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  1. Storm

    GW2 Raids

    Legendary Armor Achievement runs! This is a weekly occurring group that will be working towards clearing Wing 1 - 4 Raid bosses and achievements so that we can complete the Envoy Armor I & II collections needed for the pre cursors to legendary armor. If you are interested message @Storm here on the forums or on discord. for more info go to:
  2. Storm

    GW2 Raids

    9:00 PM EDT: Legendary Insight Farm w/ Raid Department -- This event is aiming to take the bosses we have on our current farm list and become proficient at clearing them on the 1st pull to maximize all the shinies we get in the allotted time frame. Expectations and rules concerning RoH raids may be further explored here.
  3. Storm

    Raid Boss Kills

  4. Storm

    GW2 Raids

    GW2 RoH Raids are beginner friendly and encourage vets and beginners alike to come join us! This week's raid sign-up/roster can be found here. @Storm teaches the mechanics of the selected bosses of the week, then we run through it a billion times until we get a clear or get too hungry to continue (typically ~2 hours). Sign-ups are posted every Sunday and you are able to sign-up until Friday (Saturday if we need just one more sign-up) when the roster is picked and determined. Roster is determined by: Class scarcity > Returning faces > Fresh folks If you are not picked or forgot to sign-up, do not worry! You can still join us if we happen to have somebody drop out mid-raid. Keep a lookout in the #GW2-General of the Discord where @Storm will ping if we need a fill. You are expected to at least have exotic gear and an effective build. Effective builds are typically upkept here. Contact your Raid Officer or assistants below if you have any questions! Thanks! @Storm
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