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  1. until

    I will tanky tanky tanky with extra side of tanky.
  2. Jed

    VMOPS Progression

    Put me down for tank
  3. until
    Come join me for Master Mode Saturday Night at 8pm
  4. To all, I will be hosting MM FP from 6-8 pm est Please bring your level 75 characters. See you out there. Jed
  5. until
    Come join me in some master mode fps this evening.
  6. until

    I will not be able to make it. Early meeting Thursday morning.
  7. until
    Will be hosting master mode flash points from 6 to 8 est. See you out there. Jed
  8. until

    If you need as a back up let me know
  9. until

    Sorry, I will not be available. I have a meeting Wed.
  10. I will be on this weekend. just let me know a time
  11. I am coming back to it myself right now. Its a lot of fun. DO some exotic question and finished 3 raids so far.
  12. until

    I will be there
  13. Happy Birthday to your daughter @Slyfoxmartin What is this fuseball you talk about? @MO-0519
  14. Sorry a wee late on this. I will be hosting master modes tomorrow from 6-8 pm est. See you out there, JED
  15. To all, I will be hosting Master Flashpoints from 6-8pm est this Sat. See you out there. Jed