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  1. Hi there, welcome! Thanks for applying! Please let us know if you have any questions! Good luck!! Take care, Anna
  2. Hi there, welcome! Thanks for applying! Please let us know if you have any questions! Good luck!! Take care, Anna
  3. Hi there, welcome! Thanks for applying! Please let us know if you have any questions! Good luck!! Take care, Anna
  4. Happy Birthday!   Hope it's great!

  5. Happy Birthday friend!  Hope you are well.

  6. Annamika

    GW2 Fractal Night!


    @Eclipse No need to apologize for a tag, that's what I 'm here for @X3rce5 Thank you for the detailed info !!
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Annamika, I tried the link for the Purge you sent but it would not load. Please don't purge me! lol     Error code: 2F173/O

  9. Annamika

    Anna's Art Stuffs

    I mostly do mixed media art in art journals. I also like to make junk journals out of stuff that you'd normally toss in the trash (receipts, labels, packaging, etc.) I'm also focusing on drawing a bit this year, I'm terrible at it, but want to get better at abstract/eclectic face drawing.
  10. I don't think we have much exposure, I didn't even realize this group was a thing. CALL FOR ART! Let's post some pics! Any kind of art (digital, paper, mixed media, paint, drawing, tatting) There are a ton of us, let's create a home here! (Pen/planner/stickers/stationary enthusiasts are also encouraged to post)!
  11. This is the HIIT I am also old school and love a good Tae Bo
  12. As much as I'd like to "get" the motivation to work out, I never have been able to consistently. I did find a nice 30 minute HIIT video where each move is different (never repeats) that I have enjoyed, but consistency is hard for me. I'm happy to share the video link if anyone wants it. I don't do challenges anymore, mainly because I tried to do them with my art and it burned me out trying to keep up with my own expectations of myself, so I don't call it a challenge, or follow other challenges now. I am interested to see others succeed at them though! I have lost 76 lbs in the past 11 months eating keto and fasting and plan to continue with low carb as a lifestyle since I feel so much better than I used to. I have only worked out intermittently, now I need to get the loose skin under control and I would love to do more strength training as well. We'll see I too have wondered how people like the Peloton, I wanted one of those things that you hang on the wall that's like a big screen with resistance bands (can't remember what it's called, I think it's Tonal maybe???) but I can't see to spend the money since I won't even commit to a YT video and my dumb bells.
  13. Annamika



    Oh sorry, dps/heals.
  14. Hi Annamika,


    I'd like to change my forum name to reflect my in-game name: Benjeezy.  What do I need to do for that?



    1. Annamika


      Got you fixed up, thanks!



  15. Hey! I was hoping you could help me change my forum name to match my in-game name? I am Nekomancer246 in game.