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  1. @Xyain I definitely see the small plots available more often that the larger ones, so there is hope! They usually go on the market around 3mil each though
  2. @Xyain Unfortunately, there is a lot of patience involved in getting housing on Mateus. Plots are only available on occasion, and the ones that do become available involve lots of camping out at the lot and racing others to purchase it first. We do have some cool things to offer at our FC house though! Private rooms are purchasable, and we do offer complimentary chocobo training (if you leave your chocobo in the stable overnight), as well as some cool crafting stations in the basement!
  3. @Xyain Thank you for letting everyone know about the free server transfer! It's nice that they are at least reimbursing people for their housing on other servers when they move! As for the housing market on Mateus, there are rarely medium or large plots available, and our FC currently only has a small house of its own. However, we have been saving toward getting ourselves a medium plot when it does become available to us (we are looking at the Limsa Lominsa, Uldah, and Gridania housing so that newer players can still visit the FC house). @TunaDan There are actually rooms available for purchase within the FC house where you could store your deocrations and/or furniture! They cost 300,000 gil per room, but I would be more than happy to buy you (or anyone else that is interested) a room of your own!
  4. Congrats to @Zhaydin, @Malerok, and @Droghan for winning 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place prizes respectively! Look forward to the April Monthly Raffle, which will be posted tomorrow night!
  5. Don't forget about the March Raffle! Buy your tickets before March 31st at 7pm (EST)!
  6. @Kynn are there any other tag lists you want to be added to? (I add everyone to the Interest Group tag list as they join LOL)
  7. @Zhaydin I agree that this is an awesome resource! I use it sometimes for information, but do sometimes have issues with ads/videos making it past my ad blocker LOL I also use the FFXIV Wiki (https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/) for game info too!
  8. Just for future reference, please tag me when requesting to be added to taglists! That way I can get to them immediately, instead of when I happen to remember to check this thread LOL
  9. @Don't Touch Lots of new changes! Let me know if you ever want help with anything!
  10. until
    Raffle Tickets must be purchased BEFORE 7pm (EST) to be included in the raffle at 8pm (EST)! More info on the Raffle and Party can be found HERE!
  11. March FC Raffle begins! Be sure to donate and get your tickets before the party on March 31st! More info: HERE!
  12. Hiya everyone! Starting this March, I will be hosting a monthly raffle in the FC! There will be three prizes each month, raffled at the end of the month! Raffle tickets are 10,000 gil each and can be donated to the FC under the "Gil" tab of the Company Chest (found in any major city in the shopping district). The maximum number of tickets people can buy is 10 (so 100,000 gil). If you want to donate more to the FC funds, we appreciate the generosity, however, it will not gain you additional tickets past 10. (I will also not be participating in the raffle, but will continue to donate gil to the FC! I will keep a record of who has donated what to keep track of raffle tickets!) This month's raffle begins today, March 2nd, and will end on March 31st @7pm (EST)! On March 31st, we will also have an FC Party at 8pm (EST) to announce the winners, give out prizes, and show off your fashion! There will be a party gift bag for each person who attends, as well as a secret prize for the best dressed person in attendance. Be fancy, be humorous, but, most importantly, be fashionable! Here are this month's prizes! 1st Place The Gold Whisker Minion! 2nd Place 200,000 Gil! 3rd Place Levin Barding! (If you have any suggestions for future prizes, please send them my way!) Tagging all interest group peeps!
  13. I think it's a great idea to let non-RoH people into the FC! We can get more people involved and get more events going and if they mesh well with us and RoH, then they can always apply for membership or F2P if FFXIV becomes an RoH division. I can see there being potential issues with people being in the FC and then not wanting to join RoH when things are made more official, but I guess they would likely end up leaving at that point.

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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