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  1. @ddtmm2 Happy Birthday bud! Miss you ❤️ Hope all is well! Come check in and don't be a stranger!


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  2. Celebrate YOU this day! Hopefully you have already or plan to celebrate the awesomeness that is you today sir!

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    1. Tyrtaeus


      Today's been great so far Monk! I appreciate the love!!

  3. Have a super cool birthday! Do something FUN!


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  4. DigitalMonk

    How We've Grown!

    Hello Blizzard Gamers! Wow looks like we've reached 40 members! I should be giving this club more attention. Just wanted to make a quick post to let you all know I plan on trying to create events for us to play together in the next couple of days but also encourage other people to create their own stuff as well. In the meanwhile, if you have any ideas or requests, send them my way! If you haven't already, I encourage you to add your battlenet ID, games you play and general availability to our Looking For Group thread. Anyways, talk to you again soon!
  5. Happy BDay to @jun_kwan! Hope you're celebrating your special day.


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  6. Happy Belated @Darkprozac! Hope you got crunk 😎

    1. Darkprozac


      Haha!  I wish I had to work today.  But I'll probably make up for it on friday!

  7. DigitalMonk

    [DIVISION INVASION[ Leveling With A Whole Lot Of Friends!

    Leveling with Friends is where we run around killing world bosses, complete delves (a solo dungeon that's fun with a big group), defeat dark anchors (zone-wide group events), Public Dungeons and more! This Friday we are Leveling With Friends in Auridon!
  8. DigitalMonk

    [ESO-PvE] Monday Night Mayhem (Dungeons)

    Monday Night Mayhem is a Dungeon event where the PvE team splits participants into groups of four to complete dungeons. This event is for all players level 10 and higher. Whether it would be your first dungeon or you've done them all, come join us!
  9. Have a fun day celebrating yooooooooooou


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  10. Hope you have a great birthday! Do something fun and celebrate....YOU!

  11. DigitalMonk

    [ESO] Machine Learning - A Game Show Event

  12. DigitalMonk

    ESO Division Assembly

  13. DigitalMonk

    RoH Old Images Collection

    Send your RoH Origin images here!

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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