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    Any role......
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    any role
  3. until

    I can tank or dps
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    Sorry, Please disregard as me going. My apologies. Jed
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    Any role
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    Tank or dps
  8. until

    Tank or dps
  9. until

    Tank or dps
  10. until

    I can tank or do ranged dps.
  11. until

    Tank, some more tank, alot of tank
  12. until

    Tank, Tanky and more Tanky
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    To all, I will be hosting a Slash and Bash Event this Friday at 8pm. All are welcome. 50 million pot will be broken up to the team that wins. Side random prizes will be give out that the end. 1. Broken up into teams of 4 ( Selection of teams will be random) Try to group up experience players with non experience players 2. Rules as follows to earn points: Tank (damage and protection) DPS (Damage) Healer (Heals) 3. Best of 3 to 5 rounds See you out there , Jed @Aravail, @RoguishZero, @Gagi, @Jae Onasi, @Morgani, @Lazyhaze22, @Kriusa, @Mevraz, @Shadowstep, @Vorn, @Hippy, @Jed, @Shaun, @Cixial, @Baron'Karza, @Dalivandrian, @Azilori (he/him), @Bubu Dubu, @Dethvox, @CamoCamper, @Credonice, @hunterhead, @Zephiel5, @brazymando, @Chackez, @indiablonix, @Cora Nilu, @Logani, @Ren'ato, @Halligan, @Dimisticlus, @TheSavageDoctor, @Arlanii, @Dlique, @RavAug0314, @Caiobkw, @Grumps, @Vastor, @NeveahScottis, @zydh Edited just now by Jed
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    Three more spots for two full teams and need backups still wanted. Slyfoxmartin, Jed, RoguishZero, Merliah, Jae Onasi, Vorn, Slazersc, Vehirt, Aedi Lanigiro, Dalivandrian, Evath, Kialya, Skywalker17, Yiss, Hellary Ren, Grin, Surrrithux, Laysa, Getius, NorthHorizon, Riku, Rykyn, Cikopath, It's Dan, AidenRhen, Etrias, theangrywelder, marlzz, Falcon III, allticrates, Darth Gumby, Shaun, Quasited, witchbolts, Mirivor, Eskili, brazymando, Nabetse, Mr Invictus, Amrithir, hunterhead, aj85, Chackez, MDStacky, Frarry, Inyourprime, Dochabi, BRAYSCEND, indiablonix, Roedynn, Coffeedout, Cora Nilu, Brannis, Ocean, XJediknight18X, Ren'ato, MrFishy

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ESO: Aralornx and Lazyhaze22

GW2: Aine and Carmarin Seaducer


WoW: Faithh05



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