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  1. at 200 episodes with minimal sleep i probably be done with them in under a week but im counting on rewatching the entire thing over and over for months you really didnt think i was going to watch it only once right ?
  2. i dont know, whos posting the group photos or where but here's one i took
  3. exactly like that but i need at least 200+ episodes i can binged on for months
  4. as popular as it is, ive always wondered why they dont have a running anime for it. hopefully we dont have to wait too long to watch this one
  5. also keep in mind that changing from healer to tank or viceversa is just a click away!, you can save a gear set for your job and then put that gearset in your quickbar and then 1 click and boom! you went from one job to the other without having to worry you assigned skill points are not optimal for your job and such. I watched some videos and read about user macros and dynamic menus and basically you use a macro that will switch the options in a quickbar. So you click on a healer button and then next to it all the healer job are available or click on Tank and all tank jobs buttons popup, same thing with DPS jobs, or crafter jobs or gathering jobs Here's how mine looks you can also make other buttons for travelling, like teleport and mounts or emotes or special items like potions or storage, a button to hide all quickbars, etc.
  6. which mega potions are you referring to?
  7. my bad, i didnt notice the defaultlinks are set to expire in 1 day. I have updated the links with ones that will not expire. Give it a try again and it should work.
  8. ha! i just got it i was wondering what was the pun you were referring to Sounds like at my work we have several 'Single SignOn" and im thinking... what? why are you calling it single signon if i have to have 4 different ones? youre too fast for me with the puns it seems
  9. my bad, i misunderstood then. But thats the whole point of becoming a division, the availability to have a well structure recruitment process so we can start bringing ppl from ingame because right now, while we have workarounds to recruit ppl from ingame, it'll be much nicer to have a dedicated forum where a new recruit can submit their application and get to use the recruitment tools that are available to other divisions. A few things pending to hammer out, will everyone have a say about the recruitment questionnaire? or do we leave it to the official staff ? are we going to follow the same trial tasks as in other division? sign the CoC, post an intro, participate in 2 events with a guildmate, etc? I think that for now until we get more ppl in the FC, we should be good with a div. commander, an RO, a PvE officer? maybe a RP officer? or a crafting/gathering officer? once theres more interest in other activities, maybe someone will want to step up for PvP officer and stuff like that Since most ppl are in Malboro, i would say that we make Malboro the home office, with a Mateus branch and i saw i think 3 ppl in Balmung? maybe they want to open a RoH branch in Balmung? i can donate the gil so you can buy a small fc house to get you started and im sure others in Malboro will help out too. One thing that i wanted to mention, which i just saw while looking for other info about the game, the crossworld linkshell has a limit of 64 and if theres less than 2 ppl in it for more than 24 hours the CWLS will be disbanded. we have maintained the CWLS for months now so i dont think theres ever less than 2 in over 24 hours but if we have more than 64 ACTIVE members, the CWLS might not be the best way of communication. thoughts everyone?
  10. Ok, there's a part where im getting lost, where does it say we have to recruit from inside RoH only? since I joined RoH, recruitment has always been from ingame. Granted people move divisions all the time, I originally joined RoH when Lager recruited me in GW2, then I moved to ESO, then to SWTOR, I tried to join wildstar but i could never get an invite. But when i joined RoH i used to help out by making a daily post in the official GW2 to recruit ppl and i honestly dont remember ever seeing anyone recruiting from inside RoH. Sure, invitations were extended if you wanted to try out the game from another division since you were already a RoH member you didnt have to go to the whole application process again. So where is this recruiting from inside RoH only thing coming from? Personally, becoming a division is to recruit new ppl from the game by giving the division staff a well structure and organized layout to manage recruitment, schedule events, have TS or discord available, etc. but it was always to recruit ppl from ingame not from inside RoH only Maybe im wrong but ive been in RoH 4 years and thats what ive seen since i joined.
  11. Currently there are links in the main forum page that will lead users to either the club and/ or its activities The Browse option in the top gives you access to the calendar where activities are scheduled The Interests option in the top menu takes you to where all the clubs are. Also on to lower left side there should be an Interest section for those clubs you have joined which would save you an extra click of the mouse compared to the option above. With this in mind, do we need to ask Scoobs to add a FAQ option to the top menu? or something like that?
  12. I just created a new post in the ffxiv division creation section with the last draft of the ROH FFXIV FAQ for everyone's review. I made the updates for the Mateus and Malboro FC house locations too. There are some thing that are sorta obvious once youve been playing for a while, so if you have any suggestions that will make it easier for new ppl to understand, please feel free to chime in.
  13. Here is the last version of the FAQ we put together, that was reviewed by the past EC(not the new one) What should we add to it? ideas? thoughts? bring'em! RoH FFXIV FAQ Hi, I'm new! What should I do first? FF14 has an amazingly large and diverse world. To get started, you'll need to concentrate on the class you picked until you reach level 10 at least. Almost all of the content in the game will be unlocked by the Main Story Quest (MSQ) – you will want to try to keep up with it. Currently, progressing through the MSQ without doing anything else is nearly sufficient to get your primary class to the maximum level. While there are just a few spots where you will need to get experience, if you get tired of the MSQ there are other activities you can do for fun once they're unlocked: Side quests Levequests Grand Company quests and/or Guildhests Random or specific dungeons, trials, or raids Palace of the Dead (PotD - requires your highest job be level 17+) Other jobs (classes), including crafting and gathering Daily roulettes (more on this later) Cool. Any particular tips? For information on the MSQ, have a look here. Every 5 levels, you will unlock a class quest. Some of these teach you new abilities! Go back to your trainer and talk to them. At level 10 you will unlock the ability to learn other classes. You can unlock every class on one character! Around 15 you will unlock access to the Airship system that lets you travel between cities. This is locked behind the MSQ. At level 30, you will unlock the job associated with your class. This is also done through a quest available at your trainer. You will want to do this because primary classes do not gain many new abilities past level 30; most are associated with their more advanced job. As an example, at level 30 a Lancer (class) can become a Dragoon (job). You can find a list of classes here, and a list of jobs here. [more?] How do I learn and switch between classes/jobs? Once you have reached level 10 and completed the quest offered by your main class trainer to unlock the ability to learn other classes, you can speak to the appropriate class trainer and their secretary (NPC). You will not have to do anything special to learn most classes. Remember, if you level a new class you will still unlock class quests from that trainer every 5 levels. Don't miss out on important new abilities! Also note that every class has a home city; you will need to travel there to unlock the class. You can easily switch between classes by equipping the main weapon for that class. You can also create gear sets in your character profile; this will allow you to equip a specific set of gear for each class instead of equipping individual items. Gear sets can be dragged onto an ability bar (hotbar) and clicked like a button and/or assigned a hotkey for faster swapping. OK, so what are those roulette things? Roulettes are FF14's name for the random dungeon system. The wonderful thing about roulettes is that the first time you do one each day, you get a massive experience bonus. There are multiple categories of roulettes; some offer a larger experience bonus than others. There are also bonuses for signing up as a healer or tank, depending on what is needed at that time. You CAN get the bonus experience in a premade group, but you CANNOT get the tank or healer role bonuses unless you queue alone. The current roulettes with the best bonuses are: Leveling (16+), MSQ (50+), 50-60 (50+), [fill in]  I saw someone riding something cool. How do I get one? Mounts are also locked behind the MSQ; specifically the level 20 quest named “A Hero in the Making.” Once this quest is complete, you must join a Grand Company. Upon joining, a quest titled “My Little Chocobo” is available in your Grand Company headquarters. This quest will reward you with a free chocobo mount. You cannot ride any mount by yourself until this quest is complete, no matter what level you are. How can I reach the Free Company house? With the implementation of Crossworld Linkshell and Cross world visits, we now have a FC house in Malboro and Mateus. Most active players are in Malboro but with the crossworld features added to the game, you can visit either FC house even if you're in another world but as long as you are in the same data center. Data Center: Crystal Worlds: Balmung, Brynhildr, Coeurl, Diabolos, Goblin, Malboro, Mateus, Zalera. FC House locations: Mateus FC house Mist, Plot 34, 8th Ward Closest aetheryte: Mist Northwest Subdivision Malboro FC house The Goblet, Plot 12, 16th Ward Closest aetheryte: The Sultana’s Breath To access housing areas, you must first complete the level 5 quest "Where the Heart Is." There is a quest for each area: Where the Heart Is (Mist) - Lower La Noscea - Ahctkoen (x32, y20) Where the Heart Is (Lavender Beds) - Central Shroud - Margeria (x21, y22) (FC house here) Where the Heart Is (The Goblet) - Western Thanalan - Imme (x25, y24) To reach a housing area, you can walk or use the main Aether crystal in the associated capital. To reach a housing areas by foot, go to the ferry at: Mist (Limsa Lominsa) - Lower La Noscea – x34, y19 Lavender Beds (Gridania) - Central Shroud – x27, y26 (this is where our FC house is located) The Goblet (Ul'dah) - Western Thanalan – x25, y27 Once you have received an FC invite, the first option in your teleport list will take you directly to the FC house. It's titled "Mist - Estate Hall (Free Company)" or "The Goblet - Estate Hall (Free Company)" under the Residential Areas section. How do I set a short message? Open the Free Company window (by default “;”). On the left side, click “Members,” then click the “Short Messages” tab. Directly under the tab, click the pencil icon. This will open the “Short Message” window. Please include your forum name in your message. Once you're done, click on “Confirm” and you're all set! Does the game have a banking system? What are retainers? FF14 does not have anything resembling a typical bank. Instead, you can hire personal servants called retainers to help manage and sell your items and provide other services. To unlock retainers, you must complete the level 17 MSQ "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn." You can then go to a capital city marketplace and talk to the Retainer Consignor. You may hire up to 2 retainers free of charge, and can hire more retainers via the Mog Station for a monthly fee. You can store items in your retainer's inventory, deposit or withdraw gil, and the leave items for the retainer to sell on the market. When you hire a retainer, you will have the opportunity to customize their appearance, personality type, and name. You can also assign a class to your retainer, which will allow you to send the retainer on ventures after you complete the required quest. Ventures are retainer quests that allow them to level and can provide you with items. Retainers can only sell items on the market you assign them to, and they can only sell 20 at a time. You can summon your retainers from any capital city, but if you want them to sell items on a specific market, you will have to go to that city and speak with the Retainer Consignor. Have them call your retainer, and your items will be listed that city's market. This is useful, because tax rates change in the City-States! I saw an amazing outfit and I want it! Tell me about glamours! Glamours allow you to change the appearance of various armor pieces, including hiding them. You can unlock the ability to do this at level 15 by completing the quest “If I Had a Glamour.” To apply a glamour, you can use either the general action “Cast Glamour” or you can right click an item and click the “Cast Glamour” command. When the glamour menu opens, select the item you want to change from the left, and the item with the appearance you want from the right. There are a few important restrictions: Applying a glamour requires a glamour prism. Removing one requires a glamour dispeller. The item you want to change needs to be equal or higher level than the item whose appearance you are using. Glamour appearances still follow class restrictions. You can’t glamour a Paladin item appearance on a Dark Knight item – the base item’s appearance will be displayed instead. You do not need to remove an item's glamour before you can apply for a new one. A detailed guide on glamours can be found here. What is the glamour dresser and how do I use it? The glamour dresser, located in the private room at any inn or the Grand Company Squadron barracks, can store up to 400 items. Storing an item consumes a glamour prism. Removing an item costs nothing, but requires another prism if you wish to put it back in the dresser. When you store an item in the dresser, the item becomes available as a prism-free option to use in glamours while at the dresser. This is useful for items you use multiple times over the course of leveling, or in multiple different sets. The main function of the dresser is to create glamour plates from the items you have stored. You can apply the glamour plates you have saved either from the dresser or by going to the character profile. Bear in mind, you can only apply glamour plates in residential areas, cities, and hubs. You may save up to ten different glamour plates. How do I dye my clothing? To dye your items, you must first complete the level 15 quest “Color Your World.” With the dye you want to use in your inventory, right click the item you want to change and click “Dye.” You can dye the same item used in separate glamour plates different colors by dyeing the item in the plate, instead of where it is listed in the dresser! Useful links ROH FFXIV discord link - https://discord.gg/N4JGH6K Reddit FFXIV discord link - https://discord.gg/9s5J2Yp