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  1. Just posted something about this on the Social forums, then found this interest group. If anyone's interested in Fantasy Premier League, I just created an RoH head-to-head league. Website: League name: Remnants of Hope PL Access code: ciklh4
  2. Dang, I just missed this! Maybe next year. Y'all have fun!
  3. Happy Birthday @Hrom

    I hope all is well with you :)

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  5. I don't think it would be superfluous. It can bring invuln, alacrity, extra resist, it's own cc, portal, and probably a few things that are slipping my mind. With a FB though, we'd probably want three pure DDs.
  6. Between the two, in a smaller group, I think probably the Ghetto Minstrel will work better as it can fulfill one of the support roles fairly comprehensively and brings cc. I'm sure the Trailblazer Chrono brings nice damage, but I can see us having scourges, warriors, heralds, etc. that better fill the role. Just curious, have you tried shatter mirage? I know it's not highly rated on metabattle atm, but we've seen some pretty nasty ones in-game recently.
  7. I agree on the cleanses, @RaVem. I'll start assembling a comprehensive list tomorrow. As far as calling for fields in the middle of a fight, I think water should be used in every fight if available with the person dropping them calling "water on tag" and everyone knowing to blast it. Light definitely looks promising. Frost and fire are strong going into a fight, and smoke is situationally useful. Dark is good to drop on a bundle of downs to blind them and help with stomps/cleaves. Lightning is solid when moving across the map when you don't have a rev crapping out swift. Your group comp looks solid. Good sustain with damage, and I'm also a fan of cc. The DD/support would be a good slot for a Cele scourge that can pop out decent barriers along with damage. I think your minstrel might fit into a cc/support role, and portal can be pretty devastating if a group knows what they're doing. Do you think you could give a comparison of your ghetto minstrel and the trailblazer-ish build would bring? For group size, as many people as are interested, but I'd imagine between 5-10 every week. I'd like to start with 5 man, but any discussion on larger is more than welcome. It would be awesome for some of this to bleed over to our Wednesday night group.
  8. I'm definitely interested in such a group, and, yeah, I think we have many people who would be interested and happy to work on developing this. TBH, I like seeing people try out different stuff, then making it fit together. We can look to have a group that wins against greater numbers without having to go all GvG on it. Those builds are certainly central to the meta for a good reason, but I'd also like to maybe examine this in terms of role composition. What roles makes for a well-balanced 5 man? (1) healer/support, (1) support/DD, (1) DD/support, and (2) DDs? Or could it look like (1) healer/support, (1) DD/cc, (3) DDs? Or, what if we wanted a pure bomb squad? (1) healer/support, (1) condi DD, (3) power DDs? IMO, in a guild like ours, flexibility in group comps will keep a regular-running, result-focused group together longer than 5 people rolling perfect meta comp and getting immediate results. I've seen firsthand what happens with the latter and, not coincidentally, am the only person from that meta comp who is still in the guild.
  9. I personally would like to see us start with coming up with a strong foundation, something that we can make work against most other similar or slightly larger groups we come across. With the right combination of sustain (for those unfamiliar with WvW speak this just means survivability through healing, invulns, buffs, whatever) and damage I think we could dispose of most similar sized T3 and T4 groups (Mag excluded; don't know how they're down here with us). That said, here is a more directed line: How should we deal with the current scourge meta? How do we sustain against a 5 man group that is, say, 3 scourges, a FB, and a SB? Against such a group, we'll be dealing with lots of condi, a pretty powerful burst class, boon corrupts, a big boon strip, and a healer who spits out resist, stab, protect, and aegis. I wouldn't want to build a group solely to hard counter this but a balanced group that can deal with this, then turn around and deal with a more power oriented group or a more cc/mobility oriented group.
  10. Let's theorycraft some small group goodness. What are some profession skills that combine well? What sort of combo fields should we be able to execute on the spot? Can we come up with a flexible group comp that, while maybe not totally meta, still lets us play at a high level? How can we use profession-specific tools like barrier, invuln, auras, druid buffs, and so on? These are just starter questions; anything else is welcome too. Once we start developing some ideas we think workable we can put the results in a forums post. Starting tags. Add anyone you think may be interested. @Kenji @RaVem @Jinn Galia @pareod @BlixBlix @Drubid @Winters Engineer
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    Saw this earlier today. Very cool.
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