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  1. Hope your birthday is amazing!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. For LOTRO, oh gosh, I'm trying to remember. I *think* spear versus sword depended upon for example if race of man, get plus bonus on sword. Elf maybe same but for spear. I don't recall if it impacts a warden's gambits. I played very little with warden. Maybe @Daizey or @Darnavian recall better than I.
  4. Hey there @RaVem!  Hope you are doing welll!!  Stay safe and healthy and same for your fam.

    1. RaVem


      Hey Eli, the family and I are doing well.  How are you holding up?  I saw you step down and wanted to thank you for everything you have done for this community.  Welcome back to membership.

    2. Elisel


      Hey, I'm doing well and staying safe :)  I'm more fortunate than many and I focus on counting blessings and staying as positive as one can.   If I didn't I would become overwhelmed - it's a crazy time for our world . 
      And yea, I"m looking forward to just being a member for a bit hehe. 

  5. Happy Birthday @Carg!!! Thank you for all you do for RoH - it's so appreciated :)

  6. Hey, @Elisel, my old friend!  Was going through some old computer screenshots and came across these.  I absolutely love Middle Earth (LotRO) and had a blast hanging with you and @Koro during our journey there.  Such a beautiful game!


    Take care and be safe and thanks for all you have done for us!  ❤️





    1. Elisel


      Oh what a wonderful memory ❤️  SSG/Turbine did such a splendid job imaging and bringing to life Tolkien's world.  I do miss LOTRO, just got burned out. Maybe someday I shall return.  If I do, and return to the troll glade, I shall be reminded of that great time we had.


      Hope you are well, my friend :)

  7. Happy Birthday @Jarkuta - and thank you for all the awesome story telling and creativity you have provided.  So glad to see you back in SWTOR RP. 

  8. Happy Birthday @Scya!! Hope it is as amazing as you :)

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday @Skywalker17  Working with you has been great.  You are awesome and RoH and the SWTOR division are lucky to have you!!

  12. Happy Birthday @Jinn Galia - Hope it is awesome!!

    1. Jinn Galia

      Jinn Galia


      Thanks very much Eli!

  13. Happy happy Birthday!! I hope it is as amazing as you :)