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  1. Now just a minute here … 29? As in a lot more than that but the counter got stuck? Umm, I mean have a great one Telana!

    1. Elisel


      See, he really was a kiddo when founded RoH :)

  2. until
    Ready to step up and lead WoW? Now is the time to apply, see forums for detailed instructions. Open until 3/14.
  3. until
    Start thinking about whether you want to put your name in the hat for the WoW DC election! Application phase will start March 8th.
  4. Gnome mage ftw  :)

    Great to hear from you!  I’ve not yet dabbled in classic, some day ... maybe. Doesn’t seem to be any one RoH primary server. So no idea where to end up. 


    Hope you keep having fun with it. I was a fire mage for all of classic. Take good care. 


  5. until
    Come compete, alliance or horde, bragging rights on the line, meet inside the faire.
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