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    If you need deeps, just let me know.
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    If you need a heals, let me know
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    Hey everyone! Tonight we're going into two VM operations, Scum and Villainy and Colossal Monolith. We'll need at least two fill-ins, so step on up if you're an alternate! Primaries @Katalaw @Aravail @Sayuri @Rama @Orig Wrangler @Aedi Lanigiro Alternates @Poje @Slyfoxmartin @Jed @Yiss
  5. @Coolluminati16 I bought the game, haven't done much with it yet, though. Never been good at it, but it's definitely fun going through the campaigns.
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    Assuming flights are on time. If not I’ll let you know and @Slyfoxmartin can get all the decos!
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    As of right now, I'm available to heal if needed. Plans do change every once in a while. But let me know if you need me.
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    Great job last week! We'll be returning to SnV this week to see if we can down Styrak! As always, make sure those on the roster RSVP so that I know that you can come. If you can't make it let me know asap so I can bring in a backup. Tank: @Aedi Lanigiro Tank: @Jed Heals: @Rama Heals: @Hippy Dps: @Merliah Dps: @Vorn Dps: @Frarry Dps: @Madhatter5510 Backups: @Kialya, @Slyfoxmartin, @Yiss, @Kij Event details Wednesday @ 9pm ET You must have a level 75 Imperial Character Make sure you have your stims and stuff, as well as discord ready before we start StarParse is required VM Scum and Villainy @ 9PM ET
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    May this year be a great one, @Darkprozac! Hope all is well buddy

  11. Happy birthday, @Darkprozac! May this be your best day and year ever. Hope to see you soon.

  12. Darnavian

    Crafting Workshop

    The Social Hour this week is a special event where we will be hosting a Crafting Workshop. More details can be found at the official post.
  13. DEATH by DAYLIGHT Veteran Halls of Fabrication Saturday, December 14th at 2:00 PM EST After being completely foiled last session by Discord dropping a big ol' deuce right as we were getting started, we're heading back this weekend to remind a certain set of fabricants that their time in Tamriel is finite... well, at least till the trial's over and they re-spawn. BUT THEY DON'T NEED TO KNOW THAT... or maybe it would be better if they did? Knowing that their death isn't permanent might lower the stakes enough for them to be lulled into complacency... hm. Loremaster @Icy!! Any thoughts on the existential crises and resultant existential malaise faced by our Fabricant foes and how they may be used to our advantage? kthx! Mind/circuitry games aside, we might be a little rusty since it's been a minute since we've really run the trial. Despite this, I'm confident we can build on our previous successes and, at the very least, smash the Pinnacle Factotum to bits. Requirements -Read this post and /sign the thread, indicating you agree to this event's guidelines- -Fill out the availability spreadsheet as per this post- Appropriate food/drink and potions Full sets of purple/gold gear (Two 5-piece + monster set or intentional partial sets) Raid Notifier and Team Formation add-ons For DPS: 25K DPS parse (pre-patch!) on a 3 mil dummy (available at @PWiddy's primary residence) 18K+ health with food/drink buff Take a screenshot of your dummy parse and get in touch with @PWiddy or @Arcadian For healers: CP 810 The Energy Orb morph of Necrotic Orb A purge ability or two 18K+ health with food/drink buff At least a couple of set options available (including monster sets) e.g. Olorime, Sanctuary, Mending, IA, Worm Cult, Jorvuld, etc. For tanks: CP 810 A purge ability At least one crusher enchanted weapon (preferably 2H, bow, staff in infused) At least a couple of set options available (including monster sets) e.g. Ebon, Alkosh, Torug's Pact, Plague Doctor, Yolnahkriin, etc. Also! If you sign up as a support role, we may be reaching out to you in order to coordinate the sets the tanks and healers will be wearing for maximum effect If you have any questions about DPS requirements, contact @PWiddy or @Arcadian Questions about healing requirements should be directed to @Telana Reach out to @orbitoclast with any questions about tanking requirements Roster will be posted on Wednesday Pray to the Discord gods, friends, WE'RE GOING IN.
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    Looks like i'll be attending as Tank
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    Just a heads up guys but I'm still missing 2 responses from our regular peeps as well as still no bites on the known 3rd spot. I'm going to be online for raid start but I'm honestly not going to put in a ton of effort to find replacements so we might be canceling at that point. I'll see you all in game later tonight!
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    Sorry unable to fill in will be away for a week visiting family and newborn niece
  18. Discord... the Sadmaker. Thanks for coming out everyone, including @Rain Cloud! Disappointed that technical issues once again thwarted our raid attempt but, hey. What can you do? There will be a post up sometime in the near future about an attempt next week, so update your availability on the spreadsheet! YOU FOLKS ARE THE BEST FOLKS.
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    I'm still a bit undergeared for this, I think, but if y'all end up needing an 8th anyway I am available.
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    Need a fill in for sure tonight: It's technically a tank we are still searching for but open to moving things around to just get the run in. @Rama @Saal @Kij
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    Scions of Destiny Greetings my Scions! We will be gathering this Saturday at 10:00 PM EST on Vestige of Despair Imperial Flagship to adventure into an operation of difficulty. Suit up and lets go tackle some content! I would like to jump into ToS VM to see how it goes with the new update. Some observations I've made have been that the new gear makes the previous operations either really hard or really easy so time for our own science! Event Details Saturday at 10:00 PM EST until 12:00am on the Imperial side We will be doing VM ToS Must be lvl 75 to join the operation. Reminder to Scions: Please RSVP to this so that people who sign up can be alerted to show up or not! Roster Tank: @Sayuri Tank: OPEN Healer: @Aravail Healer: @KageSennen DPS: @Katalaw DPS: @AidenRhen DPS: @Owyn DPS: @Vorn
  22. Nimshi

    |SWTOR| Story Mode Ops


    I would love to join as DPS Wizjun - Sith Juggernaout
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