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    Star Trek, Star Wars, anything with the Weather

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    No one currently in guild. But main PT/Guardian/Mara
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  1. Happy Birthday, hope that it is swell!

    1. Aravail


      Thanks Hunter, it was definitely swell!!  Hope all is well for you too! 😁

  2. Happy Birthday Hippy!

    1. Hippy


      Thank you!

  3. Happy Birthday my friend! Hope that it is swell!

  4. until

    I can come even though I am on LoA, nothing is going on tonight in my other guild. mDPS as well
  5. happy belated birthday!

  6. Hunter!  happy birthday!  I hope you're having a great day today.  Celebrate! 

  7. Happy birthday!! 🎉

  8. until

    strict backup, since I am not really in need for gearing or anything (Only call on me if you desperately need a DPS or a healer) Crap, I realized I was signed up for this after I signed up for a VM DP at 8pm on Sunday in another guild. Soo @Merliah, feel free to take me off the backup list.
  9. Happy birthday Vorn, hope that it was swell!

    1. Vorn


      Thanks, Hunter!

  10. until

    I also need to bow out, but for other reasons. I would rather someone who is newer to VM raiding to fill my spot instead.
  11. until

    I can come, since I doubt another thing will start up now.
  12. until

    DPS... Or heals
  13. until

  14. I am, but you usually know what happens with LoAs and me. I end up playing the game more than I should've and end it early. TBH, I'll probably post on the post and end the LOA tomorrow.
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