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  1. I tried the invite to the discord group but it didn't work for me
  2. Hey! I am on my own adventure in changing my life. I would love to contribute to this. What about creating an RoH discord server for this group? Would that appeal to you?
  3. I do shift work, my availability other days of the week depends on the week. Monday and Thursday are just my guaranteed. I typically have every other weekend off.
  4. I know we discussed this afternoon for my interview, I just got a call from the military police on the post I work at. They are telling me one of my fuel tanks (I am in charge of the military fuel supply) is leaking from an accident.

    Im on my way there to assess the situation and see if I need a hazmat team to be called in. I will be back a little later and announce my presence in case we still want to do this today.

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    2. Alshan


      once again the fire department acted as if it was a huge spill.. some military police car drove off with the fuel hose stuck in his car, it broke of and maybe 2 gallons of gas leaked out. it took longer for me to get there then it took to fix the problem

    3. Merredith


      Do you want to do the interview tomorrow? Would that be easier?

    4. Alshan


      yes, that would work


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      Thank you! My day was lovely!

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  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERREDITH!! I hope you have a super fun and super relaxing day ❤️❤️ 

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  11. This is what I use when looking for how to gear up for fractals. Anyone else have suggestions?
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