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  1. Happy birthday!! 😃 🎉 🕺 ✨


    1. Koro


      Thank you! :)

  3. This time with extra WvW flavor!
  4. Aint it great how google docs saves edit history so you can really see how little your group members are working on the project due in a few days? 😅 We've had a whole dang week off and each of them has only edited it once...guuh

    1. Silverlock
    2. Princess


      We had a group project to do over spring break and we were using google docs so we could all work on it separately throughout the week. Out of 9 instances of people working on them, 7 of them were me :x there are 2 other people in the group...

  5. Princess

    GW2: Guild Hall Party

    When is it?! Saturday, Feb 27th at 3PM EST! Where is it?! The Guild Hall! No level requirement, no map comp needed, no expansions needed! Just open up the guild panel and hit the 'Enter Guild Hall' button in the top right corner! What are we doing?! Well, I'm glad you asked! We've got two fun activities cooked up for you all this month! Red and Gold Fashion Show Feb is the month of the Lunar New Year so why not dig through those closets and come up with an outfit for the occasion! Iron those shirts, shine up those cufflinks, tie your prettiest ribbons in your hair and get ready to strut your stuff on our special fashion show stage! As always, prizes will be given out to the most striking looks! *If you have trouble seeing colors, please let me know privately and I can help you out with dyes before the event Guild Hall Scavenger Hunt Think you know your way around the guild hall? Have you spent some time wandering the sandy halls and falling gliding gracefully from atop our towering cliffs? Or are you interested in going in blind and running around chaotically looking for POIs that might give a hint? I'm gathering up hints and hiding spots. Sign posts will be scattered around the hall (when it gets close so no one can peek!) with passwords! Solve my riddle to find the next sign and send me the password to receive your next riddle! Again, prizes for our fastest puzzle solvers!
  6. Second week in a row of 2 tests in a week and boy howdy would you look at that? It's gunna be like that until spring break! GUUUH

    1. Trevuori


      You got this! :D

    2. Annamika


      hugs my friend ❤️


    3. Pupp


      Just a few more months ;w;




    50Th Anniversary Happy Dance GIF by Sesame Street

    1. Kercie


      Thank you @Princess I didn't think anyone in the Guild knew or could find out!😎

  8. Princess

    GW2: Monthly Guild Hall Party!

    Another month gone means another party in the guild hall! As always, no level is required. Fresh lvl1s can make it out there ezpz! Activities: 99 Luft Balloons How much helium do you think we need to put into a balloon for it to be able to support a charr's weight? Well, we're going to find out for this one! Dash, dance, and leap your way across this incredibly unique jumping puzzle made entirely of balloons! Prizes will be given out to the quickest balloon bouncers! Rat Race Get in positions and prepare to run serpentine across our course cause it's rat race time once again! Bound across obstacles while trying to out run your competitors but careful about getting too far away from the pack! As you race, the Crafty Krewe will be tossing jade blocks down onto the course, trying to catch whoever we can. Prizes will be given out to those who finish first...or get the furthest before being trapped!
  9. Princess


    Gather up and don't forget your sunglasses, you've all been enlisted into the secret service! Work together to escort a level 1 character from the safety and warmth of their starting zone and into the dark depths of higher and higher level zones. Can you protect your ward all the way to Orr?* *Cool sunglasses, suits, and earpieces not provided **No lvl80? No problem! All are welcome for this event! Lower level character will make it much more spicy.

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  11. HAPPY BORFDAY 🎉 🎉 🎉

  12. After being in rehab recovering from a small stroke for about 3 months, my grandmas coming home today!! 🎉 🕺 ✨ ✨