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  1. until

    I'll just be doing the matches I need to finish my medal achievement up
  2. until

    Well,I most likely will be raiding this upcoming Tuesday and every Tuesday after, my prog team is kicking off this upcoming Sunday (Feb 19th). Wishing the best of luck you guys don't have a ranked player in the instance this week.
  3. until

    was killing, not sure if I'll be there due to my BRAND NEW PROG team starting up maybe this sunday.
  4. until

    I'll be around if my electric or internet stays on, supposed to get some sketchy wind and snow today.
  5. until

    I'll be there just in case people can't really make it. If not, I'll just queue against you. Probably won't sit in VC though
  6. Happy Birthday, hope that it is swell!

    1. Aravail


      Thanks Hunter, it was definitely swell!!  Hope all is well for you too! 😁

  7. Happy Birthday my friend! Hope that it is swell!

  8. until

    I can come even though I am on LoA, nothing is going on tonight in my other guild. mDPS as well
  9. happy belated birthday!

  10. Hunter!  happy birthday!  I hope you're having a great day today.  Celebrate! 

  11. until

    strict backup, since I am not really in need for gearing or anything (Only call on me if you desperately need a DPS or a healer) Crap, I realized I was signed up for this after I signed up for a VM DP at 8pm on Sunday in another guild. Soo @Merliah, feel free to take me off the backup list.
  12. Happy birthday Vorn, hope that it was swell!

    1. Vorn


      Thanks, Hunter!

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