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  1. Happy Birthday Saal!

  2. Happy Birthday @Hrom

    I hope all is well with you :)

  3. Hello @Kingston75 and welcome to the forums! Thanks for taking the time to fill out an application. It's great that @Kastor referred you to us. He might have mentioned, GW2 is currently in a recruitment freeze as detailed here Also, GW2 division is between ROs. Once the freeze is lifted and an RO is in place, your application will be processed. There will be an update posted on this application thread to let you know Again, thanks for your interest. Let us know of questions you might have.
  4. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Oh gosh, another of the games I keep meaning to get back. Rohan is great. The lore, the storyline all of it so well done. And mounted combat is fun, although also frustrating starting out.
  6. Happy Birthday @Koro 

    Only the best to you!!!  ❤️ ❤️

  7. Happy Birthday!!

  8. So sorry I missed this. Hope it was a great birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday @Jarkuta!!! 


    Hope it's amazing :)

    1. Jarkuta


      Thank you Eli! Though I'll be spending the night writing papers, and script writing/research for work lol.

    2. Elisel


      Awww... well hopefully you can celebrate this weekend!

    3. Jarkuta


      Yup, dinner is planned.


      But work is fun!

  11. Tagging @Ezoura in case she still needs this info. Thanks @Icarus

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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