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  2. happy birthday hugs

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  4. Having started this thread, I feel moved to reply to myself with a suggestion for a compromise rotation that other BM learners may find helpful at level 60. This is surely not optimal, but it seems more practical to learn and practice than the 'optimized' version. Its biggest weakness, like all the versions I've looked at, is that running and gunning is pretty difficult as a BM, no matter what rotation you choose. I have the following button assignments: Thunder III Fire III Fire IV Blizzard III Blizzard IV Scathe Sleep Enochian is on Ctrl-1, for which I use a special button on my mouse that's under the middle joint of my index finger. Similarly, 6 and 7 are accessed from the mouse. I strongly recommend to Windows players the Steelseries gaming mouse and keyboard, which provide a lot of advantages at minimal extra cost. Right now I'm using the Steelseries Rival 310 eSports mouse and an old Steelseries Merc Stealth keyboard, both fully programmable and ergonomic. Now for the rotation: 1-2-(Ctrl-1)-3-3-3-2-3-4-5-2-3-3-3-2-3-4-5 etc. Occasionally I'll slip in an extra 1 when I get the free proc; if I don't have to run around, I can keep Enochian going forever. I have ManaWard and ManaFont handy, along with a dose of Max-Potion for those "Oh-shit moments". I'm looking for an affordable source of Onigara-Yaki to help my Direct Hit Rate +4% (Max 55) Vitality +3% (Max 51) Critical Hit +2% (Max 14) because, even at iLevel 227 with 1226 Intelligence and 16,651 Hit Points I HATE DYING that much. It doesn't happen every day, but sometimes you get in a little over your head (or your tank is a jerk and your healer is a wimp) and I'd always like to be a hero rather than have to wait another 15 minutes for a new group. BTW, I now have 40 player commendations, so somebody out there likes me LOL. Anyhow, that's my best advice at the moment as I prepare to enter the Dragon War. Best of luck and Phat Lewt to all!
  5. Happy birthday @Stargirl. Miss yah. ;)

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  7. Digibear

    Dreadtooth one stack (IMP SIDE)

    Needing to get a mask(so I don't die) for hateful entity later Friday night* any help would be appreciated! @Kitty Chelle
  8. Miss seeing you in game. Hope all is going well with you and your family.

  9. Skyrim, No matter how much time has passed this game i can get in a rabbit hole and play for hours. I am very happy to have it on switch, it makes it easier to just pick it up anywhere. Especially long car rides where i dont need to drive.
  10. If I am not on SWTOR i typically play my XBOX-X. I usually play FPS(pubg and COD) but i enjoy alot others like Red Dead 2, Div2, Assasins Creed and others. I have a switch but i rarely play it.(Skyrim and Pokemon). and i just got a pc to play swtor so eventually ill dabble on steam for good games to play.
  11. I would love to join but i work nights, Do you guys typically play on Thursday nights? Anything going on for the weekend?
  12. If alot of people are into tabletop and rp we could do online dnd or pathfinder. Roll20.com is free and we can meet on discord or teamspeak.
  13. Hello I am Sean, I am 32 and I live in New Jersey, and I work in bridge construction.(Apprenticing to be a operator) In my spare time I enjoy playing my Xbox. I mainly play FPS, other then that i enjoy watching movies, listening to music and playing with my bearded Dragon named Daryl. Anything else feel free to ask.
  14. Happy Birthday Stargirl ! 

  15. Cool im all linked up. My other bnet account going to let it disappear as i had nothing on it just claimed the free game when it was on the house like a year back.
  16. That was a really good read - instead of just saying "No, you can't be this," it gives info about how one might justify it in backstory or RP. I want to echo Vis's "remember, it's just a guide." I can think of a few other justifications for having some jobs, and I'm sure there are others I'm not thinking of.
  17. I also want to gently remind folks that this plan is one for and of the RoH FC on Malboro. It isn't a manifesto for the entire Interest Group. We don't have plans that govern anyone on Malboro that isn't in the FC, or anyone that isn't on Malboro. That isn't to say that we don't welcome feedback! But this isn't a roadmap to becoming a Division - it's just a set of ideas to help make the FC on Malboro more successful. I also want to repeat the invitation in the manifesto for events. If you have an idea for an event, or want to run/host one, let us know. And I want to specifically extend -that- invitation to folks outside the FC and the server.
  18. LOL after such long time of over seeing   within a topic highlighted names pop out from light blue to pink now i finally know what they mean its when i'm following them as a followers towards the people i know as friends, which no one could  explain that to me  before. Now waiting to figure out why does it show all the positions avaible within each division or the games i went to and why does it show them to me in blue, time to figure that one out :)

  19. Almost certainly not. There is no process for this currently in the charter - recruitment within the community is driven by membership in a division. Interest groups aren't this.
  20. This admittedly made me chuckle. I think there's definitely an argument to be made for a easier recruitment process. I think @Daliluin has done a great job with the current application details - based on other feedback, we were thinking more along the lines of preparing recruits for what they might need to do for RoH community recruitment - but there is something to be said for getting them in the door and invested.
  21. Interesting idea. Does it imply that the club will have a 'Membership Officer' similar to a divisional role to shepherd those applications?
  22. Anybody have any for sale? It's out of sight on the Market Board. Happy to pay time and materials!
  23. Happy Birthday to @Korban @Slailie @Stargirl!!!! Hope your day is awesome. 🎂🎉🎁

  24. Happy birthday my friend I hope u have an amazing day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Happy Birthday @Stargirl


    Hope all is well with you and that your birthday is as amazing as you!

  26. Happy Birthday, @Stargirl!!  I hope you have a great day!

  27. Been searching for more lore stuff. Regarding jobs (this was written during HW, and remember, it's just a guide): https://kilieit.tumblr.com/post/159315531877/just-how-obscure-is-that-job-crystal-in-lore Also been lurking the http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com forums. The conversations are not sanctioned or anything, but the viewpoints give you an idea of pros and cons of stuff. Tis helpful.
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