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  1. Hey all ! Pretty soon will be the official launch day, so wanted to let those know who will be joining us at launch how to get in the guild. Right now the guild is marked public. That means you can search the clan system for "Remnants of Hope" our tag is HOPE. i can add you that way. Also, all members have the ability to invite others, so If I am not online just ask in discord chat in our D4 thread. Excited for those joining us on June 5th/6th !!
  2. Tomorrow is the day!!! I will be online promptly at 4pm PST and in discord. I think we should not flood other games channel and use the already created Diablo 4 thread on our discord. Invites will be rolling out all evening. NO RUSH Please enjoy the game how you see fit. My priority is just to get the guild up and running. Its going to be a blast!! See you all in Sanctuary.
  3. Yay! Welcome All. We got a pretty good group here. All suggestions are welcome of course. If you want to invite your friends that will be cool. Not sure how the clan system works in the game at this point, Will discover more on Thursday when early start goes live.
  4. if you preorder the digital deluxe or super expensive one the digital deluxe is 10$ more and comes with early access, and access to the paid season 1, and a few cosmetics
  5. I will defiantly be playing June 1st. Server goes live on my side of the world at 4PM PST. I get off work right at 4pm, so will try to make guild asap.
  6. Oh and yeah Remnants of Hope feels like what we should try at first. With the head start, we should have no trouble snagging the name
  7. I will probably be semi casual if you all push me around I want to play Hardcore as well, but going to start on Eternal Realm
  8. With only 2 weeks or so until Diablo 4 releases, lets try and see if we can make a guild for RoH. If you have suggestions of what to do, what to name the clan, all that, please communicate it. Personally I will be playing casual but it will be my main game. No stress! If you have questions just ask.
  9. welcome and nice intro! Nice to meet you, I am Michael
  10. It was pretty good ! Felt super short but next week is a longer weekend because of the 4th of July Holiday.
  11. Doing ok here !!! Just working and thinking about my weekend
  12. until
    Come hang out with your Historian and create backstories for your character, side stories, events and or anything else you can think of. Your Historian will be there to help, have fun sharing ideas, and create a welcome atmosphere for you to be creative in the lands of Aeternum.
  13. Happy Birthday !!!

  14. Michael

    Sunday Tavern Night

    Community Event to just relax and be social. Planning Everfall but location can be decided by group vote. NW Historian will be there to document the event and add a story for forums. No requirements.

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