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    Joyeite - sentinel dps / Nushim - shadow tank / Azilori - vanguard dps / Clargak - commando heals / Drayanosis - Juggernaut dps / Xaxaal - Mercenary dps
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    Jedi Sentinel
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    Alpí - Azilori - Azilorí
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    Irora Thaurane - High Elf Sorc
    Elielde - High Elf Sorc

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    Joyseite - Night Elf
    Azilori - Pandaren (Alliance)

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    Happy to heal
  2. until

    Happy to mdps:))
  3. Azilori (he/him)

    Datacron hunt :)


    The calendar should display the date/time in your own timezone
  4. Azilori (he/him)

    Datacron hunt :)


    I should be available!
  5. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day :)


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    m/rdps please! or heals if needed
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    Ooops! Fixed
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    dps please
  10. until

    Happy to heal (or dps if needed!)
  11. Azilori (he/him)



    Heals > dps Vet or master is fine with me!
  12. Come join me on Rishi for some in-guild PvP this Saturday, January 23rd at 6:00 PM eastern on the Republic side. We will be running some deathmatches, as well as a Hutball game, with prizes for the winning team! This is a great opportunity to give PvP a try if you haven't managed to get into it yet, as we will be playing in a fun, stress-free environment! There is no level requirement (due to the bolstering system implemented on the ship) and all levels of experience are welcome. All people are welcome and encouraged to join in, however if you are strongly against going into combat, there is also a feature to enter the zone as a camera droid and view the fights from a position of safety. In addition, there will be several people present who can help out with your class, and how to utilise it in a PvP environment - please bring all questions along with you! In the meantime, if you've got any queries regarding the event, feel free to direct them to me. I hope to see you all there!!
  13. until

    Heals > m/rdps
  14. Azilori (he/him)

    Gree Event


    I am not quite sure if I’ll be able to make it, but if I can I’ll happily bring a dps!
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