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  1. @Hal Welcome and thanks for your application! I'm Kingston the Division Commander for GW2, and yes we love to have new players!! We have all types of players from veterans to newbies So no worries, can't wait to have you settled in with us!
  2. Kingston

    Guild Photo!

    Bring your best fashion and join us in the Guild Hall for the Guild Photo!! Any questions please message @Kingston! See you there..
  3. @Djess Welcome to RoH!  If at anytime you need assistance during your trial membership and beyond please don't be afraid to drop me a line or catch me in game.  We are a great community full of people willing and able to help, along with having some fun!!   C-ya in game :)

    1. Djess


      yay ! thanks Kingston., looking forward for some good times !

  4. @Esme1696Welcome to RoH!!  If you need anything at all, let me know. I'm always willing to help anyone during trial membership and beyond where I can!

    1. Esme1696


      Hi there! Thank you so much! I love being here so far, and you are so kind thank you again:))

  5. So excited...


  6. So we might have kicked some tail in PvP tonight!!  Great job guys!!


  7. I got a little creative, and did a new signature line . I hope to get a little bit better and make it more snazzy :)

  8. So some new news for me. I may be starting working day shifts starting next week...I can play with the guild more!!


    1. Lupe


      Good 4 U !:)and maybe u can join us during the events at night

    2. Kingston


      Yup my friend, that is exactly what I plan on doing.  And as a matter of fact, it doesn't start next week, it starts tomorrow. So I will see everyone in Missions tonight!!!


  9. @ScoobsThanks so much for saving my butt and finding my lost application.  I look forward to seeing you in game!

    1. Scoobs


      Always happy to serve!  see you ingame!

    2. Kingston


      Does that make you a "server" lol lol

  10. @EliselThanks so much for all the positive feedback, hope to see you in-game very soon!

    1. Elisel


      You are welcome :) And yes I hope to get some GW2 time in this week!

  11. Hey I’ll be on tomorrow if you want to do unranked arenas or work on something special. Hit me up