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  1. Happy Birthday Jaskura! 🎂

  2. Happiest of the Birthdays to you, my friend! ❤️ 

  3. Happy Birthday Monk! 🥳

  4. Yeah I've heard that some servers have the botting especially bad. I've been playing on retail and only about once a week for a few hours here and there. There's a charm so far but I'm still trying to get my bearings. Just getting to the point where I could play the game and have a control scheme I understand took a long ass time. Too early to have any real opinion but nothing bad so far. I like the little guessing game with chests.
  5. Hoping your Birthday is filled with pure awesome friend! 😁 🎉


    1. DigitalMonk


      Thank you Jaskra this is cool!

  6. Wow! So many barriers to entry in this game! After the gauntlet of buying, installing, patching, login credentials, many passwords, IDs, etc. I finally was able to make a character. I have started to get used to the controls somewhat, played for a couple of hours. On the Asura server. Will update more in time
  7. Hope you have a great day today! Happy Birthday!

    1. Nyx


      Thank you, Monk! ❤️

  8. Enjoy your special day! :D

  9. So sorry I missed your birthday - hope it was amazing!

  10. Have a very happy birthday! I hope you are doing well :) 

  11. In your fantastic 

     guide, under "Getting Trial Ready" it references Teamspeak.  Is that still used or is everything discord chat now?

    1. crosius


      No, TeamSpeak is no longer used. It was used in the time of this posting. Everything is done in Discord now.

  12. I just downloaded the game after watching some of Exilecon. A lot of resources I see on here and a lot to learn, here we go
  13. Happy Birthday Tyrlo! Hope you have a crunk one!

    1. Tyrlo


      Thanks, Monk :) Hope you're well!

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