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  1. until

    @Owyn may not have internet due to the typhoon that rolled through.
  2. until

    At the request of team member Orig we will be heading to the Planet Ossus to take on the Hive Queen in Vet Mode. Typical Orig!!
  3. until

    Congrats to the Team that was tremendous fun!!! Thanks @Merliah for putting something I'd always wanted to get done on the calendar!!! Congrats @DreamingofRoses on your new deco!!!!!!!
  4. until

    MDPS FTD!!!!
  5. Birthday best wishes!!!  Congrats on completing another orbit!!!

  6. Thanks!!! Hope your stress abates!! Oh for the tyranny of finitude that just doesn't allow time for all the gaming I want to do
  7. until

    I'm out...LOA...Navy stuff.
  8. until

    I'm a maybe as I have mandatory fun event...yay....
  9. Best wishes on your birthday, O mighty deco-rival!!  Congrats on completing another orbit!!!!

  10. until

    Available to back up this week.
  11. until

    Available to back up this week.
  12. until

    Not available to back up this weekend due to work on Sunday.
  13. until

    I am a "maybe" due to mandatory fun with the command.
  14. Frarry!!!!!!!!!!  Congrats on completing forty orbits!!!!!  Hope your day was filled with joy and wonder!!!!!

  15. until

    So much that could be said here....

Congratulations to Pupp, Jed, Feladris & jermz1804 on being chosen Members of the Month for October for their primary divisions!

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