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    She/her They/them
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    US Eastern
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    My interests include reading and gaming, Stephen King & JD Robb are just a couple I read frequently, other reading interests included mysteries, thrillers, and autobiographies. I prefer SWTOR over other games but I dabble in WarFrame, Star Trek Online, Guild Wars and a few others. I enjoy binge watching Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime series such as Lucifer, Grace & Frankie, Star Wars series, The Expanse, FarScape...I could list movies, series, & books all day. I enjoy a good cup of coffee and I enjoy tea as well. I watch Twitch streamers, mostly ones that stream SWTOR and STO, and I like solving Sudoku puzzles.

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    Altayast-coqriun, Preamealia, Meerandhia, Rredtur
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    Jedi Guardian
    Jedi Sage
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  1. until

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    heals, but not 100% sure I can make it atm.
  3. until

  4. until

    Heals/backup 16m
  5. until

    Sorry, not gonna make it after all. Have fun!
  6. until

    Dps, pew pew
  7. until

    Can bring dps/backup
  8. until

    Dps, Redditor will be there, blasters ready
  9. until

    dps, Rredtur must help save Christmas! No big bad Nautolan would ever let anything come between the kiddies and their Christmas!
  10. until

    Dps...reddit-er, lol, needs to pew pew and vent some steam hehe
  11. until

    Lol adult responsibilities will have to wait this evening lol, hopefully...if I plan it right it is possible
  12. until

  13. until

    Pub side heals Can be back up or swap to dps if needed
  14. until

  15. Altayast

    [PUB-PvP] PvP Q&A!


    Yep I need help, will be on heals
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