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  1. This is the HIIT I am also old school and love a good Tae Bo
  2. As much as I'd like to "get" the motivation to work out, I never have been able to consistently. I did find a nice 30 minute HIIT video where each move is different (never repeats) that I have enjoyed, but consistency is hard for me. I'm happy to share the video link if anyone wants it. I don't do challenges anymore, mainly because I tried to do them with my art and it burned me out trying to keep up with my own expectations of myself, so I don't call it a challenge, or follow other challenges now. I am interested to see others succeed at them though! I have lost 76 lbs in the past 11 months eating keto and fasting and plan to continue with low carb as a lifestyle since I feel so much better than I used to. I have only worked out intermittently, now I need to get the loose skin under control and I would love to do more strength training as well. We'll see I too have wondered how people like the Peloton, I wanted one of those things that you hang on the wall that's like a big screen with resistance bands (can't remember what it's called, I think it's Tonal maybe???) but I can't see to spend the money since I won't even commit to a YT video and my dumb bells.
  3. Annamika



    Oh sorry, dps/heals.
  4. Hi Annamika,


    I'd like to change my forum name to reflect my in-game name: Benjeezy.  What do I need to do for that?



    1. Annamika


      Got you fixed up, thanks!



  5. Hey! I was hoping you could help me change my forum name to match my in-game name? I am Nekomancer246 in game.

  6. Happy Birthday!  Hope it's been a great day!

  7. Happy Birthday!  Hope it's been "smaaashing daaahling"!

  8. hey I was wondering if you could change my username in the forums and discord to Renegabe4040, I changed it in ESO to that because I wanted the lower case g, if you could do this I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


  9. Thanks friends for the birthday well wishes!💜

    1. Chelly


      Happy Birthday *hugs* sorry for being late if i am late 

  10. Happy Birthday! May this be your best day & year ever.


  11. Have a very happy birthday!! ❤️ 


    cute dog GIF

  12. Hi !  Hope you're doing well!

    1. Drizztt


      Doing well thank you. And thanks for being my very first follower! I'm so excited!!