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  1. you can apply to the free company ingame by going in the company profile. Here's the ingame help for it.
  2. This is a bit more advanced but here is something i use for my UI Mine is not exactly setup the same way but i used this method to setup the UI to my liking
  3. Stolar Bajhir - Crystal - Mateus like Daizey said, just let us know if you need an invite
  4. hi Daizey, We did have one but to be honest Im not sure what happened to it.I remember I created it one when it first came out to see how it worked but then I delete it so whoever was in charge at the time of the ffxiv group could recreate and take ownership. But i just checked my fellowship list and its not there so it mightve been dissolve when that player moved or quit. These are the ones I have right now I would say go ahead and create one and send the invites :) like you said it doesnt hurt to try
  5. I was hrothgar for a bit but then i went back to my original race Aura
  6. we have a FC house in Mateus and Malboro but Im not sure who still plays in Malboro and in Mateus its just me
  7. Happy Birthday @Droghan - spreadsheet guru!  Thank you for all your hard work in recruitment - much appreciated!

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  8. Have a fantastic birthday, (those spreadsheets can wait a minute or two) :) 

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  9. Have a very happy birthday my friend!! 🎉


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  10. it takes practice but yeah once you move on from the starter ship youll find some of the other ships that handle soooooooooooooo much better is not even funny. is like they give you the crappy starter ship because if you can drive that anything else is a piece of cake another tip, unless i have my target on my sight in front of me, i guide myself using the navmap at the center console. your target will be in marked by the < > and as you turn or pitch up or down however you wanna do it, you get the marked < > icon on the edge of the cone and the target will be in front you again. but again turns and pitch depend highly on the ship and the engines, some ships can make the sharp turn with 75% throttle while others you basically need >25%throttle if you ever want to turn around. some ship because of their shape will turn sideways faster while other will pitch fast that turning to the sides, in those cases , you just roll your ship to the side and instead of turn you pitch up. the good thing about this game is that there is no rush into anything, there no storyline that you need to complete to unlock content(althought there are some ships that require you to attain a certain rank in their faction to buy them) you can rank up doing combat, exploration or trading. you can transport passenger or commodities or illegal goods and slaves, you can go surface mining or deep core mining by exploding asteroids, you can go pirate hunting or grab bounty hunting missions at a station, or you can just dump all guns all unnecessary modules, put a good FSD, a fuel scoop and scanner and go explorae and then sell cartography data to the stations. or you can do them all:) you get bored of one thing and do the other and so on. Here's a good video i found that will get you from fresh start and 0credits to 150mill+credits in a few hours and you only have to switch ships twice, after that you can buy whatever ship you want and keep doing whatever you feel like it to earn more credits. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTXQCQL_om8 see you in the black commanders!
  11. is that 2 different issue frameshift drive and making a 180 ? or is it 1 issue of making a 180 while in supercruise? a good rule of thumb i was told to avoid overshooting my target(loop of shame) was to make sure ihave my throttle keybinds set up and while you can approach the destination at 100% , the important part is that at 7 seconds set throttle to 75% until you jump out of supercruise. but ive watched a lot of veteran pilots in twitch and everyone does the loop of shame every once in a while if theyre not paying attention now making 180s in normal space is a whole different story and it heavily relies on the ship and the engines you use. youll have ships that have a sweet spot for fast and sharp turn at 75% throttle with regular engines while others would need a engineered engine to achieve that otherwise with regular engines their best is at 25-30% throttle which makes them extremely sluggish. youll find ships that seem to spin outta control at the slighest turn and other ships that feel youre making a turn draggin a ton of bricks I came back to the game a few weeks ago after a 2 years break because the grind got to me so im getting the rust off and relearning a lot of this stuff myself. Here's a link with tons of helpful info ED Tutorials: Learn to Fly Dangerously Here is a guide for new commander courtesy of commander Asteconn in twitch(alsp the twitch link if you want to check it out) New CMDRs Welcome Pack - Album on Imgur https://www.twitch.tv/asteconn there are a few others i watch that are very friendly to new commanders so if you want a few other just let me know. ive asked tons of questions to them and they always make time to answer.
  12. i tried the flight joystick a long time ago and even VR but i seem to go back to keyboard and mouse every time. i would recommend the training mission to get used to the maneuverability but keep in mind that itll change as you get better ships and better modules. going back to the controls, just like any system is more muscle memory than anything. you keep using the same controls over and over again than at some point youre not even looking at the keys anymore. I havent made a lot of changes to the keybinds, mostly whats bound to the extra buttons on the mouse and lower mouse sensitivity . Just to give you a heads up, after you move from the starter ship to ANY ship in the next tier, youre going to feel like you were driving a brick before because of how much nicer the new ships handle and after you make a few more upgrade to module, youll feel like you were flying protected by a wet paperbag there are several options on changing the controls more to your liking, it really depends on what makes you feel more comfortable. For example, like inverting the pitch, on the SRV it always trips me up that up makes you look down and down makes you look up, so i set the controls to invert. or that the turn was too fast, so i lower the mouse sensitivity, but thats different on how sharp your turns are because you controls those with your throttle, depending on the ship you make quicker turnarounds depending on your throttle, some need a bit less , some need a bit more but never at full throttle unless your making a wide turn so create some distance in a dogfight. so is there anything in particular in the controls that you would feel more comfortable with?
  13. WolFang <--CMDR name in elite dangerous Not sure how far along you all are in the game but mining low temp diamonds is paying really well right now. This is the payout for 1 mining run(about an hour a half) Just wanted to give you all a heads up in case you want to give it a try to make some credits
  14. how did you end up 25kly away? i complain when something is farther than 400ly
  15. while in the open play mode, press esc and in the social menu there's a friends tab, search for the cmdr name you want to add as a friend and hen it shows in the results, just click on it and itll give you a +add friend option.