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  1. Happy Birthday @Droghan😄

  2. @Droghan OMG how do I get my legacy items? I didn't play a whole bunch before the transition, but I might have some stuff on my old characters! You'll just have to come and carry us @Carg!
  3. @Droghan I usually play in the evenings around 5:30pm CDT until around 10:00pm CDT (I have work early in the morning on weekdays). Otherwise, pretty much any time on weekends!
  4. Hiya everyone! I started a cabal for Hopians to join and play together called Legend of Hope! Message @witchbolts through forum PM, on discord (witchbolts#2632), or in-game (witchbolts) with your SWL player name to receive an invite!
  5. I would love to do some monster hunting with you @Droghan! I personally just started playing and have a lvl 15 Dragon faction character! I also started a cabal (guild) for Hopians to join, and I will be making a post about that shortly! I also convinced @Tzunamis to join SWL last night!
  6. Happy birthday!!

  7. !!Happy Birthday Witchbolts Savvy!!




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      Thank you!

  8. Happy Birthday @witchbolts


    Hope it is amazing!

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      Thank you @Elisel! ❤️ 

  9. Happy Birthday! Get super crunk! Crunk means whatever you want it to mean :)

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      Thanks @DigitalMonk! ❤️


       Maybe we should consult @Hippy on the crunk thing LOL

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      You know I got the turn up Juice.

  10. Happy birthday!

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      Thank you! ❤️ 

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    Hope your day is as amazing as you are! ❤️ 

  12. Happy Birthday!! 🎉

    1. witchbolts


      Thank you! 😄 I'm super excited to see you return @Azilori! ❤️ 

  13. @Hygelak While those currently being vocal do seem in favor of a move (and some have already done so), the actual poll only includes 11 responses, and only 6 of those are actually in favor of switching servers. While this is "technically" a majority, I would not consider it a vast majority of our currently active player base. I understand the urgency do to the free sever swap ending this week, but I would prefer that the vast majority of the FC be in agreement before moving the FC itself. Also, in regard to @Don't Touch being away long enough to lose the in-game rank, we should probably get in touch with him and hold another FC election to determine a new leader.
  14. Hi everyone! It looks like some of you have already taken the initiative to move servers, which is totally up to you. However, I do want to point out that the poll was actually fairly split in regard to changing servers with a final vote of 5 against to 6 in favor. That is a slim majority, and I also don't think everyone in our FC had a chance to see the discussion/vote in the poll, so I would like to give them that chance, by either reopening the poll, or having FC leadership make an official poll and tag everyone in the interest group. (Other thread, for reference) If I am one of the FC leadership people you are referencing, I apologize. I've had a crazy last couple weeks and haven't had too much time for browsing the forums, as well as time for in-game activities. That being said, I have already transferred my main to a friend's FC over on Faerie, which is outside the Crystal DC. I know this may seem contradictory to my vote of having the HOPE FC stay on Mateus, but it was a personal decision that I chose to make. Wherever the FC ends up, I am planning to make a new character to join the FC, and was planning to immediately rejoin current HOPE FC, but Mateus server is currently locked to new characters (something I did not realize before I transferred to Faerie, unfortunately).

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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