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  1. SW 6906 5585 6682 My game just got here!! Super excited!
  2. Aaah I was like 2 days late preordering the AC switch ;n; I wanted to be super ready so I just ordered a normal one and put a cute skin on it so at least it's still got a bit more whimsy. If you do end up playing on launch night, we're working on a sort of launch party where we all hang out in discord and chat or something!
  3. SW-6906-5585-6682 Heckin ready for ANIMAL CROSSING BANANZAAAAAA
  4. I had to remake since I never connected it to my nintendo account and changed phones since I last played but I got through the tutorial! 0949 0012 490
  5. 5 more days til I'm home!! England is cool as heck but I'm definitely looking forward to being back ❤️

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    2. Princess


      It's nice! First almost week was surprisingly sunny and warm and now it's all windy and rainy (though that might be because I'm in Cornwall for a few days). It's wild how old the buildings here are! Loving all the history and nature stuff :smile:

    3. Azilori


      Oh wow! My parents live in Cornwall!! We are down in Praa Sands (not far from Penzance) if you were there a couple of weeks earlier - we could have met up! :D 

    4. Princess


      Awesome! We're up in Tintagel and fixing to head back to Bookham. Maybe eventually we'll be close enough to hang out 😄