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  1. until

    I should be able to make it and hopefully get to the tentacle slapping phase! I will be on a trip to Oregon from May 20-26 so I won't be able to make it on the 25th! I'll ping the discord to help find a sub early!
  2. Walex

    VMOPs Karagga's Chicken


    Sounds pretty good! I'll bring the Sage for rDPS
  3. until

    If anyone awkwardly gets the boot, it'll be me
  4. until

    I’ll go in as a Backup DPS or 16M
  5. until

    Cross-posted from Discord! (For archival purposes!) Thanks so much everyone for making Tonight's Spring Fashion Show Super Special!! Congratulations to our Top Prize Winners @Anurzin and @Skywalker17 for your expertly curated Spring Outfits! Thank you also to @Darth Gumby @Ahsokra and @hunterhead for braving your fears and walking the runway - really strutting your stuff! (It really helped me out!) Please also see me for your bonus prizes! @NerdyWordyMav- you are also the random prize winner - of a scandalous Loungewear Outfit (or your choice from the Guild Prize Tab!) - for evading the wrath of our chaperones! Thank you to our hosts @Merliah (for decorating her stronghold, @Slyfox (for the fabulous door prizes!), and @Kingtom225 for organizing! And thanks so much to everyone for wishing our DC @Merliah a surprise Happy Birthday (belated!)! Here's to an awesome year ahead of many more adventures and fashion shows! Walex
  6. until

    No ops for you! (Until you re-sub!)
  7. until

    Thanks so much @Helleboros!! I actually didn't realize we had so many choices! Like you said, it's going to be trial and error to figure out which ones dye will on which outfits!! If we have crafters that need to help craft some of these or people have some sitting around in unboxed crate stashes (that aren't BtC), maybe I can help coordinate people getting the dyes that they need!
  8. until
    Spring Formal Night Fashion Show! Please mark your calendars!! Join us in celebrating the coming springtime warmer weather with a night of elegance and revelry! When: Tuesday March 22nd @ 8:00 PM Eastern US Where: @Merliah’s Stronghold (so we can invite RoH members from Imperial and Republic sides) How to Participate: Please come dressed in your finest FORMAL WEAR with springtime colors! You don’t have to walk the runway to be a part of this event! Audience Members are welcome also! Please indicate in your RSVP if you plan to showcase an outfit (walk the runway) vs. just be an audience member! Who Will Win? Fabulous prizes will be awarded to participants who showcase outfits for the fashion show! Cuteness, color, spring/nature theme will all be considered! One random winner will be selected from the audience! During the slow dances our chaperones @Slyfox and @Kingtom225 will make sure everyone leaves enough “buffer” room and there’s no funny business in the dark corners! Here are more great ideas to get you started! I’ll update with more details as they become available! If you have any additional questions or if you aren't sure about anything, please reply here, or contact me, @Walex via the forums or on Discord and I will let you know! Thanks everyone, and best of luck!!!
  9. until

    I got two pieces of better gear (Thrysian 326) and swapped over to Madness Spec. Thanks @hunterhead for the pointers on the rotation and keybinds! I used it for SM KP with Slyfox on Saturday and in some PvP and feel comfortable enough with it for Wednesday. @Dalivandrian also swapped Lightning -> Madness and I think also saw a big improvement?
  10. until

    Quick question! We would need a separate character to do this with than the one we use for Slyfox's 16M KP on Saturday? Or is it a daily reset? mDPS (if it can be the same character!)
  11. until

    Oh shoot, this is Imp side and not Pub side! Put me down as rDPS backup!
  12. until

    I'll definitely be 80 by monday. Let's see how rough EV is in 7.0!
  13. until

    I can to come in a Dread Master Outfit for this one! Let's do it! rDPS!
  14. until

    I have high hopes for this week! Hopefully everyone can stay healthy and awake!
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