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  2. My Sundays are free and I'd love to attend! What difficulty will the AI be at?
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    I am available if you need a healer. Let me know
  4. until

    Still need 2 DPS and 1 Healer to check-in; hey @Orig Wrangler, @Madhatter5510, @Jed & @Slyfoxmartin are you available tomorrow?
  5. its easy it like making a normal Civ 5 game @crosius
  6. Happy Birthday @greenmilk and @Pew!!! Have a super Day!

  7. I'll definitely be there! No sure what's involved in the hosting, however...
  8. Happy birthday @Pew  not sure if you remember me,  but I miss our days of Wildstar.  Chaos, Tallon, Bubbles, LittleStar.  Miss all you guys. 

  9. @ZEE88 @Darkbringer105 @Telana @Marbass @KalianVan @Tzunamis @ShogunTaira @SyntheticPlayer @DreamingofRoses @crosius @Ezoura @Oswald-Plays @Kalos @Deluxe Its time for the next Civ 5 game with the second game coming to an end surprising end its time for a new one the most voted day is Sunday! 7:30 CST time if someone is willing to host i would happily guide you through how to set up one because the second game taught me a lot on how MP Civ 5 works make sure before the event itself you lower your settings to ensure a smoother process just saying it now Shoshone dibs! there has to be an advantage in organizing these games
  10. Congrats! on @Ezoura for winning the SECOND CIVILZATION GAME! on score! what an interesting way to end i wanna also thank @Oswald-Plays for joining as well as Ved everyone stay tune for the next Civ game!
  11. Hello there Guardians! I decided to start writing some forum posts on topics in Destiny that some of you may ask for help on. While I would be happy explain most of it, I think that we can all agree, many will say that the same question would be asked a lot! So.. thats why I may as well try my best to help out! With that being said.. let us start. First, lets do some General advice... Gearing Up The soft cap for Light levels is 900. The Max light is 950, but there is a Pinnacle level that is 960. This basically means the following that to get to 900, just play the game normally! Do Story content (Mostly), strikes, pvp, and etc. You will get to 900 soon and thats where the grind begins! Which, once u hit 900, you will be able to do Weekly activities, from doing Flashpoints, Raids, and PVP, and more. Now, to talk about...Pinnacle level! That basically means you are at 950, and you are going to be grinding mostly paths that will give you Pinnacle engrams. IDK much, because I have not been able to check all sources, but Raids and Iron Banner (PVP) are some ways u can do such Pinnacle activities! WARNING: If you are at this stage, try sticking to one set of Weapon set and Gear! From what I heard, the only way to reach 960, is actually getting every slot matched to gain just one power level. Armor 2.0 Advice At the moment of writing this, I do not have much to write due to not doing research on it yet! I do suggest, to try do all activities to get Armor mods and so on. The highest I seen for how much One gear piece can give was from an Exotic glove i got that, it holds up to 70! Also, I hear Nightfalls tend to give pretty good mods (Ashes to Asset, Super gains mods ,etc) So try doing your NF! Advice on certain seasonal activities First one will be the Black Armory I wasnt able to unlock it normally like most players did...but I think if you have this than you are free to do any of their forges and craft their guns! The Reckoning I sadly must say that idk much of this one due to never been able to have a group or try it... ill come back if I can and update! The Menagerie This event is simple! There is two type of Menagerie runs. One is normal, and the other is Heroic. They both are practically the same, besides one small detail: Normal has no death penalty, but on Heroic, if you and your whole squad wipes, you are kicked out to Orbit.. That being said, there is a good reason to try your hand here! But, you will need to first start by building/fixing a Chalice. Once its done, you should be able to put runes and such to make certain armor and guns.. which I know some will ask, "What do I put?" How about I give you a calculator that helps you do it?? Menagerie Calculator link: https://menagerie-calculator.now.sh/ Good hunting! Other Useful Links that I personally use...*List will grow...* Destiny Reddit for me is sometimes my fastest way to get info. From TWAB report, (This Week At Bungie) into other things like that menagerie calculator i found! It has a lot of things.. There is even a Destiny reddit for PVP! I shall link both Destiny Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/ Destiny PVP Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CruciblePlaybook/ I hope this sparks some ideas on what everyone wants to be chatted about or even discussed! I know I did not cover much in here, but I hope you guys, can read this and maybe ask away for more! Please, let me know!
  12. I've got a couple of toons saved on the Old Blanchy PvE realm. It's a West Coast realm, but I'm EST. I'm not big into PvP, so this one seemed best. Oh, and I'm Horde, of course.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hey @MrFishy thanks for bringing this up! ATM, I have not thought of doing raids or trying to make up groups due to many people just starting Destiny and all. But, I really would love to try it someday with everyone in the clan! So, I hope we can do the raids and all! I just hope the people joining us are enjoying Destiny, and of course getting used to it by now.
  15. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day!! 🎉

  16. Have a very Happy Birthday!! 🎉

  17. gg easy. We didn't die once. Only @Telana disconected and died a couple of times. But manage to finish it!
  18. Any day, any time (well, not 1AM-7AM Central), no longer than 3 hours, and available twice a week.
  19. I may have missed this already. What happened to the chat box?

    1. Azilori


      @Scoobs can correct me if I am wrong, but the Hope Chat was designed to be removed at some point during the discord transition - now we reach the end of this time period, it has been discontinued... 

    2. Scoobs


      This is correct.  While Hope chat has served us well, I've seen a significant decrease in use for the last several weeks and since the plan was to remove it eventually, I went ahead and did so ahead of the transition to the new server

    3. Azzareth


      Ahh ok. I'm going to miss reading it. But I know not many have been using it lately.

      I'm looking forward to the popping Christmas lights coming up soon anyway.  :p.  Thanks @Scoobsand @Azilori

  20. Combat logs! Mine: https://www.esologs.com/reports/C1ZYFNv6KhLtPHGD Maezar's: https://www.esologs.com/reports/xAFMN8T7LcY2rBkn For some reason, the clear of the third boss has to be clicked on specifically under the drop-down menu for that fight. If you just look at "all clears," the log has a random add pull that occurred after the boss as the "clear." Make sure the top left corner reads "Archcustodian Veteran, Kill (3:58)" and not "Dissector Veteran, Last Pull - Wipe 20 (0:22)."
  21. DEATH by DAYLIGHT Veteran Halls of Fabrication Saturday, October 19th at 2:00 PM EST Whoa, whoa, WHOA... can it be? THE PINNACLE FACTOTUM met his end at the hands of the REMNANTS? Yikes... who knew victory would be so... messy? Is there a janitor or custodian who can come clean this crap up or some--wait, what? boom. Yep, that's right... the Pinnacle Factotum AND the Archcustodian ATE IT on our last run. Everyone put in the effort and we made it happen! The Pinnacle Factotum clear was messy as hell and we stayed almost an hour over to knock down the Archcustodian but we DID IT. Even better, it seems as though we developed a solid strategy for the Archcustodian! AMAZING WORK. In light of the amount of progress the group made last session, to preserve momentum and minimize time spent explaining mechanics in the interest of barreling toward a clear, those that attended the 10/12 session will be prioritized for this upcoming run. If you did not attend but still want to come, PLEASE indicate that you're available on Telana's spreadsheet; not everyone who attended last week will be able to attend this week! Requirements -Read this post and /sign the thread, indicating you agree to this event's guidelines- The Morrowind Chapter of ESO, as the trial is in Vvardenfell Appropriate food/drink and potions Full sets of purple/gold gear (Two 5-piece + monster set or intentional partial sets) Raid Notifier and Team Formation add-ons For DPS: 25K DPS parse on a 3 mil dummy (available at @PWiddy's primary residence) 18K+ health with food/drink buff Take a screenshot of your dummy parse and get in touch with @PWiddy or @Arcadian For healers: CP 810 The Energy Orb morph of Necrotic Orb A purge ability that can purge the group & Purge Tracker add-on 18K+ health with food/drink buff At least a couple of set options available (including monster sets) e.g. Olorime, Sanctuary, Mending, IA, Worm Cult, Jorvuld, etc. For tanks: CP 810 A purge ability At least one crusher enchanted weapon (preferably 2H, bow, staff in infused) At least a couple of set options available (including monster sets) e.g. Ebon, Alkosh, Torug's Pact, Plague Doctor, Yolnahkriin, etc. Also! As this is one of the more challenging trials, the requirements are on the more stringent side. Being less than CP 810 severely impacts one's ability to survive in content like vHoF... this has nothing to do with skill and instead has to do with the passive damage mitigation a player gets from CP. If you sign up as a support role, we'll likely be reaching out to you in order to coordinate the sets the tanks and healers will be wearing for maximum effect If you have any questions about DPS requirements, contact @PWiddy or @Arcadian Questions about healing requirements should be directed to @Telana Reach out to @orbitoclast with any questions about tanking requirements Roster will be posted on Wednesday The Reassembly Committee is waiting...
  22. Empire of Achenar (Elite: Dangerous) Ship Prefix: ISS Name Lists: Human (SPQR) Star Name: Achenar Star System: Random Unary II Advisor Voice: Diplomat/Authoritarian (player's choice) Ruler Title: Empress/Emperor Heir Title: Crown Princess/Crown Prince Ruler Name: Arissa Lavigny-Duval (Astronomical Emblems mod required for Empire symbol)
  23. Klingon Empire (Star Trek) Ship Prefix: IKS Name Lists: Humanoid 1 Star Name: Qo'noS Star System: Random Binary II Advisor Voice: Militarist (This one was made for Klingons) Ruler Title: Chancellor Ruler Name: Darmull (Astronomical Emblems mod required for Klingon symbol)
  24. Romulan Star Empire (Star Trek) Ship Prefix: RIS Name Lists: Human (SPQR) Star Name: Romulan Star System: Random Binary II Advisor Voice: Authoritarian Ruler Title: Praetor Heir Title: Prince/Princess Ruler Name: Prima Accoleius Syncretic Species: Reman Syncretic Name List: Human (SPQR) Syncretic Traits: Serviles, Industrious, Deviants, Sedentary, Strong (Astronomical Emblems mod required for Romulan symbol)
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