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  1. Hey Feladris o/ hope you have the best birthday! Stay well friend

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  3. Thank you @Pupp this is incredibly helpful!
  4. I hope your birthday is one of the best, you deserve it man @Carg!!

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    w5 Soulless horror training


    Count me in
  6. Friend Code: SW-4756-0296-0798 Also I want to put this here, we have a friend code sharing thread in the Nintendo Switch group, which can be found here: Friend Code Sharing Thread
  7. Awesome!! I can’t wait to see those steak cookies!
  8. May it be one of the best!

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  10. With the launch of the new Animal Crossing I would like to have a launch party, which is similar to the lanch party, but not quite a lunch party. Anyone with the game or anyone who wants to talk about it and just come hang out with us is more than welcome! 7:00 PM EST
  11. Happy Birthday! May this be the best one yet.

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  12. For anyone interested here is a site that hosts Smash Bros tournaments, I'm not quite sure how they work yet: this is an example of one of them
  13. So I’ve been playing through adventure mode and began with hard mode thinking to myself “how hard can it really be?” It’s really freaking hard. I’m still getting used to the controls also and so far my character lineup is Kirby, Mario, Marth and someone else I’m forgetting right now, but I’ve mostly been playing Marth. The Isabelle and Corrin fight felt pretty insane considering they could heal through it over time. I had a fight last night that made me question whether normal was going to be too difficult for me. I managed to get through ~10 or so more bosses, am planning to do a little bit each night to preserve my sanity. Has anyone who plays this messed around with expeditions? Are they worth doing? Should I focus on finding a way to be optimal with them?
  14. Hey friends I just got a Switch today, currently planning to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate a bit until Animal Crossing comes out. Friend Code: SW-4756-0296-0798
  15. Happy Birthday @Qhue hope it's a good one!