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    Telana, Nakaeri, Vyndari, Ehlahna
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    Jedi Guardian
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    Telana Dentari

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    Telana Dentari, Orden Vyndari, Nakaeri Dentari

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    Telana, Sadilyn

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    Hope it's a great one! 

  2. Happy Birthday Telana!

  3. Birthday blessings!  Congrats on completing another orbit!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday @Telana - you are the best of us.  Words cannot express how appreciate I am for you ❤️



  5. Happy Birthday Telana!! 


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  6. Happy Birthday our Lord and Emperor of the land @Telana!!! 

    Let us show our appreciation for your work through double notifications of the same thing by  using tags :D


    Enjoy your day and hope it's gonna be wonderful! ^~^

  7. Happy Birthday boss!

  8. Neo

    Happy Birthday @Telana! Thanks for all you do to make this community a wonderful place! Hope you have an awesome birthday!

  9. Happy birthday @Telana!! I hope you have a fun, chill day!

  10. Happy Birthday, @Telana!!  I hope you have a great day and thanks for all you do for this great community!  :D

  11. Happy Birthday @Telana!!! How gutted are you that you missed being born on star wars day by just one day?! JKJK Hope you have a super time :) 


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    May it be the best year yet, and bring you lots of happiness! ❤️ 

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    Hope it's a great one mate! 

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    Hope it's a great year, @Hrom!!