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  1. I want in on this, reading a series over again right now, but I can break that up with other books I prefer taking suggestions rather than giving them for books, LOL... ya'll have read WAY more than I have, I aspire to do more reading on a consistent basis.
  2. Happy Birthday Merichi!   Miss you friend, hope  you're doing well. ❤️

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!  Hope you're having a great day!

  4. Annamika

    Extreme Trials


    Not sure if we are supposed to sign up, but I am DPS for now, Bard ilvl 562
  5. Hey there Bear!  Wanted to check on ya and see how you are doing.  We haven't seen you for several days and hope that everything is ok with you.



    1. LuckyBear


      Yup. Just that time of year again. Busy December as usual.

  6. Annamika

    Call for Screenshots - Use for marketing

    We'd love to start gathering some screenshots for the recruitment team to use for marketing when the division goes live. Feel free to add all kinds of stuff here! [No Spoilers Please]
  7. Happy Happy Birthday @Annamika


    Thank you for all you do!

  8. Happy Birthday, Anna! 🥳🍰🎊🎁 Hope you have a wonderful day filled with all the things that bring you joy!

    1. Annamika


      Aww, thank you so much!  Hope you are well! ❤️

  9. Happy Birthday friend !

    1. Annamika


      Thanks so much! ❤️


  10. Hey you!  Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday!  Have a fabulous day!

    Happy Birthday GIF by MyPostcard

  12. Thanks so much for all the awesome response!!! There are great shots here!
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