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  1. Hey @admite welcome to the forums! That would indeed be very useful! Best of luck with your application my friend.
  2. Hey @Garrok welcome to the forums! I'm excited for those as well, there are so many good games on the horizon! Best of luck with your application my friend.
  3. Good afternoon my friends. I wanted to make a quick post to see if there was an interest in pursuing a DoS2 session and to get everyone's feet wet a bit. I can make myself available for most any time y'all would be interested in, though I by no means expect to go in any group, if anyone wanted to coordinate a session on their own they are more than welcome to, I'm just figuring out now how I think makes the most sense to organize this so we can do that. (I know, it only took me over a year) @witchbolts, @Carg, @Nyx, @Vikkie, @Chapwhit, @Doc, @Quaxo Zyrustiner, @Traid, @bad_ash52, @TheFool A few tips I want to mention that will just make everyone's lives easier: However many player characters we start the game with is how many available character players are required at a minimum to be in the party. So if Quaxo, Witchbolts, Carg, and myself have a game we are playing through and Carg has some real life stuff happen and is unable to continue going, we still have his character and someone in the party is going to have to make use of that character in some way. This is one of the few annoying tidbits about the game, but it's worth knowing about in advance. Team composition: dun dun dun! Does not matter all that much, the only thing to be aware of is if you want to have two tanks, or two Hydrosophists, or two Rangers etc is that it is perfectly fine to have them and it will actually work out very well from a combat perspective, but you'll be competing on gear. This is more of a recommendation, but typically I avoid mods on my first playthrough of a game, you can play however you want, but a lot of the mods can drastically change things If y'all have any questions about the game in general I would be more than happy to answer them, I've played over close to 1k hours between PC and PS4 playthroughs, I've gone through Honour mode a couple of times, I have done almost every story arc possible and the game is STILL fascinating to me, I know that makes me a little strange, but I'm okay with it
  4. Neo!! Happy Birthday my friend.

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      Thanks Silent! ❤️

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    Hope it's a great one, Gray! :) 

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  7. Please remove me from any and all instances of this proposal. @Don't Touch, @witchbolts
  8. yep let's shoot for the same time, tagging. @Felipe, @Haiylee, @glawarhal
  9. I’m not sure what this option would entail and if it’s viable for everyone which is why I’d lean more towards the google drive solution since it seems more accessible. With that being said though I’m fine with starting over and would like to learn more about the solution you proposed I just don’t know how it works right now.