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    Ann Arbor, MI
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    Chemistry, Gaming, Sailing, Cooking, Movies

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    Waléx, Vexalorus, Davey Danger, Godwick Salve, Walex Delta, I'm Helping
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    Sith Sorcerer
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  1. until

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    My body is ready for the DP!
  3. until

    We are coming for that Bestia Booty!
  4. until

    You son of a b****, I’m in! rDPS!
  5. until

    I'll bring the rDPS and RaVem will bring the rDP (which is much kinkier!)
  6. Walex

    [PVE-IMP] Xenoanalyst Run II

    Count me in for rDPS for both runs!
  7. until

    rDPS for me, comrade!
  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Walex


      Thanks so much! I was planning to treat myself by opening something expensive from my Legacy Cargo Hold! 😂 I hope that Operation last night went great! (We got back from dinner after it started!)

  9. Happy birthday, friend!🎉

    1. Walex


      Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Even though it was a Monday, things were pretty cool! Did a birthday freebie discount breakfast and sushi for lunch! 

  10. Ahhh, it's your birthday, Walex! :)  I hope you have a fantastic day today!  Cheers. 

    1. Walex


      It is! I am certainly older than last year! 🤣  Thanks so much for the well wishes!

      I started off by dropping by me favorite breakfast place - which offers a free breakfast item off the menu on the actual day of - I always just tip the entire meal cost so it goes to the server since I was going to pay for it anyway! Picked a veggie skillet today - super delicious!

      I hope things are going great for you over in the set up for New World! I'm super excited to try that out and you'll see my cross-app there soon!



  11. Happy Birthday Walex! Hope that its a good one!

    1. Walex


      Thanks so much, hunter! I am trying to decide if I want to splurge on opening something expensive (a new lightsaber) that I've been keeping in my cargo hold to celebrate! 

      I hope that your commute and shift are tolerable if you're scheduled today!

  12. Walex

    [PVE-Pub] World Bosses


    So much fun!! Thanks for hosting and doing Pub and Imp sides @Dochabi! I'm so happy with the new achievements!
  13. until

    Excited to see which one of the Revanite Walker pilots wins the bet this week!
  14. until

  15. until

    Swiggity Swooty, I'm coming for Revan's DOOMed booty!
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