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  1. until

    3 hours?? Let's get that bad boy down!
  2. until

    If you need a backup healer, let me know. Still working on my sorc dps but not sure she will be ready by Monday
  3. until

    Ok first, I wanna go! Get me working again after being off for 3 days!!! Second, @Jed get some sleep before hand! You put the time for this am instead of pm. Are you missing sleep again?
  4. until

    I could come for an hour before heading to smops Still working on gear for my sorc/sage, dps gear.
  5. until

    If you need me, let me know. If you need a dps, I can try dps on my sorc/sage (can't remember which side this is lol). DPS might not be great but gonna need to learn dps. But of course, would prefer to heal, but I wanna finish this OP too.
  6. until

    If you need a heals, let me know. I am available.
  7. until

    I am available if you need a healer. Let me know
  8. until

    Yes MO said you were doing HM Queen. I have never done HM before so will need a little explain to do it.
  9. until

    Actually this week I am not. But if you need me next week, i should be available
  10. @MO-0519 I didn't forget the birthday part. I forgot going over to the grandparents part lol. We were waiting til we had some money from Edward getting a job to have her birthday party but then grandparents said, "Come over"
  11. I totally forgot. Today is my daughters 10th birthday, so we are going to her grandparents after my boyfriend gets off work. So I won't make it tonight. Think of me when you are killing bosses! Lol
  12. Just FYI but I believe the weekly on Ossus is 4 MM FPs. So if anyone needs to gear, this would be a good thing.
  13. I will try to make it. A lot of changes happening around here. Boyfriend got a rl job so I'm having to drive him to work so I have early mornings and I have to pick up the slack around the house with him working as well. Just tired lol. Hope I can make it!
  14. until

    Ok not sure what the madhatter/slyfoxmartin means?
  15. until

    Noooo not Revan! Ok we can kill followers cause they are fake followers. hahahaha