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  1. Vorn

    Birthday blessings, Hipster!!!  Congrats on completing another trip around the sun!

  2. Vorn

    VMOPs The Nature of Progress


    MDPS, Sentinel. https://mmobits.com/category/star-wars-the-old-republic/hm-dxun-operation-boss-guides/
  3. until

    nvm not sure what level he will be.
  4. until

    Back up: mdps > tank
  5. Vorn

    VMOPs Gods from the Machine


    Never mind, thought you were doing VM Dxun like was mentioned yesterday.
  6. until

    MDPS > tank...maybe...if you don't get anyone else and tell me what to do as I totally don't get torque.....
  7. until

    MDPS, and I wanna do optional bosses like Mokan over and over and over again
  8. until

    Back up: anything but healing
  9. Birthday blessings!!!  Congrats on completing another orbit!!!


  10. until

    Will we get to Revan? The World wonders.....Good thing Rama knows how to call out clock phase? Can Foxy heal and do mechanics? Can Vorn's wifi hold up under the strain? Tune into the stream and watch the fun!!!!
  11. until

  12. until

  13. Vorn



    To Nahut and beyond!!!
  14. Congrats on completing another orbit!!!