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  1. Please remove me from any and all instances of this proposal. @Don't Touch, @witchbolts
  2. yep let's shoot for the same time, tagging. @Felipe, @Haiylee, @glawarhal
  3. I’m not sure what this option would entail and if it’s viable for everyone which is why I’d lean more towards the google drive solution since it seems more accessible. With that being said though I’m fine with starting over and would like to learn more about the solution you proposed I just don’t know how it works right now.
  4. Yes! Sorry have been a little busy, I’ll see all y’all at 7:00 est again this Friday if we want to continue or start over our journey, going to see if there is a way I can share the server somehow so in case one week I can’t make it all is not lost.
  5. Hey all if anyone was looking to get the PS4 version of this game it’s on sale now I would imagine an Xbox version is also on sale and the steam version on PC will be as well.
  6. So I wanted to share with all y’all our endeavor to become the one, it’s quite entertaining. In the beginning when you are in Fort Joy and do the arena stuff, @witchbolts was desperate to become “the one” so she went through the dialogue to do so. At the same time @Carg also was thinking “yes, I want to become the one as well” to make a long story short an epic battle ensued. Then later on @Carg, @witchbolts, @Quaxo Zyrustiner, and I all entered to become “the one” in yet another epic battle. I’m convinced the only reason Savvy wanted to do that was because I slapped a magister across the brow with my coin purse, oh and that dog I almost killed ... twice.
  7. Okay ... so I just got to the end of Birth by Sleep ... Storywise: WOW, is all I have to say about that. Those Final 3 bosses really suck if you are under leveled and aside from just grinding levels to get your strength up I see no other way. bosses:
  8. Awesome resource @Krafted, I've been reading through it and trying to follow some of those tips in a single player game I've been trying, seems to be pretty effective stuff.
  9. I’m good with before then, I can shoot for around 6:30 EST tonight as a rough timeframe if that works for everyone
  10. This sounds awesome, thank you for sharing, will have to give it a try sometime.
  11. I'm going to be available most of the night tonight if we want to try to schedule a time to ... well starve, but we will try not to, I think What time works for you all? @Felipe, @Haiylee, @glawarhal Also tagging @IntensePrehistoricButerfly & @Krafted as they said they were interested too.
  12. Works for me I’ll just need more coffee ️ @Quaxo Zyrustiner