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  1. Walex

    SWTOR - Achievement Hunt

    Sounds like fun! Happy to join!
  2. until

    Exciting! I have been itching to do some Uprisings! Down for whichever level difficulty is appropriate for the group! See you all Sunday night!
  3. until

    rDEEPS! I hope we do that thing where we total party wipe everyone with explosions in the final fight!
  4. until

    I'm a big fan of the name change!
  5. until

    Going to try to join this if it's still happening! Coming with my conquest toon - mDPS Operative!
  6. until

    Count me in! I won't have my conquest character to 70, but I'll bring Old Sorcie! mDPS!
  7. until

    Bringing RDPS!
  8. until

    I'm super stoked! Especially if Gagi recites Soa's monologue while we raid! I still have just the one Imp-side character (mDPS) to run in OPS. So if it works better for me to go in on run #2 to let some of the newer folks have a crack at the first run, I'm happy to do that!
  9. until

  10. Walex

    Unproductive Ops

    This sounds interesting! I can definitely bring a DPS sorc!
  11. until

    I am anticipating having to stay late for an experiment at work, which would have me not home and ready in time for the Operation start. I am happy to go as a backup spot (rDPS) this week - just in case the schedule changes the day of! Hope the team does great this week! This is such a great OPS!
  12. until

    Oh yeah! That Krayt Dragon is not ready for the VoD crack team! rDPS!
  13. until

    Oh yeah! mDPS!
  14. Walex

    Unproductive Ops


    Awesome! I should be down! mDPS if this is Pub side! (rDPS if this is Imp side)!
  15. until

    Happy Belated Birthday, Merls! rDPS if there is still room, otherwise happy to serve as backup!