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    Reading, Computer games, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars

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    Lanna Torres, Vastra Paternoster, Lavender Sage, Ami Pond, ,AuoraBriarRose, Ryver Song, Beshla Tano,
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  1. happy birthday

    1. Jaskura Lunaris

      Jaskura Lunaris

      Aww, thank you Chelly! 🥰

  2. happy early bday 

  3. Happy Birthday Dancing GIF by Just  Dance


    *hugs*   I hope it was a good one

  4. Sorry for missing your bday yesturday


    Happy Birthday *hugs*   I hope it was a good day



    1. Frarry (she/her)

      Frarry (she/her)

      Thank you Chelly! *hugs*

  5. Happy birthday  NIRI  :)  *hugs*   i hope you have a nice one.

  6. I think the problem i have is that, i don't have a lot of stuff at the moment. I am just trying to make more visually easy for me. I want to do the entrance with a fountain (some flowers etc) I want to put a cafe somewhere (maybe near the beach) a library. I will have to check out the hot springs thing, i do have the one tub thing that looks like a spa. thank you @fltwoodsmonster
  7. recently bought the game, i keep wanting to design my island but i keep getting stuck on what i want to do. Anyone have any ideas, has anyone done more on their islands
  8. Happy birthday

  9. Happy Birthday *hugs*

  10. Happy birthday *hugs*

  11. I just can't get motivated. I would love the link @Annamika. I have been trying to do more smoothies, and using it as a meal suppliment. I need ideas for smoothies though. I do try to walk in front of the tv while watching something but that can get a bit boring. I want to be back at the weight I was at when I was in my 20's /late teens but healthier. congrats @Annamika for losing the weight. I wish I was at it like you. Hopefully 2021 will be better for me I just honestly can't get motivated to do much really.
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