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    She/her They/them
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    US Eastern
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    My interests include reading and gaming, Stephen King & JD Robb are just a couple I read frequently, other reading interests included mysteries, thrillers, and autobiographies. I prefer SWTOR over other games but I dabble in WarFrame, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars and a few others. I enjoy binge watching Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime series such as Lucifer, Grace & Frankie, Star Wars series, The Expanse, FarScape...I could list movies, series, & books all day. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and I enjoy tea as well. I watch Twitch streamers, mostly ones that stream SWTOR and STO, and I like solving Sudoku puzzles.

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    Altayast-coqriun, Preamealia, Meerandhia, Rredtur
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    Jedi Guardian
    Jedi Sage
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  1. until

    If I can make it I can bring dps, I've never done uprisings.
  2. Altayast

    [PUB-PvE] Nefra Training


    Can I give it try, if I'm not up to par you can boot me no judgement if you do I can bring heals and I have cleanse Restoration It may be like an evening run of Team Chaos, but I'll try my best lol.
  3. until

    I can bring dps
  4. until

    I can bring dps, still working on leveling an imp side healer lol
  5. until

    I can bring back up heals or dps if needed.
  6. until

    Yay Gree, I can bring heals or dps for backup/16
  7. until

    I can bring heals, or dps if needed.
  8. until

    I can bring dps
  9. until

    I can bring dps
  10. until

    I can bring pub side heals or dps
  11. until

    If I can make it I can bring dps
  12. until

    I'll bring a dps
  13. until

    If I can make it I can bring dps
  14. until

    @Slyfox have to run an errand, won't be able to make it like I was hoping to.
  15. until

    I can bring DPS...need to get me an Imp side healer toon so I can practice healing more...
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