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  1. until

    I can bring rDPS!
  2. Walex

    SMOPS - Eternity Vault


    Oh Boy! Here we go again! I'll bring my Ruffian DPS!
  3. until

    No worries on taking last week off! You handle so much RoH stuff so I hope your RL night off was great! I'll plan to come to this one! If I can level my AP Powertech to 50+ by that time, I'll plan to bring that character - if not, I'll default to Lightning Sorc!
  4. until

    Interested in brining the rDPS sorc! 16M will be very interesting!
  5. until

    rDPS! Count me in!
  6. until

    Can join with rDPS! (if there is enough interest!)
  7. until

    This sounds like a blast! Bringing DPS soc!
  8. until

    Definitely interested in bringing an rDPS!
  9. Walex



    This sounds like a blast! I can bring mDPS on Republic Side!
  10. until

    Definitely interested in rDPS for EC!
  11. Walex

    VMOPs Eternity Vault

    I can bring a mDPS on Pub Side. I only have that one character on Pub Side ready for VMOPs though - so I would not be able to do a second run (If that is important!) Thanks! And see you tonight!
  12. until

    Wow! This one filled up quick! I doubt you will need backup DPS, but happy to put my name down just in case!
  13. Walex

    Spirit of Vengeance FP take 2!


    Attending as a backup/alt or possible second group!
  14. until

    Can't think of a better jumping off point for VM! Happy to bring rDPS! No embarrassing platform falls for me this time!
  15. until

    Down for rDPS here for sure!