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  1. Kialya

    VMOPS Progression

    PvE Operation Event: VM DF (or groups choice) Pub Side Date: Sunday 2/16/2020 Operation Start Time (Start Time = First Pull): 7:00 PM EST Operation End Time: 9:15 PM EST You must arrive at least 15 minutes before start time, else you will be replaced. Requirements: This will be run like progression. 7.5k heals, 8k dps. (These will be updated) Item level (loot rating): StarParse is required. Priority will go to the normal raid team first. Let's just relax and have fun. Operation Group Sign-Up List: Raid Lead: Kialya Main-Tank: Off-Tank: Healer: Healer: DPS: DPS: DPS: DPS: Back-ups: Let me know if you can't come so I can fill in any back-ups....
  2. Kialya

    VMOPS Progression Dread Fortress

    This is a VMOPS Progression Run Normal team applies. Regular VMOPS will be scheduled on another day. Tank: Tank: DPS: DPS: DPS: DPS: Healer: Healer:
  3. I'm sorry I almost missed your birthday, 

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      You didn't miss it.  Thank you. 

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  5. Happy birthday to the ALT toon QUEEN! More toons then your own age ( and boy is that up there ) 

    Much love to you my friend. Hope it was an awesome day. 

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