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  1. until

    Tank>DPS, have tanked this in SM exactly once.
  2. until

    Tank > Dps, need to learn to tank VM.
  3. until

    I will probably bring my Mara as I already have the title on Hex. I'll have to remember to get my gear. Mara will give us another raid buff and perdation as well.
  4. Congrats on completing another trip around the sun!!!!

  5. until

    Back up. DPS or Tank Sorry something came up
  6. until

  7. until

    Back up DPS
  8. Vorn

    Birthday blessings!  Congrats on completing another orbit!!!!!

  9. until

  10. Vorn

    VMOPS FUN Progression : The Stormers


    I'm sorry, I'm out now. I'm sick I let Merlz know.
  11. until

    Regrets, I'm out. Not feeling well. Need to go to be early.
  12. until

    MDPS, will come with suggestions.
  13. until

    Ravagers? I thought we cleared this? Didn't we? Or maybe that was the Tuesday team....
  14. until

    Back up MDPS, giving new folks a chance to sign up first.
  15. until

    MDPS back up