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  1. Let us know what time you're usually ingame and we can send you an invite to the FC
  2. Droghan

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    whats your ingame name? nvm i just saw you already got an invite
  3. Here's some more information on aetherial wheel stands, how many of which grade wheels they can charge at the same time and also an example of the bonus given by the different wheel grades. Level 2 Aetherial Wheel Stand A metal stand upon which aetherial wheels are placed and spun to charge. Holds one grade 1 and one grade 2 wheel. Level 3 Aetherial Wheel Stand A metal stand upon which aetherial wheels are placed and spun to charge. Holds one grade 1, one grade 2, and one grade 3 wheel. Level 4 Aetherial Wheel Stand A metal stand upon which aetherial wheels are placed and spun to charge. Holds two grade 1, one grade 2, and one grade 3 wheel. Level 5 Aetherial Wheel Stand A metal stand upon which aetherial wheels are placed and spun to charge. Holds two grade 1, two grade 2, and one grade 3 wheel. Level 6 Aetherial Wheel Stand A metal stand upon which aetherial wheels are placed and spun to charge. Holds three grade 1, two grade 2, and one grade 3 wheel. Grade 3 Wheel of Confrontation - Increases XP gained from combat by 15% (not available thru fc actions) Grade 2 Wheel of Confrontation - Increases XP gained from combat by 10% (same as fc action level 2) Grade 1 Wheel of Confrontation - Increases XP gained from combat by 5% (same as fc action level 1)
  4. I placed a Level 1 aetherial wheel in the basement of the fc house with a grade 1 wheel of confrontation. Over time (20hrs for level 1 wheels) the crystal will charge and then it can be taken to trigger the "Heat of the Battle" fc buff without having to spend fc credits to buy this particular action. I left a couple of grade 1 wheels in the fc chest, so when a primed wheel ( thats what its called when its charged 100%), you can place an empty one so it can start charging again. The current level 1 wheel stand can hold only one grade 1 wheel to charge. there are 6 diff level wheel stands but higher ones have to be crafted by obtaining the mats and recipes thru the company workshop. Also a grade 2 wheel provides a 15% buff compared to the regular 10% buff from the fc action purchased at the OIC quartermaster. This means having to purchase the company workshop (800k gil), building an airship( to go gather the mats ) and then getting the recipe from the schematics board. More than a suggestion, the question I have is do we want to invest in doing this, so we dont have to spend fc credits in buying fc actions? Let me know what you think so I can start gathering mats if we decide to go this route.
  5. I have a question. I'm having trouble getting events in the time I'm on . I  posted and Intend to be on the datacron hunt on makeb on nov 30th and I made five posts in the  forums like it said. Am I gonna be ok when Friday hits and my two week trial is up? I have met all the other requirements. I only ask because the datacon event is on Friday night andI applied in the late morning/early afternoon time frame

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      Aedi said your trial due date will be extended til dec 6th so you have plenty time to do your event

    4. Purpledevil71


      thanks again 


  6. Droghan


    sign me up!
  7. Droghan

    FFXIV Documentary

    hey i think Julius posted these along with others on this post I cant never get tired of watching these videos
  8. Not sure if you guys seen the new trailer for the expansion coming up gunblades?!?!
  9. np! and while i might not have memorized the info in all the links, i watched the videos many times and read the guides over and over so if anyone has any questions, ill be glad to help
  10. links about Retainers FFXIV Stormblood Retainer Guide And Advice From The Ground Up! https://youtu.be/4HmESOA0caI The spreadsheet link is from the video about but its not only about retainers, it has link to levelling guide to different crafting jobs, crafting macros, crafting levelling tips FFXIV Spreadsheet https://goo.gl/uDCzzC [To be re-done]FFXIV (4.2) - Everything you Need to Know About Retainers https://youtu.be/AfGPP_8bD_k Retainer Ventures Wiki https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Retainer_Ventures
  11. Here are some link about squadrons and some about the Hunt and Clan Hunts Adventurer Squadron Guide: Training, Missions, Chemistries and Affinities https://youtu.be/ohoI0itZSJ8 FFXIV: Levelling Jobs In the Adventurer Squadron Pretty Fast! (FIXED AS OF 4.15) https://youtu.be/qHhl7AZIEsM Squadron Dungeons, up to 150% faster leveling than PoTD! https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/77vqre/squadron_dungeons_up_to_150_faster_leveling_than/?st=j9hcvqdn&sh=ab2e2189 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ♠ The Hunt Guide https://youtu.be/W9AgkL8rsiI The Hunt https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/The_Hunt FFXIV Heavensward 3.0 0675 Clan Hunt Unlock Guide https://youtu.be/_HcbpsWHqik Clan Hunt https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Clan_Hunt
  12. Droghan

    Glamour Basics Guide

    Couple of quick notes, every crafting job can craft glamour prisms but also you can get glamour prisms and glamour dispellers with GC seals at your GC provisioner. Granted you might not have a lot of seals to spend when youre starting but if you need some I have dropped some in the FC chest.
  13. Here's a few more links of videos and sites i looked up trying to learn how things work and the options you never knew you had On a side note, I want to say that while you can just copy/paste macros, I use them as a reference for what I want to do. for UI customizations, there's some really nice tips and some really nice layouts but I took bits and pieces of different places and used what worked for me. So if you try a macro or a hud layout or customization because it looks cool in a video or sounds good on the description and ends up not working for you, dont give up! work on it so it works for you FFXIV - How to make an "Advanced" Macro UI https://youtu.be/LYToDRSELLI FFXIV - Macro UI - The Finished Product https://youtu.be/RrGSYIWswNc Final Fantasy XIV UI Rationale - HUD Layout - Why and How to use it! https://youtu.be/L8LFAEr9U3o FFXIV - Information Overload (HUD Customization Tips) https://youtu.be/BpFRmDwjUkM User Interface Optimizations Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn https://youtu.be/eLf1gq1MR9c FFXIV: My User Interface/GUI & Set-Up Tutorial (FFXIV: Heavensward | 1080p | PC) https://youtu.be/likbjBuwGnw FFXIV Guide: How to pimp out your HUD https://youtu.be/4pjQCbyxsIw A Beginner's Guide to Macros https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=619051370 FFXIV Macro 101 Guide an Introduction for Beginners (and mabye some advanced tips too) https://youtu.be/mWECQqaVug4 FFXIV Macros for Multiple Jobs and More [101 Guide] https://youtu.be/1mGsJo9_CVM FFXIV: Macro Transformations https://youtu.be/28CfCCTj480 More macros! http://ffxivmacro.com/ FFXIV How to White Mage [101 Healing Guide] https://youtu.be/nXSN8ezDC6M FFXIV Heavensward: Paladin vs Warrior vs Dark Knight https://youtu.be/BQCAUxVS0OU FFXIV Best Way To Level - Unlocking Palace Of The Dead - PotD (How it Works) https://youtu.be/JklCVAeEamY FFXIV Job Skills & CrossSkills http://ffxivrotations.com/ FFXIV: Beginner 90-100% HQ Crafting Guide - Crafting Quest Turn-ins (Final Fantasy XIV | 1080p | PC) https://youtu.be/JNB3TJiFS-U
  14. Ok, here's a few links I have saved while trying to learn the game Custom Interactive UI Menu - FFXIV https://youtu.be/sBYludf77gU This food guide is outdated, doesnt include new food items but at lower levels, you can still use some of this info Guide:Food Guide by Urthdigger https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Guide:Food_Guide_by_Urthdigger Food/meds/mats/minions/mounts database http://www.ffxivinfo.com/items/food.php To keep track of your progress in your MSQ Main Scenario Quests https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Main_Scenario_Quests When you want info on jobs in case you want to switch but cant decide which https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Job This is a toolkit that i use to look up recommended gear for each job, where to get and some other stuff Ariyala's Final Fantasy XIV Toolkit http://ffxiv.ariyala.com/ A Guide to Writing FFXIV Macros http://guide-source.com/ffxiv-guide/a-guide-to-writing-ffxiv-macros FFXIV Macro Wiki https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Macro Reddit - All of your best Macros. A collection of the best https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/59g6dw/all_of_your_best_macros_a_collection_of_the_best/ FFXIV Macro 101 Guide an Introduction for Beginners (and mabye some advanced tips too) https://youtu.be/mWECQqaVug4 FF14Card - FINAL FANTASY XIV CHARACTER CARD GENERATOR Beta http://ff14card.tank.jp/ FFXIV Hunting Log Wiki by job (where to find mobs for your hunting log) https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Hunting_Log FFXIV Dictionary of Icons https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Dictionary_of_Icons For looking up gear sets https://ffxiv.eorzeacollection.com/ For MarketBoard and sale amounts (thanks tzunamis) https://www.ffxivmb.com/Mateus

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