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  1. Slyfoxmartin

    The Gree event


    I would love to come! Heals>dps
  2. until

    This is my first event, ok! Yeah I'm facepalming myself
  3. until

    No! I won't give you that information! Honestly, was thinking my sin that i'm leveling and i don't remember her level, around 50 lol. I can bring a 75 if needed but since heroics, thought lower would be ok. I want to come!!! Let me be your friend Merls
  4. Slyfoxmartin



    I can be backup. Would like people who haven't done many smops to go before me but if ya need me heals>dps>tank. I have tanked this on sm but i'm still would prefer heals or dps but if you need it.
  5. until

    Is there gonna be a @Frarry? I still have to work on scaring her away (Don't hurt me Merls) I would love to join!
  6. until

    Time to get spiked! (heals)
  7. Slyfoxmartin

    Exploring Uprisings


    I have done like 2 of the uprisings, wouldn't mind trying more.
  8. Slyfoxmartin

    Vet. Flashpoint


    I would love to come! Not positive about my schedule yet but...planning on being on
  9. Slyfoxmartin

    SMOPs: Dread Fortress


    @Dalivandrian I've done this raid, i don't know how many times lol. I was just signing up if there was an open spot. I'm good to work on leveling if you wanna go. If you want to step out, i'll go. I'm flexible
  10. Slyfoxmartin

    MasterMode Flashpoints


    ewww coffee???? Makes me not want to be dark side...but only a little So you doing this on imp side @Jed
  11. Slyfoxmartin

    SMOPs: Dread Fortress


    add me as backup. Want others to go before me, if they haven't done it but if you still have open spots, i can fill. Heals or dps
  12. until

    I need healing!!


    Happy belated again to you!!!



  14. Congrats on completing another orbit!!!