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  1.  Happy Birthday *hugs*  I miss you ❤️

  2. i made a toon on the aether data center but i am on the Jenova Server . I can always switch servers, i barely started the toon. Interesting so far. OH i named her melody Song , and I am doing the free trial. I probably won't buy it (well never say never but right my budget and amount of mmos saids not right now ). I thought i would try it out and see what the hoopla is about, so far it is very pretty and the tips are intresting. Visually it isn't too bad
  3. Happy Belated Birthday

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      Thank you!

  4. I hate going to the gym also and that added with my vision/hearing it can be a little harder for me. I kind of like the stuff either online or the dvd's.
  5. I need to get back to the routine of exercising, I do have a fitbit watch. I would love some plant based recipes or something healthier. I am am never going to be a vegetarian. I love fish/chicken/turkey too much I have been trying to be better incorporating fruit smoothies (i add protein powder to it ) . What is a HIIT workout @Ezoura? I am also limited in what I can do (ok not really since there is a adult center with classes and a small gym about a mile away) since I use public transit or my two feet. (also financially limited ) I am going to try slowly because if I do too much at first I will get bored and or burnt out. Wish i had pointers @Ezoura, I need motivation and pointers myself.
  6. Happy Birthday @Chelly :)  may you have a wonderful day.

    1. Chelly


      Thanks jaark *hugs*

  7. Happy happy Birthday @Chelly