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  1. until

    I will try to come, i am almost tempted to bring my warrior (dps) but I probably should bring the sniper. But I will try to come monday
  2. Chelly

    Disney DIY Treats

    Very true, I put frozen banana in my smoothies, i don't even taste it. I think for me it is just the texture and stuff that I don't like . I love chili, spaghetti sauce etc stuff that has tomatoes in it but don't give me a raw tomato.
  3. Chelly

    Disney DIY Treats

    that sounds like sugar heaven though I would do a replacement for the banana, not a fan of those.
  4. Chelly

    Finally Watched Moana

    I really enjoyed the movie myself and I enjoyed the extras (they really go into hows and whys and what went into the movie) . I am a movies extras knowledge nerd.
  5. The standard edition that is 20 dollars, how much more stuff do you get with that. How far into the story would my toons get? I think I will wait, since I really don't get on that much. I want to deal with what I have now.. still learning. I think it will take me forever just get through what the f2p get.
  6. Congrats on completing another orbit!!!  Hope your day is amazing!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday @Chelly May it be as amazing as you!!

  8. Happy Birthday Chelly!

  9. Happy Birthday to my amazing assistant!!!!

  10. Happy birthday Girl!!!

    happy birthday party GIF by Leannimator

  11. I hope you feel better soon @Jae Onasi

Congratulations to Peureki, Biri B & Jason on being chosen Members of the Month for February for their primary divisions!

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