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  1. until

    Assuming flights are on time. If not I’ll let you know and @Slyfoxmartin can get all the decos!
  2. until

    I have a command function (party) to go to now and might not be back by 9. So better find a sub please--sorry for the late notice.
  3. until

    Ok, that was interesting. Except for the twins i think I’d have been better off in a DPS as I don’t think I did any real tanking. The final boss I had less then zero idea of the mechanics, but I knew that would be a long shot when I was assigned tanking, lol. But it was fun watching the chaos!!!! I might even be persuaded to try again....
  4. until

  5. until

    Will be away doing Thanksgiving with the son's future fiance's family.
  6. until

    That's a long op.
  7. Congrats on completing another orbit!!!  Hope you have a blessed and wonderful day!!!

    1. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi


      I don't feel a year older. The mileage, on the other hand, has increased. :D

  8. until

    Concur with Mo to start at 9 eastern
  9. until

    I have no idea what my gear score will be nor what it will translate as.
  10. Birthday blessings, old chum!!!  Congrats on completing another orbit!!!

    1. Aravail


      Thanks Vorn!  Hopefully I get to stay on this cool spaceship for a long long time!

  11. until

    I'm worried about this too...as the PTS was showing things like 1200ish accuracy needed for 110%. Maybe we do gear/leveling run?
  12. until

    @Owyn may not have internet due to the typhoon that rolled through.
  13. until

    At the request of team member Orig we will be heading to the Planet Ossus to take on the Hive Queen in Vet Mode. Typical Orig!!
  14. until

    Congrats to the Team that was tremendous fun!!! Thanks @Merliah for putting something I'd always wanted to get done on the calendar!!! Congrats @DreamingofRoses on your new deco!!!!!!!
  15. until

    MDPS FTD!!!!