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  2. Hey Guts, Excited to see you applying to our guild. Looking forward to meeting you in game. Cheers!
  3. Hello @Guts Thank you for applying to RoH! I'm part of the ESO Recruitment Department. We are processing your application and ask that you please be patient with us. So sit tight, it can take up to 24 hours to process your application. We will notify you here with updates on your application and trial membership. In the meantime, members of our community will be stopping by to say hello or ask questions. So please make sure to keep an eye on your application thread! Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the ESO Recruitment Department. Also Why would you like to travel to the prehistoric time period Recruitment Officer - @Madhatter Recruitment Assistants -- @Icy-- @Just-Jet-- @Lorix
  4. Preferred Name: Guts Age: 29 Preferred Pronoun (he/she/they, etc.): He Time Zone: Cst Character Class: Dragon Knight Game you will be playing with Remnants of Hope: ESO Official username for that game: Bugydown 1. Have you read the Code of Conduct and do you agree to follow it? Yes 2. How did you hear about The Remnants of Hope? If a member invited you please let us know who. 3. If you could travel to any time or place where would it be? Prehistoric 4. Upon joining Remnants of Hope you are expected to maintain a mature and friendly demeanor to everyone in game. What does maturity mean to you and do you feel that you can remain civil even with the nastiest players in the game? I would say the biggest thing with maturity is how you resolve conflict or disagreements. No one wants someone is going to be screaming to be head. 5. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why? Money...can do and be anything 6. Have you been in other guilds before; on this game or any others? If so,what was your favorite and least favorite things about them? Yes. Mostly the people. Least favorite things is heavy cliques. Like the same people doing the same things without including or branching out to others 7. What five adjectives, and 5 only, would you use to describe yourself? Fun Helping Driven Competitive Contributor 8. Have you ever held a leadership position in a gaming community? Would this be something you are interested in in the future? Yes. Officer in a raiding guild in rift. Yes. 9. What are your favorite and least favorite sounds? My favorite songs. Machine whirling noises that cause high pitch sounds. 10. What are your personal strengths and weaknesses as a person (not in game)? Meticulous and detailed oriented. Get caught up in the details. 11. Remnants of Hope houses players that enjoy all aspects of the game, Crafting, PVE, PVP, RP and Social. Which do you enjoy the most, and why? PVE. Most content is built and fleshed out with that in mind. 12. The servers are closing down in 24 hours permanently. How would you like to spend the last bit of time in game? Beating raids to go out in a blaze of glory. 13. What other games have you played and what did you like about them? Any games you are excitedly waiting for? A bunch of mmorpgs f. I like the end game aspect of things. I am waiting for Ashes of creation. 14. If you could be any animal (fantasy ones included) which would you be and why? Shark. Been around for a long time and they changed very little. 15. RoH utilizes Discord for VoIP. Are you willing to use this platform, based on the needs of the activity you're interested in? Yes have it now. 16. Are you on the servers we currently play on and are you planning on transferring to join us? Yes
  5. Yiss

    VMOPs Terror From Beyond


  6. until

    dps or heal
  7. until

    I can DPS
  8. until

    Heals! (Like always lol)
  9. until

    Ranged DPS
  10. until

    DPS or heals if needed.
  11. Yesterday
  12. until

    Looks like all the tank positions are taken, I can bring either a mDPS (Veng. Sith) or rDPS Lightning Sorc if there is room
  13. until

    Interested in brining the rDPS sorc! 16M will be very interesting!
  14. until

    any role
  15. until

    Assassin Tank reporting for duty
  16. until

  17. until

    Hey! I can bring a tank or mDPS, but would prefer to tank please! Thanks!
  18. until

    mDPS, please. Thanks!
  19. until
    On to Dread ops part 1! Make sure you RSVP and post in the comments what role(s) you can bring. Event details: Monday @ 9pm to 11pm ET This weeks Operation will be SM DF You must have a level 75 Imperial character Item rating 270 (on your character sheet) is bare minimum StarParse is not required, but many of us will likely be in there anyway Don't forget your stims! As well as medpacks and whatever else you need Discord is required, we'll be in our own operations channel See you all Monday! Roster: Raid leaders: @Merliah and @Dalivandrian Tank: @Jinn Galia Tank: @Sekknia Heals: @Merliah Heals: @Dalivandrian Heals: @Slyfoxmartin Heals: @TheSavageDoctor Dps: @NorthHorizon Dps: @hunterhead Dps: @Walex Dps: @DrDudis Dps: @Frarry Dps: @Arlanii Dps: @Casluca Dps: Dps: Dps: Backups: Keep the signups coming and we can do another 16 this week! SM Dread Fortress @9pm ET
  20. TheSavageDoctor

    Gree Event


    Healer or mDPS!
  21. Owyn

    VMOPs Terror From Beyond


    I'll do something
  22. Last week
  23. hunterhead


    After killing Toth and Zorn on the last pull last week, lets see if we can clean it up some more and get some pulls on the tanks! Date: 01/12/2021 (Tuesday) Operation Start Time (Start time is first pull): 6:00pm EST Operation End Time: 8:30pm Make sure to grab your stims, medpacs and adrenals! Please be sure to use them! They are extremely important in VM! You must arrive at least 15 minutes before the operation begins, or you will be replaced. Please read the requirements before signing up! Note the Requirements Change! Item Rating: At least an iRating of 300 on your character sheet StarParse is required Discord is required, we'll be in our own Ops channel. THIS IS A SET GROUP, PRIORITY GOES TO THOSE INVITED. Feel free to sign up in case regulars and back ups are unavailable. Raid Lead: @hunterhead and @Mirivor Tank: @DrDudis Tank: @Dalivandrian Heals: @Darth Gumby Heals: @Eskili rDPS: @hunterhead rDPS: @Mirivor mDPS: @Dochabi mDPS: @Skywalker17 Backups: @Azilori, @Walex, @Dimisticlus
  24. I've discovered all my perceived 'issues' disappear when I realize I can just casually play whatever I feel like.  Huh :) Imagine that.

  25. Dch765

    SMOPS Explosive Conflict


    DPS or Healing. Can't Wait!
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      I've discovered all my perceived 'issues' disappear when I realize I can just casually play whatever I feel like.  Huh Imagine that.
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      I am hopping over to ESO for a month and giving SWTOR a break.  Just FYI to whoever might want to know.
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      Nominated a couple of days ago as the first WoW AotM for 2021! On the downside though, my goal of best WoW assistant ever is currently floundering with my measly ratio of 2-7. I fear my takeover is failing.
      More news at 9. Back to you Jen.
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      I need to get this off my chest, and that is why I am posting it here, and not in any general forum.

      We, Americans all, should be ashamed, horrified, and angry for what happened yesterday in Washington D.C.

      I know people are numb to the horrific last couple of years of toxic rhetoric, divisive politics, and touchy topic... but stars above my fellow Americans WAKE UP!

      BE ANGRY!

      Our Capitol fell, not to a foreign enemy, not to a smuggled explosive, but to a mob of our own misguided and indoctrinated people.

      Nero played Twitter, while Rome burned.
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