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  2. happy birthday GIF


    Happy birthday! I hope it's awesome! :D 

  3. Yesterday
  4. I can't make this Thursday. Next one for me. Thanks for setting it up Jinn.
  5. Yeah, I think I can do Thursday. Oh wait, I already signed up. Stop confusing me, Jinn.
  6. Last week
  7. witchbolts

    Workshop crafting

    @Tzunamis @Droghan I am also willing to help with this! Let me know what mats you need, and I can also be on-call if you ever need people in party to start next part!
  8. Hiya everyone! I wanted to share with you guys some of the helpful guides I found for exploring Palace of the Dead! Enjoy! [Unlocking Palace of the Dead] As some of you already know, there is a short quest to unlock access to Palace of the Dead. Detailed below is how you access PotD! [Palace of the Dead Guide] HERE is a super helpful guide for PotD! The above screenshot is actually from there, but figured it would be good to include them separately! They explain everything from pomanders to Aetherpool Arms and Armor! [Getting to Floor 200] If you are interested in descending to Floor 200 HERE is the guide for you! It contains helpful tips and strategies for getting to Floor 200 with a party or solo! Tagging the PvE Peeps!
  9. canon GIF


    Happy birthday, Pen! ❤️ 

  10. until

    Actually will be running the audible and doing it on VM @Sithlike & @Katalaw - coming tonight?
  11. Sayuri

    [SWTOR] The Last Line


    Believe this group is on ec vm still but we kind of do whatever tbh based on turn out
  12. Sayuri

    [SWTOR] The Last Line


    Holy nobody going batman! @Katalaw @Aedi Lanigiro @Merliah @Hippy You guys coming? @Spacewalker @Starlust @Sithlike - anyone avail tonight?
  13. Happy birthday, Rey :) 

  14. Earlier
  15. Can you please add me to the RP list. Thanks!
  16. witchbolts

    Primal Pony Hunt!

    Hiya everyone! I'm planning to start weekly Primal Pony hunts for Friday nights @8pm EST! Check out the event link HERE!
  17. witchbolts

    Primal Pony Hunting

    Join @witchbolts and friends while we hunt for the elusive Primal Ponies! To prepare for the event: - Must have ARR completed - Have (Extreme) primal trials unlocked (HERE is a list of the different quests! If you need help unlocking them, just ask!) PvE Tag List
  18. witchbolts

    FFXIV Tag List (The New and Official One)

    @Stargirl While we don't have a tag list for minions and glamours, I will try to tag you when I see that stuff! I'll add you to PvE so that you see when Pony Farms are happening though! I'm hoping to schedule some stuff soon!
  19. I am taking over the tag list for FFXIV and will update this as needed! (The old thread can be found HERE) If you want to be added to any of these tag lists, please comment in this thread! Interest Group (People will be automatically added to this as they join the interest group, but if you wish to not be on it, please comment below or PM @witchbolts) PvE (Dungeons/Trials/FATES/Map Exploration/Etc. Events) RP (Roleplay Events) PvP (The Feast) Raids
  20. @stbrandon We actually play pretty late! We usually get in TS together and help each other out with whatever people want to do! Recently, we've been doing dungeons/trials, Palace of the Dead, and doing Extreme Primals to hunt down the pony mounts!
  21. witchbolts

    FFXIV Eorzea Cafe

    @Icarus That cafe looks amazing! That's so awesome that you were able to go!
  22. @Aloriana If you're still interested in changing Eggbert's color, I would be happy to help get you the veggies you need!
  23. witchbolts

    Willbert Tiraland

    @TunaDan Willbert sounds like an awesome character! Please share pics when you have time, and I look forward to RPing with you!
  24. Tyrlo

    Strike Team Alpha


    @Katalaw, unlikely to make it at this point, may as well replace. I'll text you as well.
  25. witchbolts

    Twitch Prime Goodness (FREE FFXIV!)

    @Vyrigan Thank you so much for sharing this! I look forward to playing with you! Also, I guess I have a free base game code to share with someone who needs it? Because I already have the game and expansions, but was still able to get a code through Prime! Tagging peeps! Let your friends know about Amazon Prime free copy so they can join us!
  26. If the proposal goes through, FFXIV would be a division like the others under RoH! For know, we have an in-game guild and are still having fun in the mean time! You are always welcome to join us!
  27. witchbolts

    It's Official Guys!

    @Julius Yeah! I want a male bunny too! I'm also curious to see how other armor looks on them as well!
  28. Tyrlo

    Strike Team Alpha


    Moving to maybe as work has been hell lately. If I'm home in time and we're running I can be available.
  29. Available!
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