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  1. until
    Come join me in some master mode fps this evening.
  2. until

    I will not be able to make it. Early meeting Thursday morning.
  3. until
    Will be hosting master mode flash points from 6 to 8 est. See you out there. Jed
  4. until

    If you need as a back up let me know
  5. until

    Sorry, I will not be available. I have a meeting Wed.
  6. I will be on this weekend. just let me know a time
  7. I am coming back to it myself right now. Its a lot of fun. DO some exotic question and finished 3 raids so far.
  8. until

    I will be there
  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter @Slyfoxmartin What is this fuseball you talk about? @MO-0519
  10. Sorry a wee late on this. I will be hosting master modes tomorrow from 6-8 pm est. See you out there, JED
  11. To all, I will be hosting Master Flashpoints from 6-8pm est this Sat. See you out there. Jed
  12. until

    Wont be able to be there tommorow
  13. until

    sorry posted this on the wrong night. I will moving it to tommorow
  14. Roles for tonight: Tank: Jed Tank: MO-0519 DPS: Merilah DPS: Frarry DPS: vorn DPS: AEDI Healer: Mad Hatter Healer: Chelly See you at 8pm
  15. until
    Will be doing master flashpoints from 6 to 8 PM. Requests will be taken for any flashpoint. See you out there.