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  1. until

    I was hoping to attend both of these but it's possible I won't be able to make the Wednesday one. Is coming Thursday still an option or would I be, like, out because I missed the qualifier race or something?
  2. I posted in a thread elsewhere on the forum before discovering there was an actual book club. Hopefully nobody minds if I copy all the words I wrote here, even though the only one I'm currently reading is Iain M. Banks' Excession.
  3. Fire Emblem fan reporting in; this game is the reason I bought my Switch! Flew with the Black Eagles first; I have since started both Golden Deer and Blue Lions (on the hardest difficulty level they added later, because I'm sure Dimitri can handle it!) at different times but gotten distracted by other games before finishing (finishing that Blue Lion run is steadily marching up my gaming to-do list, though). Although Catherine is a monster on the battlefield with that ridiculous Thunderbrand, I prefer her partner Shamir for personality. Would have married her if I didn't decide I should pick Edelgard on her own route. Anyone have a favorite student?
  4. Hi! I'm Matt, trial applicant and hopefully future member. 29-year-old straight male, in case anyone needs to know. I don't get the impression this group is particularly active -- or necessarily focused on changing of status -- but...I'm currently single, I would like to try not being single someday, and there are a number of "I met my future spouse in an MMO!" stories out there. Can't hurt to join! Maybe in the future I'll make a good impression on a female member of RoH who'll notice the "Singles Group" interest. ----- The prospect of asking someone on a date always seemed sufficiently intimidating to me that, even though I definitely wanted a girlfriend in school (and had some potential candidates in mind!), the first time I even attempted was only a couple of years ago. Most likely because I am on the autism spectrum, and this is probably the most complicated social endeavor one can initiate. I wish I'd had that courage earlier, because now, after some other life struggles and mistakes, I feel "locked out" -- inexperienced and under-accomplished both romantically and education/career-wise compared to what I think is expected at my age. Some of that's real, some is low self-esteem. I would not say I'm actively looking for a partner until I've done some self-improvement, and when I am that is certainly going to involve either moving to a place with a bigger pool or looking online (I'm in a mildly-dying town in Arkansas). But that's a bit of a catch-22, because I also think I would be more motivated to make myself a stronger person knowing there's someone in my life who's 100% got my back, who I can support in their goals in return, and snuggle up on the couch with when things are rough.