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    Video games, books, anime, D&D, typical nerd things

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    Ragnveld (Juggernaut, main for now I guess); Marasi Skif (Gunslinger); Che'rad'enine (Sniper); Za'kalwe (Guardian)
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  1. Hello.  Once I was a SWTOR recruitment assistant.

    If you'd like to see what happened, https://www.remnantsofhope.com/boards/index.php?/topic/67515-summary-of-swtor-drama-as-background-for-new-he-election/

    if it's still there.

  2. until

    Good luck y'all!
  3. until

    would like to try mDPS (as Vengeance Juggernaut) but looks like we may have that filled, so I can also be rDPS.
  4. until

    backup rDPS, tank, or... if possible, mDPS! (Vengeance Juggernaut) haven't tried mDPS in an op yet, now I can and would like to give it a shot some time soon.
  5. until

    @Dch765 surprise! I don't think I'll be able to come tomorrow. Go ahead and take me off the list. maybe I could show up late at some point.
  6. I believe I should be there. Forgot we'd talked about going Sunday this week so I didn't notice on the calendar.
  7. until

    tank or rDPS
  8. until

    tank or rDPS for this 14-hour operation!
  9. until

    tank or rDPS if needed
  10. until

    can be there if you need me (tank or rDPS)
  11. until

    Tank or rDPS
  12. until

    Looks like you're full and I don't need it, but can probably come if you want more for multiple runs!
  13. I guess I got another round of practice yesterday!
  14. until

    rDPS or tank
  15. I should be there! Fair warning, I have only done R-4 once (maybe twice?), and I was not the tank (also, we had the " first boss disappears through the floor" bug and could not clear Lady Dom at the end). So...hopefully I don't let the team down!

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