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  1. It was pretty good ! Felt super short but next week is a longer weekend because of the 4th of July Holiday.
  2. Doing ok here !!! Just working and thinking about my weekend
  3. until
    Come hang out with your Historian and create backstories for your character, side stories, events and or anything else you can think of. Your Historian will be there to help, have fun sharing ideas, and create a welcome atmosphere for you to be creative in the lands of Aeternum.
  4. Happy Birthday !!!

  5. Michael

    Sunday Tavern Night

    Community Event to just relax and be social. Planning Everfall but location can be decided by group vote. NW Historian will be there to document the event and add a story for forums. No requirements.
  6. Happy Birthday !!! !! !!!

    1. Hrom


      Thank you!

  7. Happy Birthday !!!! 

  8. late to the thread but i think we should stick with roh colors
  9. until
    Join your Historian in documenting, exploring and Investigating the landmark Shattered Obelisk. We will meet in Everfall, RP walk to the location and talk about the lore for the area. This is only a 30min event, right before Corruption Portal Run.
  10. Michael

    Holiday Tavern Night

    Come enjoy each others company with your Historian for a Holiday Social Event. Its been a little over 2 months since we have reached Aeternum. There are stories to share, friendships that have been forged, secrets revealed.
  11. @Chelly omg sorry for late response! Happy Birthday

  12. Michael

    NW Company Photo

    Going to meet up and take a guild photo! This will be right after Community Meeting.
  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. Michael

    Kannan Tomb (Explore)

    Your New World Historian has summoned the companies attention: "There has been documents found and also sights that are described in Aeternum as ancient. Kannan Tomb is such a place. We need a party to go out and discover what these Ancients are. It is vital to our efforts. Knowledge on this subject so far seems limited, so a group to scout out one of these areas "Kannan Tomb" just near the Windsward Settlement" ooc Want to party up and do some sight seeing, lore collecting and fun? This Saturday your Historian would like you help in gathering info on a landmark that so far seems unique, and documenting it! Friendly atmosphere, just an hour. Nothing to hardcore. Its still very early in the game. Keep it up Remnants ! Thank you
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