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    Video games, books, anime, D&D, typical nerd things

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    Ragnveld (Juggernaut, main for now I guess); Marasi Skif (Gunslinger); Che'rad'enine (Sniper); Za'kalwe (Guardian)
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  1. until

    Ugh. There is a 90% chance I cannot attend after all -- my laptop died on me during Friday's SMOPs and so far refuses to turn back on. Whether I repair it or am back on a different computer, it probably won't be by tomorrow afternoon.
  2. MontagoHalcyon

    Friday Night SMOPS


    ^Since I just ran EC on Imp side Monday, I would be fine dropping out this time so @jcmichaelw can have a slot, if needed and nobody else decides to.
  3. until

    I can do Imp as a tank or Pub as a ranged DPS! Also thank you to @Dexstar for hosting this!
  4. MontagoHalcyon

    Friday Night SMOPS


  5. until

    I'm bringing an Immortal Juggernaut. It'll be my first time playing an operation as a tank, but I'll try my best to follow any explanations given!
  6. until

    I can bring a tank...might have a stealth DPS soon, but not this time. This time around I actually have 306 gear, so it shouldn't be quite as much of a struggle, if @Jae Onasi @Dlique (whoever the third person was) are in my group
  7. MontagoHalcyon

    Friday Night SMOPS


    rDPS, please
  8. MontagoHalcyon

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt 3

    I should be there! On Republic side I'll be bringing rDPS. I am not sure I have enough of the achievement boosts to have it active for all of these.
  9. MontagoHalcyon

    Friday Night SMOPS


    rDPS, pew pew!
  10. until

    If my schedule allows I can bring a ranged DPS; I have technically done this flashpoint but many years ago.
  11. until

    I'd like to come! I'll need to check with a friend about their schedule for other Sunday things. If I do it'll be as an Immortal Juggernaut (so, tank). I'm 75, but haven't done all the flashpoints yet or any on MM, so I won't necessarily know what to do.
  12. MontagoHalcyon

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt 2

    I didn't attend the first one but I think I can be there! Melee tank, theoretically.
  13. MontagoHalcyon

    [PVE-Pub] The Eyeless


    Alright, I'll come along as a Gunslinger. Haven't done any of this event, ever, don't know what I'm in for, might not have the quest in time, but rakghouls need shootin'.
  14. until

    I was hoping to attend both of these but it's possible I won't be able to make the Wednesday one. Is coming Thursday still an option or would I be, like, out because I missed the qualifier race or something?
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