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  2. Happy birthday my friend! I hope it has been a fun and enjoyable one for you!

    1. Sim the Ineluctable

      Sim the Ineluctable

      I hope all is well with you, my friend.  I've had a great day!  :D  

  3. Hi fellow Marylander!  Welcome to RoH!

    1. Kercie


      Thank you! I think I'll have fun here, both in Maryland and in RoH.

  4. Oh it really is so much fun! My hobbit minstrel kills things by playing the bagpipes. There are tons of other instruments you can choose too!
  5. They released a new Rohan cosmetic outfit as a thank you to VIPs during the past week's supposed DDOS attacks and game outages. Here is the quote from social media: "Log in and enter a game world as a VIP now through August 31st to get a cosmetic Armour of the Hornburg Defender Set! #LOTRO" Here is a pic of it:
  6. Yeah I agree. But I am super excited they at least mentioned that the ability to change your race is still coming and not forgotten!
  7. Hi guys, a fairly high profile patch hit today, with Rohan Housing officially released this morning and a fair amount of tweaking of skills. Take a look if you are interested: Patch Notes
  8. Thanks for the update!
  9. How did this end up going?
  10. Hey Y'all! I know it's been ages since I made this group and we tried to do anything, but I've been getting the itch for some more V2 action. I plan to be online and ready to play some this Sunday at around 12 or 1pm Eastern Time (10 or 11 Mountain Time, where I live). I'll be in discord so you're welcome to join me if you're up for a murderous rampage that helps to save the world. No time commitment here, I figure we can play as many maps as people are feeling and stop when the fun is gone.
  11. In case anyone isn't following the latest LOTRO news, you can now attend Aragorn and Arwen's wedding in Minas Tirith! For lower level characters, upon logging in you get a quest option that provides a fast travel to the White City of Gondor, if you'd like to check it out. They said they have content for this event for all levels, so nobody is locked out of it. Here is a link to the update notes: Midsummer Festival
  12. Also, I’m sure hard mode is super hard for some fights. I’ve done some in Normal that are super hard
  13. So I come to the interest groups to post about SSBU and what do I find? A thread about it already exists with 2 of my favorite people ever involved! Let’s plan a Smash party y’all!!! @Annamika @SilentTheGray @anyoneelsewhowantstoparticipate
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    Heals plz.
  15. As some of you may (or may not) have heard, the actor Ian Holm, who portrayed Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, recently passed away at age 88. I am a huge fan of the books, but I also love the movies, so certainly I felt a twinge of sadness and much respect for the actor, and gratitude for his part in the Lord of the Rings world. But I just wanted to share a cool article I found this morning about how players all across Lotro paid tribute to the actor and his character in-game. Stuff like this is always really neat to me, and I know its happened in other games too (like Star Trek and WoW). Anyways, here is the link. RIP Ian Holm!
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    Heals plz.
  17. For those who did not know, they are going to soon be releasing Rohan Housing into the game. It is a premium housing, but looks kind of cool. This transcript also has info on how regular housing will be updated/improved. Thought some of you may want to give it a read. Rohan Housing
  18. Hi there! Our kinship is on the server Landroval. Looking forward to seeing you in game sometime! A bit of a confession though, I've been playing all week, but this afternoon we are headed up the mountains for a mini vacation, so I won't be online over the weekend. Sorry! If you are on before I get back and want to join the kinship, @Jae Onasi, @Daizey, and @Elisel can all invite you if they are available. Hopefully we can get a few more people involved in the poll regarding playtimes and we'll organize a regular, but not too time-consuming, leveling event and we can play together!
  19. Only 4 people have filled out the survey so far. I encourage you to fill it out, even if you are not interested (there is an option for that). It will help to determine what level of activity we should set for this interest group.
  20. I am inconsistent too, especially during summer break. But as a west coaster, those times are not too shabby for me. I play often from 11 to 1 EST time. We can possibly do a weekly, or every two week evening to run around and do stuff.
  21. I am hoping the poll above sheds some light on that topic. What time of offpeak playtimes do you have?
  22. Hello Everyone! Per some discussion in the notification thread, the idea of having some leveling buddies came up as interesting to many folks. A leveling group, as it were. We did something like this last year before I stepped up to the EC, as you can see here. @Amrithir, @Dalivandrian, and myself had a few sessions and for my part I thought it was a lot of fun I think we got to level 30ish if I remember right. This post is to ask whether we should officially start up again with a new/updated fellowship. The ideas behind this concept is simple, and I leave the original plan for this here for those who want to see the original plan but don't want to go through the original post (tl:dr): Skip the spoilers and I will cut to the chase. Original Goals: Explanations: The idea is to have a semi-regular time to log into lotro together and quest/level through the game without causing it to be a huge commitment or time sink. I also don't want anyone to feel obligated to play, this is just for fun for those who like the game and want to keep their toes in it. If we can meet once a month, or once a week, or whatever we decide and play our characters together, it'd be a fun way for the more active people to have guildies to play with, and for the less active people to progress through the game. We can be rather organized (like the original plan) or we can be a little more spontaneous, if people prefer that. So I have added a poll to this thread for you to give your thoughts. If there are other suggestions or ideas, please let me know! I'm very open to doing whatever works for everyone. Tagging Notification List:
  23. I don't know if/how to get mounted combat yet, I have never stepped foot in Rohan just yet. My highest level is 75 and parked just outside of it. I'm also not sure if there is anything else I'd need or be missing out on. A lot depends on whether we have interested players in lotro or not. I guess the expansions of instances and raids too? But I'm not sure whether they would be worth it since not many of us play. Most likely I'll buy the quest packs at 99 lp each, it is so darn cheap! I can always buy the expansions later if I want the extra content, its not like I am overspending that much with the current sale I suppose.
  24. The expansion quests are now on sale for 99 lotro points each if anyone is interested. I am torn between spending the few LP to get the quests, or waiting and buying the whole expansions. I only need Rohan, and I kind of want the big battles and mounted combat stuff. *sigh*
  25. I'd be happy to level up with anyone if we can work out a time. I'm always game for grouping. I have characters from level 1 to level 70 of many ranges. And the free quest packs I posted about in another thread will make leveling so much easier for anyone who didn't have certain content. @Annamika, @step7012 do you want on the notification list then? It will be used not only for events, but for any lotro announcements in the future that players might be interested in (like sales, in-game events, etc).
  26. If you are like me and fairly casual, you may not have dropped a lot of money on the game. For those who don't own the quest packs, here is the message I got on social media from LOTRO/SSG today: "Our free Coupon Code to get quest packs for your account is now available! The code is: LOTROFREEQUESTS, 1/Account, available to redeem through August 31st, 2020. Read more here: LOTRO.com/friendsforever. " The list of all the content they are giving away is in the link, it is quite lengthy! I certainly added some areas to my game I didn't have before. Enjoy!
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