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    Sci-fi like Star Wars and 40K, Fantasy like Lord of the Rings, playing games (my personal favorite of which are strategy games), reading books, and watching movies, tv shows, and anime.

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    (main and name sake) Malerok (Imp) | (secondary) Seratsu (Imp, Sith Sorcerer), Kirrinth (Rep, Jedi Guardian), Valliyn (Rep, Gunslinger) | (extras) Vrakium (Imp, Sith Assassin), Kidrath Zinj (Imp, Mercenary), Verinthius (Imp, Sith Marauder), Feleris (Imp, Sniper), Orphilium (Rep, Jedi Shadow), Therinth (Rep, Commando)
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  1. Malerok

    VMOPs, Dxun SM Double Tap


    Backup heals > rDPS if need be
  2. until

    I might be available for it tonight. I can be a backup rDPS for it if need be.
  3. until

  4. until

  5. until

    Huh, that, filled up kind of quick. @Merliah would it be possible for me to be rDPS for this? If not and only backups are left, I get it, I'm sad, but I understand and I hope the Op will go well for you guys.
  6. until

    r dps please
  7. until

    RDPS>MDPS Backup Please (You know what scratch that I want another shot at this OP)
  8. Happy Birthday Merliah!

    Happy Birthday Rainbow GIF by reactionseditor

  9. Have a very happy Birthday!! 🎉


    happy birthday minions GIF

  10. Malerok

    PROPS Gearing


    Commando heals reporting in for the gearing run. *Salute*
  11. Hey, I'm sorry to say this but I will be unable to join you guys for Stellaris stuff like I originally wanted to for the time being. I know I said I would and I really want to, but unfortunately SWTOR RP things are happening differently than I expected and I now have to devote my full attention to the mini-arc I'm starting proper on Friday. I probably will not be able to join in for the remaining sessions of this game and possibly the next one with how long this arc is potentially going to be. However once it's done I will be more than ready to jump back in and play with you guys. Hope this game goes well and I hope you'll be able to kick the mid game and end game crisis to the next galaxy. @KalianVan @Deluxe @Phoenix @Vedian @DreamingofRoses
  12. I created an Elven archer on the Landroval server that I plan on bringing to aid this fellowship. If need be I could create a guardian toon for tanking, I may not know much about tanking in this game but I can learn it if need be. Looking forward to when we start this adventure.
  13. I'd totally be down to do this with you guys. Never got much chance to play Lotro and even when I did I didn't get very far. That and I don't have many Turbine points to unlock the quest packs and expansions, nor the money to do so. I 'might' be able to get a three-month sub around late May but I can't say for certain. Despite that, I would LOVE the chance to play this game with you guys and actually get to play more of it that I did previously and experience more of what it has to offer. Come what may, I will do my best to be ready for our fellowship to set out in May.