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  1. Princess

    GW2: Monthly Guild Hall Party!

    Another month gone means another party in the guild hall! As always, no level is required. Fresh lvl1s can make it out there ezpz! Activities: 99 Luft Balloons How much helium do you think we need to put into a balloon for it to be able to support a charr's weight? Well, we're going to find out for this one! Dash, dance, and leap your way across this incredibly unique jumping puzzle made entirely of balloons! Prizes will be given out to the quickest balloon bouncers! Rat Race Get in positions and prepare to run serpentine across our course cause it's rat race time once again! Bound across obstacles while trying to out run your competitors but careful about getting too far away from the pack! As you race, the Crafty Krewe will be tossing jade blocks down onto the course, trying to catch whoever we can. Prizes will be given out to those who finish first...or get the furthest before being trapped!
  2. Princess


    Gather up and don't forget your sunglasses, you've all been enlisted into the secret service! Work together to escort a level 1 character from the safety and warmth of their starting zone and into the dark depths of higher and higher level zones. Can you protect your ward all the way to Orr?* *Cool sunglasses, suits, and earpieces not provided **No lvl80? No problem! All are welcome for this event! Lower level character will make it much more spicy.

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  4. HAPPY BORFDAY 🎉 🎉 🎉

  5. After being in rehab recovering from a small stroke for about 3 months, my grandmas coming home today!! 🎉 🕺 ✨ ✨ 



  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you have an awesome one!

  9. Happy Birthday Princess ❤️ !!


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  11. Princess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, please make sure to do something incredibly fun on your birthday :) 

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      I'll be raiding so hopefully that'll count as incredibly fun 😉

  12. Happy Birthday!!! ^-^

  13. Princess

    GW2 Guild Hall Party

    What's a Hall Dept event line up without a party in the guild hall?! This months party activities will be: Rat Race We didn't force MeRB to become the best Roller Beetle Racer in NA to build that racetrack for it just to be used once! Rat Race, a special original event debuted during the FUNraiser Rush, makes it triumphant return! This is a foot race and obstacle course with perilous jumping sections, and an added twist. As you race against your fellow guildmates, you must also dodge the assault from above by the Crafting Krewe as we try and trap you all within blocks of solid jade! Prizes will be awarded to those who finish or if we get particularly lucky with our decoration traps, those that make it the furthest! Hide&Seek Scavenger Hunt Just as Lyss and Ilya together form the goddess Lyssa, we've...smashed two super fun event ideas together to form something SUPER POWERFUL! For this event, at the start the Crafting Krewe will be our team of seekers and everyone will get time to hide. Once you've settled in, you'll send a hint on where you are to us and we will begin our search. Every five minutes or so a new hint will be requested. The guild hall is big so there are LOTS of places to hide! All hiding spots must be places that can be accessed without a mount or glider. If you've been found then congratulations! It's time to turn traitor and join the Seeker Team! There will be prizes for both our sneakiest hiders and most eagle eyed seekers so don't worry if you get caught early on! That's just more time to look!