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  1. This is hard for me because I'm interested in all aspects. I chose pve group on poll because that might be the first things I would love to try. RP, housing and crafting is going to be great too !
  2. Yeah let's see how it pans out over the 12 days. I agree we should revisit server selection for launch. I'm going to be getting feedback from testing west coast to east connections in the next few days
  3. I like your idea! We will have 12 days to figure out the in and outs of the company (guild) system. We could do a run off before launch. But I like what Scoobs has said. Lets just narrow it down for beta, see whats up, then go from there 4 days.
  4. @Scoobs we need a poll for directly East Coast or West. Then narrow it down?
  5. Remember all. You can get into closed beta without preordering by signing up at the tester page. It's not a 100 percent chance though. If you really want to play, pre order for 100 percent chance
  6. Same!! I can't wait to explore more
  7. some shared pics from New World Alpha last day Found some pictures of my time playing the Preview Event last August
  8. That's pretty much the consensus feeling so far I think In beta ill try and check out the different armor styles for each, maybe cast my vote then.
  9. Hey all ! Going to be putting a lore and story section up soon. Might wait and use my closed beta time looking over these things. Ill have videos and info I find. Any suggestions let me know.
  10. Ready for Beta. Locked in. Cant wait for faction poll to see what our background is. Server will be tricky for those who want to do a lot of scheduled 50vs50 wars, as time zone will maybe impact it. Not sure yet though.
  11. @Ezoura Happy Birthday!!

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