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    Anything geeky, family, gardening (ask me about tomatoes!), writing fiction (fantasy) and non-fiction (mainly ophthalmology/optometry journal articles), anything eye/vision related, history of medicine, music (anything from Medieval motets to metal symphonic rock), genealogy, Christianity (yes, I'm moderate-to-conservative. No, I'm not planning to proselytize or be proselytized by other political/religious viewpoints. I'm here to game, not debate.).

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    Carth Onasì (alt 141 for the funny ì), Dougael, La'Bella, Ms'Kitty, Elìna, Elaina Onasi, Niekshas, D'awgg, Blue Jae, Blu Jae, Jolie Bindo, assorted others. :)
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  1. Glad you kept trying! We had a problem with a bug in the forum software that caused the issues, but it seems to have been resolved now.
  2. Welcome! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and/or my assistants, @Eskili, @Gagi, @RogueLamb, and @Rykyn. We're processing your application, and that can take up to 24-ish hours, so please don't worry.
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    I can tank tonight if you need @Jed and @Yiss.
  4. Happy (belated!) birthday! Hope you enjoyed. :D

  5. Happy birthday!! Hoping there's no double wide surprise. :D

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    mdps please!
  7. until

    I usually have mine out to max distance anyway.
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    I can do mDPS
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    I'm going.
  10. Jae Onasi

    Concerning Rakghouls


    If you want to get Dr. Lokin as a companion, see this guide. Note that the guide is dated, and I believe you don't need to get Qyzen first before you can get Dr. Lokin's mission. I believe you can only recruit him when the Rakghoul event is on Alderaan, which comes around maybe once every 4 months or so--as far as I know, that's the only time his little house is active on Alderaan. Again, that might be old information, and he might be hanging around his hut all the time.
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    SMOPS - KP


    DPS for me please
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    VMOPs The Ravagers


    mDPS please. I'm having Carth withdrawal.
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    VMOPs Dread Palace


    Mdps for me please, I’ll be home
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    I'll be heading to Savannah that evening and won't be home, so hopefully one of the backups can fill in for me!
  15. Scratching my head on the fixes for the midsummer event since it ended supposedly at 3am today...before the patch.... The Rohan housing stuff sounds really cool!