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  1. until

    Alright! See you all at 7pm (my time)!
  2. until

    If you need me, let me know
  3. until

    I'm up for heals, if you need me
  4. until

  5. until

    If you need a heals, let me know
  6. until

    As of right now, I'm available to heal if needed. Plans do change every once in a while. But let me know if you need me.
  7. until

    3 hours?? Let's get that bad boy down!
  8. until

    If you need a backup healer, let me know. Still working on my sorc dps but not sure she will be ready by Monday
  9. until

    Ok first, I wanna go! Get me working again after being off for 3 days!!! Second, @Jed get some sleep before hand! You put the time for this am instead of pm. Are you missing sleep again?
  10. until

    I could come for an hour before heading to smops Still working on gear for my sorc/sage, dps gear.
  11. until

    If you need me, let me know. If you need a dps, I can try dps on my sorc/sage (can't remember which side this is lol). DPS might not be great but gonna need to learn dps. But of course, would prefer to heal, but I wanna finish this OP too.
  12. until

    If you need a heals, let me know. I am available.
  13. until

    I am available if you need a healer. Let me know
  14. until

    Yes MO said you were doing HM Queen. I have never done HM before so will need a little explain to do it.