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  1. hey I was wondering if you could change my username in the forums and discord to Renegabe4040, I changed it in ESO to that because I wanted the lower case g, if you could do this I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


  2. Thanks friends for the birthday well wishes!💜

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      Happy Birthday *hugs* sorry for being late if i am late 

  3. Happy birthday! ✨🎂🎉🎁 

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  5. Happy Birthday! May this be your best day & year ever.


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  7. Hi !  Hope you're doing well!

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      Doing well thank you. And thanks for being my very first follower! I'm so excited!! 

  8. I honestly don't even know if I can invite people to the CWLS? @SilentTheGray may have started it ...? I do have a character on Crystal, Brynhildr server (I think), but I haven't played her in quite some time. I haven't even looked for an active FC on Sargantas, so I fly solo.
  9. Starting an updated thread. If you play on Aether and want to be part of the Cross-World Linkshell (CWLS), please state that in your reply. If you play on Sargatanas (which is on the Aether Data Center), there is a tiny FC there, but I'm the only one that logs in now. Best bet to communicate if on Aether is CWLS in my opinion. Gives people the freedom to join and play in an actual FC. My character is Phoebe Lleonie, I do have a search info note that states Annamika, that might help find me.
  10. Many of us play on Aether, we do have a Cross World Linkshell setup for anyone on that data center so we can chat. There are a few of us that are in a small FC on Sargatanas as well. Nothing official.
  11. Many of us are on Sargatanus server, but we have a cross-world linkshell with some others that are on other servers. I've been playing quite a bit lately, but I'm a filthy casual =D
  12. Happy Birthday Princess ❤️ !!


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