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  1. I had to remake since I never connected it to my nintendo account and changed phones since I last played but I got through the tutorial! 0949 0012 490
  2. I'd like to get into raiding but I have D&D Mon nights and run an event in GW2 on wed :x
  3. 5 more days til I'm home!! England is cool as heck but I'm definitely looking forward to being back ❤️

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    2. Princess


      It's nice! First almost week was surprisingly sunny and warm and now it's all windy and rainy (though that might be because I'm in Cornwall for a few days). It's wild how old the buildings here are! Loving all the history and nature stuff :smile:

    3. Azilori


      Oh wow! My parents live in Cornwall!! We are down in Praa Sands (not far from Penzance) if you were there a couple of weeks earlier - we could have met up! :D 

    4. Princess


      Awesome! We're up in Tintagel and fixing to head back to Bookham. Maybe eventually we'll be close enough to hang out 😄

  4. Princess

    [GW2] PvE Grab Bag

    Need HPs? Maybe an achievement? Or are you itching for a dungeon? Come join the PvE team in an event chosen by the needs of the group! Come at 8:00pm EST with an idea of what event to do!
  5. Princess

    [GW2] Conquer the World

    @ShogunTaira is on a quest to conquer the world! Join him Monday nights at 9PM EST for a map completion adventure as he busts through WPs, HPs, Hearts, POIs, and anything that has the misfortune of getting in his way. Maps completed will be decided based on what the group needs so be sure to check it out if you need to work on your world completion, or just wanted some xp, loot, and fun times!