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  1. Discipline Policy

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  2. Web Team Policy Document

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  3. Remnants of Hope Official Guild Structure

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  4. Clubs Frequently Asked Questions

    Clubs FAQ What is the purpose of Clubs? What can I use a Club for? Why is this Club closed? Can I join a Closed Club? Why didn’t I get accepted to a Closed Club? Why can’t I see content in a Closed Club? Can I make a Closed Club Public or Open? How does the Club Calendar work? Why are there Private Clubs? Why can’t I see Clubs that are Private? If a Club is Private, how are they moderated? Can I make a Club Closed or Private? How do I get invited to a Private Club? Does having a Closed or Private Club violate the CoC? How do we know a Private or Closed Club isn’t violating the CoC if we can’t see what’s there? Is the Web Team the Moderators for all Clubs? I know longer have use of a Club I started. How do I delete it?
  5. How To Use Clubs

    How to Use Clubs Listed below is information on how to navigate to the Clubs section of the Forums and steps for Creating and navigating the Clubs Directory. Find Clubs Navigate and hover over Main on the Navigation Bar. A sub-menu will appear. Click on Clubs Clubs Directory Club Directory The Club Directory is your Primary default page for All clubs that you belong to, as well as all Clubs that are Public, Open, or Closed. (Private clubs can only be viewed if Invited and a member of the club) All Clubs All available Clubs that are Public, Open, or Closed. Start a Club Click this to Create your very own Club! My Clubs Clubs you belong to. Start a Club Clicking On Start a Club will open a new window where you can create your very own club. Name What do you want the name of your Club to be? Privacy Public clubs Clubs that anyone can see and participate in without joining. Open club Clubs that anyone can see and join. Closed club Clubs that anyone can see in the directory, but joining must be approved by a Club Leader or Club Moderator. Non-club-members who view the club will only see the member list - not the recent activity or content areas. Private club Clubs that do not show in public, and users must be invited by a Club Leader or Club Moderator Description What is this Club about? Club Icon This will help identify your Club based off what your Club is about. Once your Club is created, you'll be taken back to the Club Directory, and see your Club available to you. Since you are the Club creator. You will be labeled as the Club Owner. Click on your Club to enter in the Club Directory or under My Clubs to visit your club. By default. When you enter your Club. Home and Members tabs are already available. You can add further Tabs as needed. To include Topics, Gallery/Images, as well as Calendar/Events. Home This displays all recent Topic discussions, Images and Event posts created within the Club Members Lists all members of the Club, including Club Owner, Leaders, and Moderators. Photo This allows you to upload a Background image for your Club Manage Club Allows you to add a Topics, Images, and Events tab. Other Features: Edit Club Settings Allows you to Edit the Club Name, Description, and Club Profile Image. To change Club Privacy, you will need to contact a member of the Web Team. Feature This Club Want to let everyone know you have a Club and join in. This will place the Club on the Club Directory in a Featured Club category It is recommended to not leave your club Featured for more than 3 days. Invite Members Have a Club that is Closed or Private? Use this to invite members to join your Club.
  6. Remnants of Hope Official Guild Structure

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  7. Do you agree with the Code of Conduct as written here: http://remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/8548-rules-and-regulations/ If so, please reply to this post with a /sign.
  8. Web Team Policy Document

    Updated 3/30/2017 Old:
  9. RoH Recruitment Policy

    Logistics: The Tools at your Disposal ► The Recruitment Spreadsheet The recruitment spreadsheet is a tool used to track accepted trial members and their progress in the Remnants of Hope trial period. All divisions need some form of it! You must also have it posted where easily accessible for Division Commanders, Elder Councilors, and the High Elder to view.. Spreadsheets should have the following: A Trial Applicant's Forum Name A Trial Applicant's In-game Account ID A Trial Start Date A Trial End Date (two weeks from the start date) Whether they have been accepted or denied (with a reason for denial) Not required, but recommended: A Trial Applicant's Halfway point in the trial (for the automated halfway reminder check) An Array to track certain trial objectives, such as in-game activities A Comments Section for extenuating circumstances with trial applicants A copy of your spreadsheet with the month’s activities in recruiting should be included in your monthly report to your Division Commander, who will in turn include it in their Monthly Report to the Elder Council. This spreadsheet can be maintained by either you or one of your assistants, but remember: Keeping this up to date is the easiest way to make sure all trial applicants are accounted for. ► Automation Bots Each Division has their respective automation bot that can assist with the forum end of recruitment. Currently, all the bots have the functionality for the following:: Page all Recruitment Officers to vote on a new application Post an initial greeting for the new applicant on their application thread PM the new applicant a generic welcome message Promote and demote applicants on forums when given appropriate commands by their Recruitment Officer PM a halfway reminder to a trial applicant after one week has elapsed on their trial period A post for the commands for using your automation bot can be found here, but due to forum permissions, the only certain persons will be able to give proper commands to the bot is the Recruiting Officer, Division Commander, Elder Council or High Elder. ► Guild Advertisements Advertising for applicants is a part of recruiting, and finding the best places to get new recruits can be taken care of by either you or one of your assistants. Feel free to use whatever means you desire to bring in new applicants, but popular choices for posting advertisements in many divisions are: Official Forums for that game Reddit Threads to promote the game Popular Fan-site forums Zone chat map blasts (if you use this method, please use your discretion and don't spam a zone) You may also hold events open to the general public of your game, sponsored by Remnants of Hope. Make sure that with every advertisement you make, whether it be through public or private communications, you have a link to our front page for them to see. Process: The Procedures for Recruitment When an application is first received, the applicant begins a process to become a full member of Remnants of Hope. The logistics mentioned beforehand are tools to help the Recruitment teams oversee the recruitment process . The process has three main stages, as described below: ► Stage One: Initial Application and Community Recruitment Voting Application is posted. Automation Bot notifies all recruitment officers > Posts a stage 1 voting thread in the appropriate division's sub-forum. The division's Recruitment Officer and Assistants should respond ASAP. Any Recruitment Officer may begin the vote. All Recruitment Officers across all divisions should cast an initial vote on the application in the private recruitment forums within 24 hours. If a tie occurs, the Division Commander of the game being applied for will act as a tie-breaker. If a majority of Recruitment Officers voted yes to the original application, the applicant can be moved to trial membership immediately by the Recruitment Officer for that division. If after 24 hours it is seen that not all RO's have voted, if there is a majority, the result will stand. If any Recruitment Officer has voted no or bolster, reasoning should be explained in the private forums and an additional 24 hours can be given for discussion about the applicant. After 24 hours, a majority vote can be used to decide whether to accept or deny the applicant for trial membership. Recruitment Assistants may provide their opinion on incoming applicants at any time during this stage, but they do not have the ability to vote. ► Stage Two: Trial Period and Trial Objectives Once an applicant is moved to trial membership, they enter stage two of the application process. A trial member will be given a trial period of two weeks to complete trial objectives that are determined by the recruiting officer for their respective division. The trial objectives, at a minimum, must include the following: /sign reply on the Rules and Regulations thread Creation of a forum avatar Joining the in-game guild for the division they are applying to. Posting an Introduction in the Introductions sub-forum. Additional trial objectives may be included at the Recruitment Officer's discretion, but all objectives added should be aimed at gauging a trial member's overall activity in game, on the forums and in the overall community, as well as the ability to showcase a trial member's integrity, maturity, and loyalty. If a trial member completes all of their objectives before a two-week period, they may move on to stage three of the process after at least one week has elapsed. If a trial member is unable to complete all objectives assigned in the two week period, they may request an extension if they have extenuating circumstances surrounding their trial period and real-life. The Recruitment Officer may grant extensions for up to an additional two weeks past the original trial period. A trial member is encouraged to enjoy any of our division or casual games, but the trial objectives will be tracked only for the Division they originally applied for. If a trial member wishes to finish their trial period in a different Division than they started with, then they can speak to their Recruitment Officer about how to do so. A Trial membership may be terminated at any time for any reason by the Recruitment Officer, which will result in an immediate dismissal from the Community for the applicant. If a trial chooses to participate in another Divisional game, they should declare their character or account name in their application thread. If Trial is denied or quits, the Recruitment Officer must send a private message to all other Division Recruitment Officers or @name each on the Denied Application thread so all Trial Characters can be removed from all Division games by any member of the recruitment team. The Recruitment Officer will have the option to create a Stage 2 Poll at the Halfway mark of the trial, for Recruitment Assistants only to vote on whether a trial should continue before it reaches the Stage 3 Officer Vote. This vote may remain private, but any votes for 'nay' will need to be explained via PM to the Recruitment Officer. The Recruitment Officer will then either end the trial and post their reasoning for doing so, or move the trial on. ► Stage Three: Trial Review and Divisional Voting • After a trial member has completed all of their trial objectives, they enter stage three of the application process. This will begin with the recruitment team sending the trial member a PM on the forums to schedule a private meeting on Teamspeak to review their experience in Remnants of Hope so far. This PM and the review can be scheduled and conducted by either the officer or any assistant. • The review should be conducted and recorded on Teamspeak, but if the trial member is unable to do so for any reason, the questions can be relayed through a private chat room. If they are unable to do this, as a last resort, the questions can be mailed to the applicant on the forums. • After the recording (or transcript) of the review has been made, the review should be posted on the private recruitment forums. The Division Commander and all Officers for the Division should discuss and vote on whether the trial member should be promoted to full member within 48 hours of the review being posted. After 48 hours, a majority vote can be used to decide whether to accept or deny a trial member as a full member. Miscellaneous Things ► Trials Swapping Divisions If a trial member seeks to swap divisions and is not past the one week mark in their trial, the following steps should be followed: The trial member should send a request to the Recruitment Officer for the division they applied for. That Recruitment Officer should then communicate the request to the Recruitment Officer of the division the trial member wants to swap to. A New Application should then be submitted via this form where all answers are entered as "Swapping Division per [Original RO's name]" (This allows all RO's to realize no vote for acceptance of the Application is required.) Trial continues his/her trial at Stage 2 in the new Division under the new RO's observance. The trials time will be officially reset and all trial objectives that are not forum related should be restarted with the new Division. ► Recruitment Assistants Recruitment Assistants are an important part of the Recruitment team and as such it is vital that they are given tasks to help ease the burden of a Recruitment Officer. These tasks are as follows but not limited to: Sign the Assistant CoC here (found in your division's Recruitment sub-forum) Maintaining and Updating Spreadsheets Conducting Reviews In game promotions of trial to full member Inviting trials to the in game guild Keeping up with trials in game and making sure they are good Monitoring trial objective progress and tracking it Helping the RO keep the various recruitment topics up to date As always, Recruitment Assistants are encouraged to share their opinions on all trial discussions for their Division. ► Recruitment Officer Meetings It is encouraged that all the Division Recruitment Officers meet once a month and create a good flow of communication between Divisions. If a RO position is vacant or short staffed, the other ROs can assist each other in forum processing requirements up. This can be done by letting the EC know via PM
  10. Remnants of Hope Official Guild Structure

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  11. Elder Council Policies

    The Elder Council has discussed and made sweeping changes to the Elder Council Policies. Old: New:
  12. Remnants of Hope Official Guild Structure

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  13. Guild Ambassadors

    The role of the ambassador here is much as the nomenclature suggests: a representative from a foreign entity. Much as countries have an ambassador to another country, here an ambassador represents another community. An ambassador is a representative and a part of that other community... but is not a part of Remnants of Hope. They help coordinate events and activities between our community and theirs, to enhance the experiences of both. While there may be some benefits to allowing those representatives a place in-guild under a special 'ambassador' rank, there are drawbacks as well. Remnants of Hope strives to "promote a stress free environment for members to relax and enjoy the games they play." To this end, we have a Code of Conduct which depicts a series of rules and guidelines every member agrees to follow when they join the community. These guidelines serve to create a space where members feel comfortable to be themselves and engage freely with others who enjoy the same games they do. All of our successful applicants put a good amount of time and effort into their trials in order to demonstrate that they are a good fit for this community, and that our community is a good fit with them. Allowing non-community members into this space would circumvent and undermine our trial process; if others can be part of the guild through means besides our trial process, regardless of context, it diminishes the importance of those requirements, and is unfair to all of the members who did put in their time and go through their trials successfully. This is the same reason we no longer accept mergers from other guilds. Additionally, it would mean that we would have people in our guilds who were not beholden to any of our rules or standards, and that may make the friendly, protective area we strive to create here not feel so protected or private anymore. While those we associate with as ambassadors or allied guilds are likely similarly-minded, and while we heartily encourage people to make friends outside of the guild as well as in, it is important to maintain a delineation between those who are members of our community, with all the rights and responsibilities that entails, and those who are friendly relations outside of it. To that end, we'd like to lay out a few quick guidelines about the Ambassador position: Anyone may propose a member of another guild to receive the Guild Ambassador rank, if that individual is willing to accept itA brief proposal should be sent to the Division Commander of the applicable game and to the Elder Council, explaining the reasoning behind the requestIf the Division Commander and Elder Council both agree with the proposal, the individual is then given the Guild Ambassador forum and TS rankAmbassadors have access to our forum calendar and divisional boards, but not to boards relating to the community itselfAmbassadors do not have access to any Remnants of Hope guild within our divisional gamesAmbassadors are able to move freely to any open TeamSpeak channels, but do not have the ability to move other users or guestsAmbassadors are expected to help set up at a minimum one successful event involving both guilds each monthWe hope that these will serve to clear up (understandable) past confusion over what the Guild Ambassador position is and what it entails, and provide clear guidelines for the position going forward. As always, if you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to send them to the EC.
  14. Remnants of Hope Official Guild Structure

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  15. Remnants of Hope Official Guild Structure

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Congratulations to Siscia, Vil, Nightmare, & Shellflare on being the chosen Members of the Month for March 2018 for their primary divisions!

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