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  1. @Scoobs maybe add 4) Join the conversation here and on the newly added new world discord channel on the RoH discord server. Looking forward to coordinating with folks in less than 2 days!
  2. Guess this is like our wowhead for now (until something else comes along).
  3. Thanks for this video, very informative. I think it all makes sense but I'll probably come back to this when I'm actually playing for reference if I have any questions. Making a new world bookmark folder already, THANKS @Scoobs
  4. I like the environments but look forward to playing in the beta to see how varied they are.
  5. This is exciting! Looking forward to sinking my teeth in.
  6. I have been reading conflicting things or maybe I'm just confused regarding the beta. When you preorder I understand you get access to the beta but can you play immediately or only starting July 20th? I've heard people playing recently but perhaps that is an alpha or something separate?
  7. So sorry I missed your birthday - hope it was amazing!

  8. Have a very happy birthday! I hope you are doing well :) 

  9. In your fantastic 

     guide, under "Getting Trial Ready" it references Teamspeak.  Is that still used or is everything discord chat now?

    1. crosius


      No, TeamSpeak is no longer used. It was used in the time of this posting. Everything is done in Discord now.

  10. I just downloaded the game after watching some of Exilecon. A lot of resources I see on here and a lot to learn, here we go
  11. Happy Birthday Tyrlo! Hope you have a crunk one!

    1. Tyrlo


      Thanks, Monk :) Hope you're well!

  12. Happy birthday, Monk! ❤️

  13. Happy birthday Monkstar!  Hope you have an awesome day, and hope to see you around soon ❤️


    celebrate happy birthday GIF by ptrzykd

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