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  1. Another game I wish I could make time for...I have a character on the edge of Rohan but that's as far as I got.
  2. until

    I can be available as back up MDPS if you need it.
  3. until

    I'm only maybe as I have a mandatory fun dinner to go to. It should be done by 8pm but then I have to drive back 45 minutes assuming no traffic.
  4. Rest, heal, recover!!!

  5. Birthday blessings!!!

  6. until

    I can back up MDPS for you. Y'all give good directions on the fights and it seems Revan is the only hard bit now.
  7. until

    Regrets, I'm sick so will need an early night.
  8. Congrats on completing another orbit!!!

    1. Jarkuta


      Many thanks old chap!

  9. until

    LMK if you need a back up mdps
  10. until

    I have changed to 'maybe' and am trying to re-arrange schedule...the decos may yet be contested!!!
  11. until

    Have to work
  12. Birthday blessings, Merl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats on completing your teen years!!!!b45ae32f2acae20ac566e9cccfca65db.gif.7f46ff9d502f1aac17bfdd6a4ba1190e.gif

    1. Merliah


      Thank you Vorn! ❤️

  13. until

    I will start the download as soon as I get home then as the last one took 2 hours (it took 5 minutes on my home machine...I hate Navy wifi!!)
  14. Congrats on completing another orbit!!!

    1. Mevraz


      Haha cheers bud!

  15. until

    I'm also available tonight as my static group is taking a week off.

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