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[Pub-PvE] Master Mode Chapter 4!



Event details

Master Mode Chapter 4 at 8-10pm EST!

It has gotten even harder to do these achievements with balancing in 7.0 but with 336 gear now available Zahk thinks it's the right time to take a crack at these in teams - as some just can't be solo'd these days (but some can!!). However, only 4 people at a time can go into a chapter - and only ONE person at a time can receive credit. In preparation to get as many people as possible the achievement, we will swap people in and out of the group as we go, in order of time of RSVPing and role viability!


What U Need:

  1. Level 80, completed past the KOTFE/KOTET chapter we are doing
  2. Republic side
  3. Discord
  4. BE WILLING TO SPACEBAR. In any other content with a cutscene, I do not enforce "spacebar pls" but for chapters, we need to run this multiple times for multiple people to get credit and these chapters are LONG. I don't mind the odd "hey can i watch this bit to get a cool screenshot" but let's try to get through the "blah blah blah" ASAP for the most part 😅
  5. A love for Nautolans
  6. Star Parse is not required BUT depending on the chapter we take on, difficulty may reach a point where all four attendees need to really perform their class well, near in difficulty to an HM operation. Performance minimums may be introduced in later events, if needed. :)

Leader: @Zahk

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