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  1. Birthday blessings!  Congrats on completing another orbit!

  2. until

    I"ve got to drop to "maybe" cuz work. I'll update on Wednesday.
  3. CONGRATS VORN!!!!!!!!  Way to go--you've leveled up and completed another orbit!!!!!

    1. Elisel


      Happy Birthday @Madhatter5510 - you are awesome and thank you for all you do for SWTOR, especiall RP!

    2. Madhatter5510


      Thanks Everyone and CONGRATS VORN @Vorn

  4. until

    MDPS > tank
  5. until

    Yay for social distancing, no mandatory work fun this week!
  6. Birthday blessings to one of my favorite disembodied voices!!!!!!!!  Congrats on completing another orbit!!!!!!!!  Have and AWESOME day!

    1. Merliah


      Your face is a disembodied voice! Oh wait 😛 


      Thanks Vorn :D 

  7. until

    I have mandatory work fun this evening. Hope to be back by 9. Sorry I won't know until the pretty much the last minute, so please replace me as needed.
  8. until

  9. Vorn



    Revan again! Vehirt will be joining us full time starting this week as our second tank Welcome to the team, @Vehirt!!
  10. until

    I have a command function tonight I'm not confident I'll be back by first pull.
  11. Vorn



    @Riku talk to Kat if you're interested!
  12. until

    Congrats, Vorn!!!
  13. until

    My WiFi is down
  14. until

    Crap top will have to load win10 updates...will see how long it takes EDIT. Seems to have done the download today. Is it still going with Merlz LOA?
  15. until

    Have a work thing now, but might be done by 9...but can't promise. Sorrrrrrryyyyy