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  1. until

    rdps I guess!
  2. until

    IRL came up - I prob won't be able to attend so plz remove me.
  3. until

    Heals or rdps
  4. until

    rdps or heals
  5. until

    Edit: switching to maybe - I might not be available Sat night. Heals or rdps, I can even be a backup as I've done it a few times before and don't really *need* the gear.
  6. until

    heals or rdps
  7. until

    heals or rdps
  8. until

    heals / rdps
  9. until

    I could be a late-night fill if someone has to leave early. I have other Monday obligations every week, but that's been ending early lately so I will probably be free for the later half if a sub is needed. Heals or rdps
  10. until

    heals or rdps for 16m
  11. until

    Healer or Rdps
  12. until

    Heals or rdps
  13. until

  14. until

    If I'm home in time from my parent (which I should be, but shit happens) then I can heal or rdps.
  15. until

    heals or rdps

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