those signed up for Notification: @Tyrtaeus @RhemaTom @Jae Onasi @Telana @Chelly @Lagerfueled @Vorn @Elisel @Daizey @Ellenore
  13. It requires an active sub, so I'll be sitting this out. I'll keep the kinship warm on Landroval should anyone ever decide to return there. Enjoy the legendary server!
  14. Koro


    I agree a mobile game isn't a bad idea. And I also agree Blizzcon was the WORST place to announce it, especially after hyping up the Diablo franchise as having big news... this isn't big news to most Diablo fans. Its the exact opposite of what we want to hear, generally speaking of course. But I also think that a mobile game shouldn't be a full installment into the franchise. Make a little spinoff of the game maybe, bring a little bit of the experience to the broader Asian market, but leave the core franchise where it was built and for who it was made for. But then again, if they had said Immortal would also be released on PC (even if it came a year after the mobile version), then all would be well. But ditching the entire fanbase by making a full game on a platform that the fanbase doesn't play.... seems like poor strategy. I get that Blizz 'claims' to have other projects in the works that they want us to assume are for the PC, but A) we don't KNOW they are PC projects, and B) we still miss out on key Diablo lore and stories unless we lower our standards to a cheap mobile player.

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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