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  2. Heh fair enough! I veer in the opposite direction - I will shazam songs I already know just to keep track of what grabbed my attention. I'm also in way too deep with apple music to ever be able to stop using it, so I have added...a loooot of random stuff to my iTunes library over the last few years . I will have to go find some city pop playlists on Youtube now though and see what happens hehe
  3. Yesterday
  4. Welcome - thank you for taking the time to apply to RoH! I'm one of the GW2 recruitment assistants. The recruitment team will review your application and provide you with an update within ~24 hours. In the meantime, members of our community will be stopping by to say hello or ask questions, so please keep an eye on your application thread and feel free to ask us any questions you might have about RoH. Ah, very cool! Any fave bands from this genre? I am always looking to scope out new(/old) music
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  6. Yiss

    VMOPs Karagga's Palace


    Tank/DPS (melee preferred, but I'm working on ranged dps with.. frustration) /sit for others
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  8. until

  9. Earlier
  10. until

    Maybe? I like resting up for tomorrow night but.. tank/dps/sit
  11. Yiss



  12. Yiss



    Mdps or tank, or sit for others
  13. until

    With Cali, there would still be 2-3 spots open.
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