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  1. Just as a heads up for everyone, I am currently not planning on continuing my part in this multiplayer game of Stellaris, or any game for the foreseeable future. This is mainly because of 2 reasons. (Primary) 1. I am lagging hard no matter what I do to the games settings, on my families main computer, and my laptop, and thus am dragging everyone else in the game down with me when I do. I do not want to be a burden in that way to any of you what so ever. So I am willing to step down and not participate in these events till I get myself a better computer for playing games. Even if I was pretty good at the game, no amount of skill can save me from the wrath of the lag spikes. (Secondary) 2. I was not having fun with this game as we progressed into the mid and late game. This is down to two things. First, my position after the first session wasn't the best, but it could've been doable, but after last Thursday's session, I saw my position become all the harder for me to do anything beyond the early game; aside from trying to mess with rival factions with the marauder empires. This is also due to my skill level. I know that really, it doesn't matter what my skill level is with these games. However, for me, it became painfully clear that I am not at all used to the way multiplayer in Stellaris works, and while I am not a noob at the game, I am not quite good enough to be able to contend with anyone, other than the AI in this game. I don't know if this is because of my skill at the game, or because I am extremely rusty with the game still. I do know that I really am not contributing much of anything but a mear blit on the map, that might do something funny. While there were funny moments during these sessions, I know and accept that currently, I need more time to practice if I want to be able to play multiplayer in this game properly. I COULD be able to do something, I just don't know what, or how. I apologize if this might cause the match to become imbalanced but as of right now, I am not having a good time with this match. There is a chance I might change my mind come Thursday, but I currently do not see that happening. I would, however, like to end this by saying that I do LOVE this game, and truly would like to play this with others, it's just that as of right now, I need to practice a bit with the game, and I REALLY need to get a better computer for this game. That and I was thinking that I might need to leave my Thursdays open, just in case I need to do anything involving college or real life stuff. Again I would love to play with you guys, I just don't think that I can be able to keep trying as of right now. Hope you guys have a good and fun time regardless. Until I am able to venture out into the Stars again, Namárie a Novaer.
  2. until

    DPS for me.
  3. until

    DPS, ready to take on Revan. *Note: Right now I'm undecided if I'm going to be ranged or melee for this. Might have a better idea for which I will bring for this tomorrow.*
  4. Happiest of happies! 


  5. Hope you have an amazing birthday!!!

  6. Hope you have a great birthday! Do something fun and celebrate....YOU!

  7. Happy birthday pal! Congratz you're old enough to make terrible decisions! :D jkjk Have a good one!

  8. until

    I am down to DPS Dead Palace on Imp side

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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