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  1. until

    Tank Tank tank!!!! or dps or heals...hehe btw, we kill an orb not revan
  2. until

    *squeals with excitement* Awesome name!
  3. until

    do not think i have ever tanked this. Vet mode, from what i hear you guys say during raids, is nuts. I can give it a try. Put me down where you need me, got em all lol
  4. until

    Ascension's Frarry!
  5. until

    I will put any this time. Like I said, would like to tank but....put me where you need me
  6. until

    Heals>dps backup or 16m
  7. until

    Thank you @Darth Gumby and @Dexstar You guys rock!
  8. until

    heals>dps backup or 16m
  9. until

    Heals (preferred) or low dps. If needed for 16m.
  10. heals or dps for backup or 16m
  11. until

    WHOOPS, not saturday...thought it was for friday
  12. until

    You know the story...heal>dps backup or 16m
  13. until

    heals>dps, backup or 16m
  14. until

    Heals>dps backup or 16m
  15. until

    heal>dps, backup or 16m. I don't have achieves for 16m so would like to do it but if not enough...put me as backup.