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    Damn, you had me at everything except Pub side! I've got a level 75 on Repub with all chapters open - I'll work on getting that to 80 for next week. My level 80 with all chapters unlocked is Imp side!
  3. until

    DPS if there’s a spot!
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    Count me in! Death and destruction await!!
  6. until

    Lots of death!
  7. until

    Bringing the DPS! Well I mean we could pull and all nighter and do them 25 times each tonight!
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    Oh boy!!!
  9. until

    Will hopefully make it as DPS!
  10. until

    Put me down for optional PvP chievos after! I have a meeting that will run until 8:30 but will hop in the discord for the post-Xeno stuff!
  11. until

    Let’s got 16M hopefully!! Do we need to start a little earlier to make sure we have time for the puzzle and to finish? rDPS!
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    Great point! I think I have it unlocked! If anyone needs credits to unlock it, I'm happy to help!
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