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  2. Skaal (he/him)

    World Bosses


    I am going to try to come tomorrow but I am only level 52, so I really don't count lol
  3. Skaal (he/him)

    Community event

    Community event sponsored by GW2
  4. Hiya @Bibliocat! That is so awesome! I love listening to the many bands that play. The lotro music programming is so awesome lol. Welcome to the group btw!
  5. Koro

    GW2 sPvP!!

    A fun, casual night available to anybody interested! Will be running some Structured PvP modes in the Mists. Starts at 10:00 EST.
  6. Share your talents with your friends in RoH! Any medium or format; 5 minute limit.
  7. until
    For more information see
  8. Come hang in #Social and stream your Night City adventures!
  9. Skaal (he/him)

    Tier 3 Trials

    CP 400 required.
  10. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Come see what's happening in the community!
  11. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Come check out what's going on in the community!
  12. Skaal (he/him)

    Community event

    Sponsored by WoW
  13. Skaal (he/him)

    Tour of Homes

  14. Skaal (he/him)


    Come sing your favorite songs, or just enjoy the attempts of others! https://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/54120-roh-karaoke-time/
  15. Skaal (he/him)

    Community Meeting

    Come meet your fellow Hopians and hear about the other Divisions!
  16. My friend's 15-year-old kid just published their first book! https://tinyurl.com/legendsoftess I just ordered my copy, so I can't say yet if it is any good. I'll check back in after I have read it.
  17. until
    Join the whole community as our beloved Azilori passes the torch to their successor! Will take place in the GW2 Guild Hall as well as streamed in Community Hall on Discord.
  18. Skaal (he/him)


    Join us as we celebrate gratitude and of course food in the #Hopesgiving channel on Discord! Join our food photo contest and maybe win a fabulous prize!
  19. I bet @Grin would be into a powerlifting event!
  20. I had an idea for some community events around fitness. I have a few friends who teach fitness (krav maga, yoga, and Bollywood dance) who might be willing to give us an introductory class on Discord. That would give people an opportunity for people to check out the fitness mode for free without having to go to a class. Would there be interest in something like that?
  21. I've been a bit out of touch and away, but happy birthday Elisel. I hope it was a great one.

    1. Elisel


      Thank you!!! Yes it was.  And I MISSSSS YOU!

  22. Happy birthday my friend! I hope it has been a fun and enjoyable one for you!

    1. Sim the Ineluctable

      Sim the Ineluctable

      I hope all is well with you, my friend.  I've had a great day!  :D  

  23. Hi fellow Marylander!  Welcome to RoH!

    1. Kercie


      Thank you! I think I'll have fun here, both in Maryland and in RoH.

  24. Oh it really is so much fun! My hobbit minstrel kills things by playing the bagpipes. There are tons of other instruments you can choose too!
  25. They released a new Rohan cosmetic outfit as a thank you to VIPs during the past week's supposed DDOS attacks and game outages. Here is the quote from social media: "Log in and enter a game world as a VIP now through August 31st to get a cosmetic Armour of the Hornburg Defender Set! #LOTRO" Here is a pic of it:
  26. Yeah I agree. But I am super excited they at least mentioned that the ability to change your race is still coming and not forgotten!
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      Nominated a couple of days ago as the first WoW AotM for 2021! On the downside though, my goal of best WoW assistant ever is currently floundering with my measly ratio of 2-7. I fear my takeover is failing.
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      I need to get this off my chest, and that is why I am posting it here, and not in any general forum.

      We, Americans all, should be ashamed, horrified, and angry for what happened yesterday in Washington D.C.

      I know people are numb to the horrific last couple of years of toxic rhetoric, divisive politics, and touchy topic... but stars above my fellow Americans WAKE UP!

      BE ANGRY!

      Our Capitol fell, not to a foreign enemy, not to a smuggled explosive, but to a mob of our own misguided and indoctrinated people.

      Nero played Twitter, while Rome burned.
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