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  1. Scratching my head on the fixes for the midsummer event since it ended supposedly at 3am today...before the patch.... The Rohan housing stuff sounds really cool!
  2. Hi! You just have one event left to finish all your objectives. Are you able to find people to do an in-game activity with? It doesn't have to be an event on the calendar--it can be anything, like heroics or flashpoints, as long as it's with another member. The easiest place to ask is in the in-game chat or in Discord.

  3. Jae Onasi

    VMOPs TFB Take 2


    Mdps >rdps please
  4. Jae Onasi

    DreadFortress VMOPS

    Get well soon!!
  5. Jae Onasi

    DreadFortress VMOPS

    I'll dps! Prefer mdps>rdps but I can do either.
  6. until

    After the craziness of today's work day, that's probably best for me, too. Thanks for organizing this, anyway.
  7. Jae Onasi

    VMOPs Terror From Beyond


    mDPS for me, please.
  8. Jae Onasi

    VMOPS Dreadfortress


    Praying for an easy drive for you and healing or an easy passage to heaven for your assistant's mother.
  9. You get a quick travel map to the wedding instance. You can’t exit to the area around Minas Tirith, however. It’s worth doing the wedding quest line (it’s short) on your main toons—one of the rewards is a trait point, so well worth the little bit of time. The call backs to LOTR and LOTRO are fun. I’m going to do it on my alts just for that alone. FibroJedi has a great write up on the event and all the various little daily quests you can do. It ends the 20th so if you want to get the reward for completing the dailies 5 times, you’ll need to get started ASAP.
  10. Jae Onasi



    I'm available for mdps>rdps as needed for fill in
  11. Jae Onasi

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


  12. Jae Onasi

    VMOPs Double Feature


    Can do backup if needed.
  13. until

    I can do melee or ranged dps
  14. Jae Onasi

    SMOPs Explosive Conflict


    I’m up for 16 man DPS>tank, I can backup 8 man if needed.
  15. Jae Onasi

    VMOPs, Dxun SM Double Tap


    Dps for me please! I’d love to clear this one at least once.