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  1. Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Happy Birthday @SilentTheGray!  Hope it's a fantastic one!

  3. SilentTheGray

    Game Session Scheduling

    Yes let's do this Friday! Sorry I made the assumption and never told anyone that we will always try for Friday 7:30 CST/8:30 EST?
  4. SilentTheGray

    [POLL] What Content Do You Prefer

    Ziz can craft too.
  5. SilentTheGray

    [POLL] What Content Do You Prefer

    I prefer that hardcore end game content: crafting.
  6. I also strongly recommend just going through the main story and doing your job/class quests for whatever class you decide to try first and just power through the main story that way. Then you can focus easily on the other aspects the game has to offer.
  7. SilentTheGray


    Just found out the division invasion for ESO is also happening this weekend, we could forego it this week or have a super short session depending what y’all want to do.
  8. SilentTheGray


    Yes I mean the 7th @Vikkie
  9. SilentTheGray

    Game Session Scheduling

    12/7 is this Friday, we can schedule for 12/14 as well
  10. SilentTheGray

    Game Session Scheduling

    I was thinking around 7:30 pm for us CST-ers so that's 8:30 pm EST, I think Jaqques said that was a good time for him I'm free any time on Friday night so can do whenever.
  11. SilentTheGray


    Hey @Vikkie so glad that you joined, I think we are shooting for a play time next Friday if you are interested in joining: DoS:2 is an awesome game.
  12. SilentTheGray

    Legendary FC Hunt (December Edition)

    https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Category:Genus:Ziz here is a helpful list of Ziz creatures in the game to get everyone started I also wanted to clarify, there will only be one extra point per additional Ziz of the same species with Ziz in the name in the same photo, just for simplicity so people aren't getting 15-21 points in one photo with 5-8 Ziz instead it'd be more like 8-11 points.
  13. SilentTheGray

    Game Session Scheduling

    Wednesday might be out of the question with GW2 guild missions being at 8:30 pm EST How does next Friday look for everyone?
  14. SilentTheGray

    Game Session Scheduling

    I believe @witchbolts can sometimes do daytime stuff. That being said I don’t mind trying Friday and/or Wednesday’s after 7pm CST/8pm EST. I think it took like two weeks to hash out our first play session with Savvy and I, but it was a lot of fun. You get an interesting dynamic with other players. Also there are mods which allow up to 6 people in a party, and the game still runs with some degree or stability, you can have more, but some unpredictable things happen. @Nyx welcome to the group! If there is a time that works for you let us know. Tags: @Carg, @Jaqques

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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