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  1. Love your profile background !

  2. Add your name, fruit and friend code here! JOIN US.............
  3. Annamika

    Dungeon Walk


    Just to help you out, the events should always show in YOUR preferred time zone, so anytime you look at a calendar event, it should be showing you "your time"
  4. Same event as posted from the club, just making it count as a Community Event for our Hope Springs Eternal Event. I couldn't just transfer it over to Community (from what I could tell). View the club event here:
  5. Nope, I wish I would have, I ended up just buying the plain ole' standard one. The AC one is SO FREAKIN' CUUUUTE
  6. Note to self. Hard mode is haaarrrdd. I plan to get this game as soon as my SD card gets here (today!). Love next day Prime shipping, look forward to hearing from other peeps playing this game, I always have loved the older versions as well. BTW - for anyone who wants to know, we found a 256GB card on Amazon that was decently priced. The "official" switch 128 GB card at Wally World was $44.97, we paid $55 for this one
  7. Happy Birthday @crosius, have a fantastic day!  You are an awesome Recruitment Partner, happy to work with you!

  8. Annamika

    GW2 RP

    Meet up in our Guild Hall at 7PM EST for RP funtimes! (for new players, look in the Guild menu and then click on the Guild Hall button in the top right to be taken to our Guild Hall). Check out our RP forums for helpful RP information!
  9. Thanks to everyone who came out to support our GW2 Recruitment event last night in-game!  This community is amazing, we really appreciate you all!

  10. GW2 Recruitment Event happens tonight!  Go sing some karaoke, drink some wine, then come on over to GW2 at 830 ET to run around with us and help bring some more wonderful people to our family!

    Thanks for your support! ❤️