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    Recently retired so they're evolving. Fishing, Nascar, Astro and molecular physics, watching my robot vacum the floor, reading (historical biographies, some fantasy)

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  1. CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  2. I would prefer to heal as I am more comfortable with that. But since we are starting ground zero my DPS DK is slowly getting better (13K in AA last night) I know it's kaka but yea hopefully I can heal.
  3. Hey, @Xeuma_Darr.  Have you signed our Code of Conduct in the Rules and Regulations area?  I searched a couple of different ways.

    1. Xeuma_Darr



      Code of Conduct

      1. Communication and Discussion

      The community’s communications systems, including all areas of the forum, VOIP, chat systems, and other methods provided by the community, are a privilege and are provided for the sole purpose of helping members and friends communicate with each other. We do not allow threats or discussion of violence, drugs, or pornographic or sexually-suggestive material. Trolling and mean-spirited content of all kinds are unacceptable. Any discussion of other potentially contentious topics is expected to be conducted only in a mature, respectful manner. Anyone who is going to use our communications systems must moderate any foul language, and never use such language in an insulting fashion towards another individual.

      When using the community VOIP, members are held responsible for any disorderly behavior and may be asked to leave if they are causing issues. When in a VOIP channel during any official community or division events, members are expected to limit their interruptions of users.

      If a member or moderator finds inappropriate content on the forums, following the Moderation Policy, they may hide that content and/or notify the Elder Council, who will review the moderation and choose to uphold (and possibly discipline the member) or remove it. Remember, however, that moderators are not here to censor anybody beyond what is outlined in this CoC, and all moderators are simply trying to use their best judgment. Please do not take offense if your post is moderated.

      2. Malpractice

      Remnants of Hope operates under the rules of all games we are involved in. If you are found to be in violation of those terms of services, you will be considered in violation of our Code of Conduct. Such actions include but are not limited to hacking, illegal monetary farming, or harassment. Do not use any means of communication provided by RoH to organize other illegal activities.

      3. Respect and Tolerance

      Remnants of Hope promotes a stress-free environment for members to relax and enjoy the games they are playing. We are a diverse population of gamers from all backgrounds. It is mandatory for all of our members to show absolute respect and tolerance to each other and our allies. If a community leader is informed that your words or actions are making another member uncomfortable, you may be asked to alter said behavior. That being said, we are also committed to creating a safe and secure environment where members feel free to be who they are, and will not censor posts or reprimand members unless they are in violation of the CoC. We do not allow any form of discrimination based on race, religion, gender, nationality, or sexual orientation. Elitism is not tolerated, and members are expected to show a reasonable amount of respect toward all players. Harassing "pugs" or openly berating other players negatively represents RoH and is a CoC violation. Harassment of fellow members may result in immediate removal from Remnants of Hope. We understand that sometimes gamers will look for fights, but we expect our members to take the high road and walk away from hostile situations. Remnants of Hope is a PG-13 community, and any such acts that would not fall under that classification should be kept in private.

      4. Naming Policy

      Upon joining Remnants of Hope, you are expected to represent a professional image of our community. One of the biggest reflections about you as an individual is what you choose to call yourself. We consider your account and character name another expression of communication, subject to all the same limitations as listed above. If you are unsure whether a name would be considered inappropriate, please ask the Elder Council. Do not take or imitate the names of other members within the community. This policy applies to our website, our VOIP, and any of our games.

      5. Using Discretion With Issues

      The Elder Council and Officers are more than happy to address any member’s concerns as long as they are brought up through private messages on the forums or confidential discussion through our communications systems. Not only does this allow us to address your problem more quickly and more efficiently, it prevents fights and emotional debates from erupting. Failing to use proper discretion with issues you have may result in disciplinary action.

      6. Expectation of Officers and Leaders

      Representing the community as an Officer is a privilege that requires a lot of responsibility. It is your job to help enforce the rules and maintain a safe and respectful environment. Members may come to you with personal complaints or issues in confidence, and should always be met with respect. All private discussion between officers, and any issues or complaints submitted by members, should not be shared with other non-officers. This includes any disciplinary actions, complaints, or disagreements between officers.If an Officer is found to be abusing their authority, he or she will be subject to discipline and removed from their position. Abuse of power can include but is not limited to the excessive use of moderator tools as well as using the position to intimidate or coerce members. Leaders expecting to be gone for longer than two weeks are required to designate an acting Department Head to be in charge of the department as per the Charter.

      7. Administrators and the Use of Chat Logs

      While administrators of any website have potential access to logs or private messages, we value the privacy of our members and it is strictly prohibited to view these for any reason. All logs are automatically deleted. The permission to view the log tabs has also been removed rendering them unusable. If any administrator is found to have attempted to or successfully reinstated the code to view those logs, or to have viewed any member’s private messages, they will be immediately and permanently removed from the community.

      8. Activity

      Upon joining Remnants of Hope, you are expected to maintain a reasonable amount of activity. If you will be gone from the forums, our games, and our VOIP for longer than two weeks, we ask that you post a Leave of Absence on our forums. LOAs may only extend to 6 months, but may be refreshed. Characters within our divisional games that are idle for longer than 90 days may be subject to removal. Accounts and members on the forums that go inactive without an active LOA may be removed. If a forum account is removed due to inactivity, that former member will be required to reapply to the community if he or she wishes to rejoin.

      9. Leaving / Rejoining Policy

      If a member is having a problem, it is easier to talk with a member of leadership to see if mediation is possible before leaving. Remnants of Hope always encourages members to think carefully before leaving the community. If a member decides to leave the community, they are required to wait 30 days before reapplying to Remnants of Hope, at which point the former member will need to fill out a new application and restart the trial process. Former members wishing to apply sooner than 30 days can request a waiver from the Elder Council; If the waiver is approved, the former member may submit their application and restart the trial process.

      10. Multi-Guilding

      Remnants of Hope recruits members, not characters. We want to become your primary home in the games you play with us, and we hope you're as proud of us as we are of our members. To that end, we expect members that join our in-game guilds to use the available functionality in each of our divisional games to represent Remnants of Hope and our sense of community. Each member also has the right to join or make any banking or trading guilds needed, to be used expressly for those purposes; guilds joined for these reasons need to be declared in the Multi-Guilding Declaration thread.

      However, we also know that the Remnants of Hope divisions may not offer everything that each member wants to do in our games, so members are also granted one non-commerce exception to this rule: members can have one character at a time join one other guild for any reason once you declare it in the Multi-Guilding Declaration thread. Perhaps RoH doesn't offer exactly what you're looking for in a particular area, or you have friends in another guild you want to support; the one exception guild can be used for these or any other reasons you choose. As games have varied guild systems, each division in RoH has a specific explanation of this portion of the clause; see below. In the event of a division being created, expanded, or retired, this clause will be updated so it is always current with the live set of divisional games. If a game-side change occurs that affects the guild systems in the game (i.e. server merges, major changes to how guild functionality works, gameplay that affects guild participation, etc.), the EC will work with the current DC of that game to adjust their guidelines as necessary to uphold the spirit of the multi-guilding clause.




      I read it I swear  did the /sign limk was locked   sorry


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